Top Picks For Cocktails and Mocktails

Making ice using ice cube trays can be super annoying. You have to fill the trays with water, carefully walk them to the freezer, trying not to spill and then wait…wait…wait for the ice to freeze. Oh, and then if you run out of ice, you have to do it all over again! There has to be a better way. And guess what, there is a better way! All you need is a great nugget ice maker.

We set out to find the best nugget ice maker for home use so that we could put an end to ice cube trays forever. Take a look at all the great machines we found and see which one will work best for you.

Best Ice For Cocktails and Mocktails

There are lots of different ice cube shapes out there. Nugget ice may be our favorite ice to use in our mocktail recipes.

Nugget ice is small and chewable. You can take a sip of your drink and crunch on some refreshing ice at the same time. Nugget ice melts quickly so it will cool your drink fast. Nugget ice is known to retain the flavor of a drink as well. Rather than water a drink down, nugget ice just adds to the overall yummy taste of the drink! No one knows why but all mixologists wear this little fact is true!

Nugget ice also crushes easily. If you want to make a slushy, smoothie or frozen mocktail, nugget ice should be part of the recipe! It is clearly the best shaped ice and can only be made by a nugget ice maker. Don’t worry, we know the best nugget ice maker for home use!

Best Nugget Ice Maker For Home

We took a look at tons of different nugget ice makers to see which ones were the absolute best. The nugget ice makers that made our list are highly rated, reliable, efficient and give you a perfectly shaped nugget ice. Grab one of these nugget ice machines and you will never have to worry about ice cube trays ever again!

Best Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

Best Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

We are obsessed with the GE Opal nugget ice maker. It is by far the best countertop nugget ice maker we found. It has so many bells and whistles that make the GE nugget ice maker super high tech but still user friendly. Let us tell you all about it.

The Opal nugget ice maker makes up to 24 pounds of ice per day. It serves up chewable, crunchable nugget ice that is perfect for mocktails, soda and juice. The GE nugget ice maker is actually a smart device and can connect to your bluetooth device. You can schedule ice to be made, monitor how much ice is in the machine and even order ice maker accessories right in an easy to use app.

The ice is made in batches to prevent clumping and leaks. Melted ice is recycled and re frozen so there is no waste. It is pretty surprising that a machine as great as the opal nugget ice maker is made for home use. It is definitely our favorite countertop nugget ice maker.

Best Cheap Nugget Ice Maker

Best Cheap Nugget Ice Maker

A good countertop nugget ice maker doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can easily find a cheap nugget ice maker online. This touch panel nugget ice maker with an LED display is our favorite.

This cheap nugget ice maker makes up to 26 pounds of ice a day. It comes with an ice scoop and stainless steel basket to keep the ice extra cold. It will have ice ready to use in just 7 minutes! That is pretty incredible for such a cheap ice maker. Cheap in price, not in quality!

The ice machine is also super quiet and is an energy saver. It is completely compact making it a great portable nugget ice maker. Bring it with you on vacation or to your next big party. This little machine will power through any event, giving you perfect nugget ice for your favorite mocktails.

Best Small Nugget Ice Maker

Best Small Nugget Ice Maker

The Northair Countertop Nugget Ice Maker is really one of our favorite machines. We like the skinny, small size that is convenient to store on your countertop. It even comes with a nice little scoop to make getting ice very easy.

While the Northair small nugget ice maker is tiny in size, it can make up to 44 pounds of ice a day. It starts making ice in just 15 minutes! The whole machine only weighs 3.3 pounds making it a very portable nugget ice maker as well. This machine is perfect for parties or just as an ice maker for home use.

Best Commercial Nugget Ice Maker

Best Commercial Nugget Ice Maker

Looking to splurge on a fancy, high powered ice maker? The Scotsman nugget ice maker is the machine for you! This under the counter nugget ice maker is well worth the investment.

The Scotsman nugget ice maker can make up to 64 pounds of ice a day and stores 24 pounds of ice in its easy to clean compartment. The uniquely shaped ice cube nuggets are crystal clear and slow melting. They will chill your drinks without diluting the flavor.

The water quality sensor filters hard water to ensure your ice is clear and the machine stays clean. The Scotsman nugget ice maker has an easy to use control panel that will even remind you when to clean the machine. It is also the exact width of standard cabinets so it will fit right into your kitchen design.

The Scotsman nugget ice maker is perfect for commercial settings or high quantity home use. Install one of these high end ice makers in your house and you will not regret it. You will absolutely never need to make ice by hand ever again!

