Wyndridge Cider Co.’s Gingerbread Hard Cider

Start the new year the way you intend to go about it, this has always been my favorite piece of folk wisdom for changing the calendar year. This is how I chose apple juice for this week. I’m so excited to review cider from companies I’ve never tried before. Of course, I want to keep tasting and writing about my favorite things, but I really want to try new things and learn new favourites. During the holiday break, I took myself a night to do whatever I wanted by myself. I picked and cooked dinner, picked myself a smoothie, and enjoyed a vacation tee of amenities on my sofa.

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I chose Windridge Cedar ginger juice to accompany Single All the Way after a dinner of savory French toast (using homemade sourdough) with paprika and chevre. I like that you treat me properly.

Although this is Windridge’s first appearance on the blog, I’ve had the pleasure of tasting a few ciders when judging cider over the past few years. The company has been around since 2014 and comes to us from Dallastown, Pennsylvania. On the website, I found a list of orchards from which to buy Windridge; I love that. Cider depends on the orchards, and places that show love and appreciation for the sources of their fruits make me happy.

You can visit The Windsridge Cider Company online here for all the ciders:

Windridge Cider Co describes gingerbread as, “Fresh squeezed ginger root fermented with PA apples, Belgian molasses, and gingerbread seasoning, this is the warmest winter cider. Cheers!” ABV 6%. This is a seasonal release available in November and December, but I’ll be looking into it for a little longer, just in case.

Appearance: orange harvest, transparent, no visible bubbles.

I love the intensity of this color. It reminds me of spice in its form from the first moment. I don’t see any bubbles, and it looks transparent and not hazy or glossy.

Flavors: apple juice, cinnamon, nutmeg and lots of ginger

Gingerbread smells very spicy. I’m excited to eat applesauce, cinnamon, nutmeg, and lots of ginger.

Sweetness / Dryness: semi-sweet

Windridge Cedar gingerbread comes out as semi-sweet. It’s a nice, balanced drink, and I enjoyed it as an after-dinner drink.

Experiment with flavors and drink: molasses, medium acidity, ginger, ripe apple, hints of citrus

What a beautiful apple cider. I wish I had more than one to spread out during these cold, gloomy months ahead. Gingerbread has less acid than expected, but it is still an average level of acidity. Molasses are a clear and cheerful presence. The three dominant flavors are ginger, apple and molasses with some hints of citrus in the mix.

It was great with light desserts for the movie I chose. Sometimes I just need fun and delicious things, and this was perfect. Perhaps these nights should become a regular occurrence.

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