7-Day Weight Loss Meal Plan

You’re in for a treat with our brand new healthy meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch, dinner…and snacks. If you’re looking for the best weekly weight loss meal plan, look no further. All of our recipes use clean ingredients and embrace plant-based whole foods.

One week weight loss meal plan

I’m just transitioning out of our Fresh Start: A 21-day Cleanse where I’ve lost 9 pounds (and gained a TON of energy). We gave up sugar, gluten, meat, dairy and caffeine for 21 days and reset our bodies with 100% plant-based whole foods. I plan to keep the momentum going and lose my “COVID 15”, which is where this week’s meal plan comes into play.

I created this 7-day meal plan with Rawk the Year, and made sure to include 15 tasty recipes that are light, energizing and nourishing. This includes snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert.

7-Day Healthy Meal Plan Serving Size

This meal plan is for one person. Each dinner makes two servings— the second serving is meant for lunch the next day. When you blend the smoothies, you can store the additional servings in the fridge with a lid so they’re ready to go the next day. Each snack makes a few servings and you can pick which ones to make and enjoy.

I hope this Weight Loss Meal Plan helps you get the results you’re looking for this holiday season! If you have other “meal plan” requests, leave a comment below and let me know! I’m excited to share more of them with you!

weight loss meal plan

Simple Meal Plan to Lose Weight

All of our recipes are high in fiber, low in fat and packed with nutrients. This is the perfect combination to be a weight loss meal plan if you stick with it.

This Weight Loss Meal Plan is for those trying to quit sugar, gluten, meat, or dairy. Removing these common inflammories from you diet can enhance weight loss results, improve skin conditions, energy levels and overall health. The power of food is real! Experience it with me!

Here’s the recipes I’ve included in the Weight Loss Meal Plan:

Free Meal Plan with healthy recipes

7-Day Healthy Meal Plan with 4 recipes each day

Weekend healthy eating tips with weight loss meal plan


This is really a free weight loss meal plan!?

Yep! It sure is! I want to get your toes wet on what meal planning with Simple Green Smoothies is all about. We truly have the best meal planner out there — you’ll begin to see what I mean when you access your first meal plan right here.

Hopefully you enjoy it and want to upgrade to Rawk the Year, where you get more robust weekly meal plans AND can customize, add more recipes, adjust serving sizes and swap out recipes too.

Free 14-Day Trial to Rawk the Year Meal Planner

Energy Drink

Do Sugar-Free Energy Drinks Cause Weight Gain? (Revealed) – REIZECLUB

Food and drinks high in sugar can promote weight gain, but through innovation and creating sugar-free products, this problem can be eliminated.

Since consumer needs evolve and the call for wellness-focused products continues to rise, sugar-free drinks are now a staple inclusion in every product aisle of every store. Next to multivitamins, energy drinks became an in-demand dietary supplement.

Read on and find out more about sugar-free energy drinks. This article might cross out some of the frequently asked questions on your list!

Are Sugar-Free Energy Drinks Good for You?

Sugar-free energy drinks are not particularly harmful to your health. However, they don’t exactly paint the picture of a “healthy” drink either.

According to two Curtin research studies, drinking too many energy drinks, even the sugar-free ones, can cause serious brain cell damage. Moreover, this can potentially increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Hence, the FDA suggests that you restrict your daily caffeine consumption to 400 mg or less in order to avoid the following negative effects. With that in mind, worry not because you’ll be fine if you only consume energy drinks in moderation.

Are Sugar-Free Energy Drinks Actually Sugar-Free?

To put it simply, sugar-free energy drinks are beverages that have no white or brown sugar but their sweet taste is from the artificial sweeteners in their formulation.

more, Sugar-free energy drinks are believed to be the healthier option for those who want to lose weight or reduce their sugar intake. For instance, ASBs or “Artificially Sweetened Beverages” are frequently referred to as ‘diet’ versions of the drinks.

