«Urbanista» Mocktail – Signature Collection

The beautiful edible flowers and earthy elderberry syrup are delicious and juicy.

Urbanista Mocktail - Signature Collection

When crafting mocktails, we love to explore new and exciting ingredients. We think about what’s popular as well as what’s classic. We consider not only the flavor of the beverage but the appearance.

We really want our signature mocktails to excite and surprise you.
Urbanista Mocktail – Signature Collection

We really want our signature mocktails to excite and surprise you. We feel our Urbanista mocktail really ticks all the boxes.

Urbanista was created to highlight the flavors of elderberry. Elderberry is a small, dark pink, almost black berry that is incredibly healthy. The young berries are filled with antioxidants and vitamins that will help boost your immune system while you’re eating your mocktail.

Urbanista Mocktail - Signature Collection
Urbanista cocktail recipe

Elderberry is said to relieve cold and flu symptoms as well, making it the perfect drink if you’re feeling under the weather but still craving something delicious.

Speaking of cravings, berries are worth the cravings. The berries have a beautiful, sweet but tart flavor that is often compared to blackberries and grapes.

Urbanista Mocktail - Signature Collection
Urbanista Mocktail

They also have a delicious light, earthy taste with berry flavors. Apple juice, fresh raspberries and lemon all match the wonderful taste of elderberry.

Urbanista Mocktail - Signature Collection

Elderberries are considered to be the next big berry flavor in the culinary world. It is fashionable, delicious and very beautiful. This drink would be a perfect fit for the big city or at any backyard party. Enjoy!

Urbanista Cocktail Recipe - Signature Collection

Urbanista Cocktail Recipe – Signature Collection recipe


  • Put the berries at the bottom of the cocktail with lemon juice. clutter together.
  • Add elderberry syrup and apple juice to a blender and fill with ice.
  • Shake the bottle for 20 seconds.
  • Run a slice of lemon around the edges of two low-ball cups, then dip the edges of the cup in the sugar.
  • Fill each cup halfway with ice.
  • Strain the mocktail into each glass, then add the lemon slices for garnish. Float and fold in each cup. Enjoy!

Tips and tricks

  • • What kind of edible flower will work. Think about the color of the flower and how it would look next to the pink cocktail.
    • You can also use fresh elderberry to decorate glass
  • Tools:
    • Geiger / measuring instrument
    • Cocktail shaker
    • Shaker strainer
    • Small plate or beveled cocktail
  • field of use:
    Cocktail Party, Afternoon Drink, Summer Drink, Baby Shower, Bridal Shower, Fourth of July, Memorial Day

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