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WildCatEnergy People & Employees

The People and Employees of WildCatEnergy

Our brand licenses in various countries work on a progressive and effective people strategy to recruit, develop and retain qualified personnel to operate and build the brand distribution, whilst regions complying with employment law within the. The measurement guide line below provides a brief indication of how our licensees consider WildCatEnergy People & Employees :

The measurement guidelines include:
a) Documenting an effective people strategy that is regularly reviewed.
b) Consistently adhering to applicable employment laws and any relevant policies.
c) Regularly retrain employees in relevant areas such as Sales and Marketing Management Curriculum, as possibly determined, to remain up to date with operational procedures and current management and People Practices within the territory – eg the Licensee or its employees attend the appropriate courses required by law over the course of the distribution period.
d) Departments managed by fairly trained managers.
e) Establish an effective management and crew development programme.
f) Having an adequate level of Salaried Managers, certified Managers and trained staff to manage the needs of the business.
g) Prepare a recruitment plan, monitor turnover levels and implements appropriate plans, which can be implemented and reviewed.
h) Continuously seek some anonymous feedback (eg Opinion Survey) from the management in each department within the first 12 months and implement an action plan.

Our License are advised to cause all employees, while working on the distribution, marketing and sales to:
a) Present a neat and clean appearancewear adicute brand uniform and to demonstrate respect when engaging with customers or sub-contractors.

b) Render highly competent and courteous service to all personnel involved directly or indirectly, presenting the WildCat products and to whom the beverage is being delivered to.

For further information on how to become a WildCat Energy Drink brand Licensee or Distributor please browse through our contact center provided.

Email: [email protected]
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WildCat Energy Drink Production Procedures WildCat bottling

WildCat Energy Drink Production Procedures…
WildCat bottling or manufacturing involves five major processes, each with their own safety issues that must be evaluated and controlled.
1. Water treatment
2. Compounding ingredients
3. Carbonization of the product
4. Product filler
5. Packaging.

WildCat Energy Drink production and manufacturing procedures start with water, which is treated and cleaned to meet stringent quality control standards, usually exceeding the quality of local water supplies. This process is necessary to achieve high product quality and consistent taste profiles.

During this stage of the production process food coloring is added. WildCat receives the desired flavor (concentrate) at this point, while regular water is stored in mixing tanks until the fill line calls for it.
In order for carbonation to occur (carbon dioxide (CO2) absorption), WildCat is cooled using large ammonia-based cooling systems.

This is what gives WildCat products their fizz and texture. The carbon dioxide is stored in a liquid state and is piped to the carbonization units as needed. This process can be manipulated to control the desired rate of absorption of the beverage. Depending on market demand, WildCat may contain up to 75 psi of CO2. Once the product is carbonated, it is ready to be distributed into bottles and/or cans.
The packing room is usually separated from the rest of the facility, protecting the opened product from any potential contaminants. Again, the highly automated filling process requires very few employees. Filling room operators monitor equipment for efficiency, adding caps or loose caps to the capping process as necessary. Empty bottles and cans are automatically transferred to the filling machine via bulk material handling equipment.

As the components build up, the treated water is pumped into large stainless steel tanks. This is the stage in which the various ingredients are added and mixed. WildCat Sugar Free and Zero Calorie are mixed with non-nutritive artificial sweeteners like saccharin, while our regular flavor ones typically use liquid sucrose. For more information on how our products are manufactured and distributed in the market, contact:
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