In most “sugar-free” energy drinks, sweeteners such as sucralose, aspartame, and acesulfame potassium (Ace-K) are present. On that note, we can’t conclude that all energy drinks claiming to be “sugar-free” are 100% free of sugar but still taste sweet with the help of artificial sweeteners.

Here’s a video that talks about sugar-free products objectively, you gotta check this out.

What Sugar-Free Energy Drinks Do to Your Body?

While sugar-free beverages indeed don’t contain added sugar, the artificial sweeteners in them can still lead to insulin production in your blood.

Artificial sweeteners are known to have unfavorable health consequences such as disruption of the gut flora, or in simple words, damage your stomach and its functioning.

Besides that, it may result in severe heart and blood vessel problems such as irregular heartbeats. Not to mention, in some serious cases, it can develop anxiety, abnormal blood pressure, and digestive issues too.

And although it gives your body the energy to keep you alert, awake, and going, it can damage your body because regular energy drinks (even the sugar-free ones) have chemical sweeteners and are low on nutritional properties.

Do Energy Drinks Make You Lose Weight?

Contrary to popular belief, energy drinks do not make a person lose weightbut it does help you achieve a big deficit in calories.

Unfortunately, the drink does not burn fats simply because it’s not a fat-burning drink. Is there any? On a side note, sugar-free drinks can even potentially make you gain weight if you drink too much of them.

In reality, if you do not tone down your energy drink consumption, you are only compromising your health. Additionally, there is no solid evidence that caffeine consumption leads to noticeable weight loss.

And since energy drinks are not exactly the miracle beverage for weight loss, gaining or losing weight can be summed up in a simple explanation. If you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight and vice versa. You’ll only lose weight if you’re in a state of calorie deficit.

Moreover, there is no instant way to lose weight, and excessive consumption of energy drinks is most definitely not the solution.

A hand holding up a green apple.
Feeling a little bit tired? Try a green apple. It works!

Do Sugar-Free Energy Drinks Cause Weight Gain?

Drinking two or more energy drinks per day possibly leads you to go above the advised calorie intake daily, leading to weight gain.

Drinking too many sugar-free beverages may subconsciously make you feel reassured to eat more, with the excuse that you are taking in a drink with fewer calories. But too much of small things can lead to big things.

Energy drinks are usually low in nutritional value and high in empty calories. For this reason, a lot of people tend to believe that skipping a meal or two and replacing it with an energy drink is a great way to lose weight. It’s not.

It is true that sugar-free energy drinks will not make you fat, but consuming them regularly without having a balanced diet or exercising can cause you to gain weight.

Best Sugar-free Energy Drinks

With all this new information in mind, you might go ballistic and think, how can you ever drink energy drinks again?

Fret not because you can still enjoy and drink some of them without harming your health–if you know how to choose the right products and only take them in moderation.

Energy Drink Sugar Calories Caffeine
Reign 0 g 10 cal 300 mg
Zipfizz 0 g 20 cal 100 mg
REIZE 0 g 11 cal 50 mg
Best Sugar-Free Energy Drinks


For those looking for a pre-workout energy drink, Reign contains ideally everything you would want in a pre-workout drink. Reign contains a good dose of BCAAs, B vitamins, and a hefty dose of caffeine. Because Reign is sugar-free, you won’t have to worry about crashing!

Moreover, no sugar means you don’t have to do some calculations before drinking Reign, because it provides fewer calories for your exercise.

However, you should still keep an eye on your total diet and attempt to keep your sugar consumption to a minimum even if Reign does not have a significant influence on it.


Another noteworthy to mention is Zipfizz. In a tube, Zipfizz is a powdered energy drink that you blend with water to create your drink.

Zipfizz has just 20 calories and 100 milligrams of caffeine per serving. Not to mention, Zipfizz boldly promises to be sugar-free, although the recipe is sweetened with Xylitol and Sucralose.

All in all, Zipfizz is fair in claiming that it won’t add much weight to your body since it has just 20 calories.

Check out my review article about Zipfizz to see for yourself.

REIZE (Must-Try)

While sugar-free energy drinks can be good for you, they aren’t always the most cost-effective option. So, why not give a sugar-free, low-calorie, and cost-effective energy drink a try?

I can attest to the fact that REIZE will save you a lot of money while also providing you with the energy you need to go through the day without experiencing a sugar or caffeine slump.

Because it’s sugar-free, REIZE Energy Drink is a particular favorite of mine, in addition to having an appropriate 50mg caffeine dose.

Taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins interact together with caffeine to give you the optimal energy boost, with no drowsiness or jitters afterward.

You can get REIZE for only around $1 per serving and you can even have your orders shipped straight to your door. That’s a fantastic deal!

A pack and a cold glass of REIZE Energy drink.
REIZE Energy Drink – Always Sugar-Free

Try REIZE now and I’m confident you’ll find it to be the best choice if you’re seeking a sugar-free energy drink that doesn’t leave you feeling jittery and bloated.

Other sugar-free energy drinks:

Final Say

It is not a crime to enjoy energy drinks. The flavors and the energy boost they provide will indeed be found helpful from time to time.

However, it is essential to remember that you might regret consequences such as long-term effects if you are not conscious of your energy drink consumption.

Resist the temptation of sugar-free energy drinks that are high in artificial sweeteners. Instead, opt for clean, plant-based energy drinks.

Along with the concept of caffeine withdrawal and switching to actual healthier options, it would definitely take time before you come to terms with accepting that sugar-free energy drinks are not as harmless and healthy as you once thought.

Still, with time, practice, and determination in protecting your wellness, I believe you can do it!


Weight Loss Drinks: 5 Best Homemade Recipes

The New Year is right around the corner and many of us are contemplating our weight loss goals. The new year is always a good time to assess and reset your health goals. If losing weight is one of your goals, then you have come to the right place! We have lots of delicious drinks that will help aid with weight loss.

Each of these drinks has different benefits and health advantages. They are all flavored differently as well. There is sure to be at least one or two drinks that you will enjoy on our list.

Before we dive into all the weight loss drink recipes, let’s talk a little bit about drink ingredients that help with weight loss and what you should look for in a good weight loss drink recipe.

Can Drinks Help You Lose Weight?

Healthy, nutritious drinks can help you lose weight. Drinks made with certain ingredients known to promote weight loss will definitely help you reach your weight loss goals. We will talk a little bit more about the ingredients you should try in the next sections. But first, let’s look at ingredients you should avoid.

Drinks That Make You Gain Weight

It is hard to believe that a drink could make you gain weight. Most people automatically look at what foods to eliminate from their diet to lose weight but certain drinks are also loaded with sugar, calories and other ingredients that will cause you to gain weight. You may not know that the soda you just drank had hundreds of calories or that the lemonade you sipped was full of sugar. Here are drinks to avoid when you are trying to lose weight.

  • Alcoholic drinks cause weight gain.
  • Sodas are full of sugar and unhealthy calories
  • Commercial fruit juice is often made with added sugar and corn syrup
  • Milkshakes are full of calories and sugar that will lead to weight gain.
  • Coffee with creamer or sugars can cause you to gain weight.

Lots of drinks may taste good but are actually very unhealthy. Avoiding unhealthy drinks is the first step toward losing weight.

Weight Loss Drink Ingredients

There are a surprising number of natural ingredients that can help with weight loss. Take a look at these spices, herbs and fruits that have been proven to help you shed pounds. You may learn something new!

Cinnamon– Cinnamon adds a lot of flavor to drinks and foods without adding any calories. Cinnamon has a natural spicy sweetness that will make your drinks quench your thirst and also curb and cravings for sweet foods.

Cayenne Pepper– Cayenne is another calorie free ingredient that has lots of flavor. Sipping on a drink with cayenne pepper will help you feel full. All that spice will curb hunger which can help you ultimately lose weight.

GingerGinger is a natural digestive aid. It can help boost your metabolism and also reduce bloating and gassiness. Not only will ginger help you lose weight, it can make you look more svelte in the process!

white garlic on brown wooden table

Mustard Seed– Mustard seeds are full of a nutrient called selenium. Selenium encourages healthy thyroid function which helps regulate weight. Mustard seeds also have anti-inflammatory properties and can help keep your joints and muscles working well!

LemonLemon is a classic weight loss ingredient. Lemon adds a lot of bright flavor without adding any calories. Lemon water is much more satiating than regular water and can help you feel full.

two lemons

Cocoa Powder- The flavanols in cocoa powder has been shown to lower blood sugar and also decrease body fat. It is definitely a great ingredient to help with weight loss and it tastes delicious in drink recipes.

Ground Flaxseed– Flaxseeds can help you feel full and also add fiber to your diet. Just a teaspoon of ground flaxseeds will fill you right up. They also have a very mild taste and mix right into drinks.

There are a lot of amazing ingredients that you can add to your favorite drink recipes to improve weight loss. Try a few or try them all! Each one will help you in a different way and also add a unique taste to your weight drinks loss.

Drinks that are Good for Weight Loss

These top five drinks are amazing for weight loss. They will help you reach your weight goals and they also taste amazing! Take a look at each recipe and try them all. You may be surprised by how delicious a weight loss drink can be.

Carrot Detox Juice Recipe

Carrot Detox Juice

Our recipe for carrot detox juice is perfect for helping you meet your weight loss goals. The juice is made with ginger, turmeric and lemon, all ingredients that are known to promote weight loss. The strong taste of these yummy ingredients will help you stay full without needing a big meal.

Many of the ingredients in this detox juice are also anti inflammories. They help reduce inflammation in your muscles and joints, keeping you moving and your body functioning well.

Carrot detox juice is also very tasty. There is a lot of flavor in this glass of orange juice!

Spicy Green Monster Drink

Start your day with one of these amazing green monster drinks and you will be on the path toward weight loss. The spice of the ginger and the jalapeno will give your system a kick start. Both ingredients are known to boost metabolism and help improve digestion. All of this means your body will shed those pounds more easily!

Spicy green monster drink is also very tasty. Apples and cucumbers make a good base for the drink. Spinach is a very healthy green that will turn your drink a beautiful color. Sipping on this drink will also fill you up. No need for a big breakfast when you have a glass of this juice.

Green Monster Drink

Honey Lemon Barley Water

Drinking a lot of water always helps with weight loss. When you are well hydrated, you won’t be quite as hungry. However, drinking just water can get boring. We like to drink lemon barley water to switch it up a little.

Lemon barley water is flavorful and also healthy. Barley water can help regulate blood sugar levels and improve cholesterol levels. The small amount honey adds a nice natural sweetness. Sweetening drinks with honey is also much healthier than using corn syrup or processed sugar. Honey lemon barley water will help you stay hydrated, level your blood sugar and also fill you up!

Fresh Homemade Grapefruit Kombucha

Regular grapefruit juice is always touted for its healthy benefits. However, grapefruit kombucha is even better for you. Kombucha is full of probiotics that help improve your gut health.

When your digestive system and stomach are healthy and functioning well, you will be more likely to reach your weight loss goals. Your belly needs to be working if you want to process food efficacy!

Our homemade grapefruit kombucha is really incredible. It is made with all natural ingredients like fresh grapefruit juice, honey and a little rosemary for extra flavor. Give this delicious, bubbly drink a try and it very well may become part of your daily routine.

Fresh Grapefruit Honey Kombucha Recipe

Purple Power Juice

We love drinks that taste great, are healthy and also beautiful. This purple power juice is all three of those things! The bright purple color comes from shredded purple cabbage. Cabbage is a fantastic, healthy ingredient that has lots of health benefits.

Cabbage has lots of healthy fiber. Adding fiber to your diet will improve your gut health. Cabbage also has a high water content. It will keep you feeling full without having to consume lots of empty calories.

If you are wondering how a cabbage juice would taste, the answer is that it tastes delicious. Cabbage takes on the flavor of anything it is mixed with. In this case, the cabbage is combined with sweet, nutritious blueberries and apples making for a very tasty drink. You are going to love every sip!

It isn’t always easy to lose weight. Anything that can help you reach your weight loss goals is something you should try! These amazing drinks should definitely be incorporated into your weight loss routine. Give each one a try and see which you like best. They will all help you drop pounds while still enjoying yummy drinks.


10 Fat Burning Smoothies for Weight Loss

fat burning juices

I strongly believe in that what or what We put things in our bodies. This means the food we eat, the drinks we drink, the nutritional supplements, vitamins and medications we take. The things we don’t eat, drink, or swallow are also important. To make good food choices easier for myself and my busy family, I drink my smoothies daily. Smoothies that burn fat for weight loss are in my weekly cycle to make sure I’m getting the nutrients my body needs to keep my metabolism in combat shape. These 10 smoothies for weight loss are delicious and healthy!

New to green smoothies? Joined Free juice challenge for 10 days And you will definitely fall in love with slimming juices. It will fuel your body and your craving for all kinds of plants!

Weight loss juices

Top 10 weight loss recipes

Weight loss smoothies can be a little tricky, but I think they will help you see results more quickly when combined with a great workout goal. I hope you give them a chance and love the results. Here are ten weight loss smoothie recipes you might like:

Meal Replacement Smoothies – Smoothies are the healthiest snack food because you can make a quick and filling meal in just five minutes! Put that theory to the test with this great raspberry smoothie.

Anti-Inflammatory Juice – Chronic inflammation prevents our bodies from reaching their full potential. Fight that head-on with this soothing smoothie recipe.

Luck Green Smoothie for Beginners- This is the best green smoothie! Ranked #1 by far, it’s delicious and nutritious.

Apple and Celery Smoothie – Green Juice For all kinds of green juices, this smoothie has a healthy boost and a unique (but delicious!) list of ingredients.

Pineapple and Ginger Juice Fresh ginger has many health benefits and it is also very easy to digest along with pineapple.

MCT Oil Smoothie- Your metabolism needs fats to help digest food. MCT oil is an easy and effective way to get healthy fats in your body.

Chocolate Smoothie for Weight Loss – Gain natural energy and burn fat with this delicious smoothie infused with cocoa.

Smoothie for Brain Fog – Clear cobwebs and focus better with this genius smoothie.

Raspberry juice – is it candy or juice? This creamy sapphire smoothie is healthy and beautiful.

Fat Burning Smoothie (Listed Below) – The juice recipe below has some serious metabolism-boosting powerhouse with grapefruit, celery, and green tea.

This is a fat burner Smoothies are a great place to start if you want to maximize plants. Which one will you merge first?!

weight loss drinks

Vegetarian diet to burn fat

I fell in love with a vegan diet when I lost weight and gained tons of energy without even trying. Drinking juices and eating meals rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds did the trick! I began to see meat, eggs, and dairy as seasonings to go with my vegetarian meal.

To help with the results, I started focusing on blending ingredients that are scientifically proven to burn fat and boost metabolism, leading to weight loss. Let’s dive into these fat-burning smoothies so you can see how easy and simple it is to lose weight.

Feed your passion

Why juices help you lose weight

For most of us, there is a balance between the good and the not-so-good. (I’m talking to you, french fries with a veggie burger.) My point is, it’s always hard to eat healthy. That’s why I love to make Fresh Start’s seasonal cleanup using green juices (like this fat-burning smoothie!) as my 21-day breakfast. It gets me back on track and makes sure I drink the best juices for weight loss and my overall health.

There are special occasions when we want to have fun. It is difficult to eat healthy food all the time while traveling. You know the exercises. We do what we can. I don’t believe in punishing ourselves for enjoying a treat now and then.

Frequently Asked Questions About Weight Loss Smoothie

Are smoothies a good way to lose weight?

They can! Start with 100% real whole food ingredients. Don’t add any sugars or sweeteners (other than real whole fruit!), and choose an unsweetened liquid foundation. Make sure your smoothie contains healthy fats and protein so that it fills up and doesn’t leave you hungry after 90 minutes.

Which juice is best for a flat stomach?

My fat burner smoothie contains specific ingredients that boost metabolism. Healthy fats are essential for your body to break down carbs and proteins, so make sure you don’t cut down on fats!

What can I put in a smoothie to lose weight?

A good smoothie that contains protein, healthy fats and whole food carbohydrates is a great combination for a healthy snack or meal that can promote weight loss. This fat-burning smoothie contains spinach, mint, celery, green tea, grapefruit, pineapple and avocado.

fat burning juices

Build muscle to burn fat

I am a staunch proponent of eating as healthy as possible and participating in a regular exercise routine. It feels different to all of us with our diverse interests, schedules, time constraints, and lifestyles. There is nothing that helps boost your metabolism more than exercise to build muscle.

More muscle means more fat burning capabilities.

For me, this is running 3-5 times a week and lifting weights three times a week. When it comes to boosting your metabolism, exercise goes hand in hand with healthy eating. Some foods have fat-burning and metabolism-boosting abilities. Adding them to your diet can help amplify your weight loss efforts. I am a huge fan of smoothies, especially when I can use natural ingredients to turn them into a smoothie for weight loss.

Give your body energy (ie, quality calories) to fuel it through exercise. Exercise helps build muscle, which burns more calories (i.e. fat) the rest of the time. See how well this works? It’s beautiful!

vegetable ingredients

Our bodies need adequate fuel to keep up with the demands of daily activities. It is important that the calories we consume, especially if we are trying to lose weight, gain muscle or just improve our performance, Quality Calories.

A protein bar may be calorie-dense and full of nutrients, but it won’t satiate you in the same way as salmon, brown rice, and steamed vegetables. But a high-quality (preferably homemade) plant-based protein bar can give you the energy you need to power your workout or recover from a workout.

What does it mean? This means that recipes need to check several boxes: healthy fats, proteins, complex carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and/or a combination of all of the above. The above fat-burning smoothies contain all of that and more!

Want to skip a step and add protein and healthy fats to your drink in one step?
Check out my protein smoothie boost! Clean protein? Check. healthy fats? Check. Useful fiber? Check. No artificial sweetness or nonsense? Check! Protein Smoothie Boost is a great partner in your fight to burn fat with this smoothie!

healthy drink

Fat burning juices for weight loss

Fat burning juice for slimming

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Make fat cry by adding this fat burning smoothie to your day. Natural ingredients are paired together to help boost metabolism and burn fat in one delicious weight loss smoothie.

total time5 Minutes



  • 1 cup fresh spinach
  • 2 Tablespoon fresh mint
  • 1 intrusive monitoring celery (section)
  • ½ cup Fermented green tea (Chiller)
  • ½ large grapefruit (peeled and de-seeded)
  • 1 cup pineapple (frozen)
  • ¼ avocado
  • dash Cayenne pepper (my choice)
  • 1 service Boost Protein Smoothie ( my choice)


  • Place Spinach, mint, celery and green tea in a blender.

  • puree until it becomes soft.

  • Add remaining components.

  • mixes repeatedly. Best when served chilled.



  • The pulp and peel of grapefruit is very bitter, but it is useful in small quantities. To reduce the bitterness of grapefruit, remove the fruit from the inner membranes as well as peel it before use.
  • Drink 1-2 smoothies a day as a meal replacement to get the weight loss benefits you are looking for.
  • Adding Protein Smoothie Boost is a great way to add high quality protein that won’t affect the delicious taste of your smoothie

Nutrition (estimated)

Calories: 231Calories (12%) carbohydrates: 42g (14%) protein: 4g (8%) Fat: 8g (12%) Saturated fat: 1g (6%) Unsaturated fats: 1g Monounsaturated fats: 5g sodium: 35mg (2%) Potassium: 831mg (24%) the basic: 9g (38%) sugar: 26g (29%) Vitamin A: 4897IU (98%) Vitamin C: 136mg (165%) Calcium: 111mg (11%) iron: 2mg (11%)