Best Portable Nugget Ice Maker

Best Portable Nugget Ice Maker

The Frigidaire nugget ice maker is super compact making it the best portable nugget ice maker. It is nice and small and comes at a great price. You can even choose your color Frigidaire nugget ice maker to match your kitchen decor. Black is classic while the stainless steel option is modern and sleek.

The Frigidaire nutter ice maker makes about 26 pounds of ice a day. It has an easy to use LED control panel which lets you pick your size ice cube. Choose the smaller cubes for nice, little crunchy ice. That is definitely our favorite!

Bring this little portable nugget ice maker on your boat, keep it in your RV or use it in a tiny kitchen. It is a reliable, efficient little machine that you will love.

Nice Looking Nugget Ice Maker

If you want a nugget ice maker that looks nice on your counter and also makes restaurant quality ice, then the Newair nugget ice maker is a very good choice. The solid black color and blue LED lights inside the machine have a really cool look. Glowing blue ice is hard to resist!

While the Newair nugget ice maker does look really nice, it is also a very high powered machine. It can make up to 44 pounds of ice a day and will have ice ready in just ten minutes. It has a convenient self cleaning function so you never have to suffer through freezer burned ice ever again. You’ll get fresh, crunchy nugget ice in every scoop!

Each of the nugget ice makers on our list will do a fantastic job making you perfect nugget ice at home. No matter what kind of ice maker you want, there is one on here for you. From a cheap nugget ice maker to a small portable nugget ice maker, we found them all.

Let us know which you choose and how much you love it. A home nugget ice maker can really improve your mocktail game!

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Top Fruits and Vegetables for Juicing and Your Health

If you want to get the most out of juicing, you have to choose your ingredients wisely. Whether you’re juicing at home to start your day or serving customers with a menu of refreshing, nutritious beverages, there are some fruits and vegetables that outshine others. Discover why these top fruits and vegetables for juicing and your health are the best ingredients to use in your juicing recipes.


Kale is a favorite leafy green, especially in the juicing community. Kale comes packed with vitamins and minerals. It also has a high antioxidant count. Green juices with kale are rich in nutrients, high in antioxidants, and are great for a safe and healthy detox.


There’s a reason why apple juice is so popular. Apples are rich in antioxidants. They can reduce cholesterol and boost your immune system—hence why they’re so good at keeping doctors away. Even better, the apples’ sweet but gentle flavor makes them perfect for softening strong flavors from other ingredients.


Beets add vibrant color and a sweet, earthy flavor to your juice. This ingredient is bursting with manganese, potassium, nitrates, and iron. Beetroot juice is good for improving blood pressure and boosting athletic and mental performance.


Every variety of berry offers incredible health benefits, making them some of the top fruits and vegetables for juicing and your health. Blueberries are one of the most antioxidant-rich foods in the world. Strawberries are great for cardiovascular health. Cranberries and blackcurrants help cleanse the urinary tract. All berries bring antiviral and antibacterial properties to your juice, making them a sweet and healthy ingredient to put in your recipes.


Why is carrot juice so popular? It could be because carrots have a slightly sweet flavor that makes for a delicious drink. People also enjoy the impressive list of nutrients bring to the table, including vitamin A, potassium, and carotenoids. From boosting your immune system to promoting healthy skin, you don’t want to miss out on all the benefits of carrot juice.

What delicious and healthy beverages will you make with your commercial fruit juice machine? Visit us today to learn more about the benefits of fruit and vegetable juice, the best juicing products to use, and how Juicernet can help your business succeed through juicing.


Top Ways To Utilize the Core of a Pineapple

Eating freshly sliced ​​pineapple is a sure way to brighten your day—but did you know pineapple can be turned into things other than simple slices? Preparing a pineapple is easy work with a fast and powerful pineapple corer, so you should think twice before you toss your pineapple core away. There are countless delicious and creative recipes you can try with leftover pineapple cores. Make the most of this bright and tasty treat with these top ways to utilize the core of a pineapple.

Make It Into Stock

Pineapple broth is a flavorful base that’s perfect for making lots of different recipes, including sweet and sour or sweet and spicy soups. Blend and cook your pineapple core with other vegetables to make the broth. Using tomatoes and celery is great, but you can also experiment with different produce to get the precise flavor you want. Alternatively, if you’re making a savory broth out of meat or fish, you can add the pineapple core to the broth to sweeten the flavor.

Purees, Toppings, and More

There are plenty of easy pineapple core recipes you can use to make toppings and garnishes. A classic puree is a good place to start. Boil the pineapple core to soften it, then puree it into a liquid. This topping is perfect for pastries, soups, and cocktails.

Create a simpler topping by grating a pineapple core onto dishes for a sweet and tangy touch. It’s excellent on salads or sweet meats and barbecues.

One of the top ways to utilize the core of a pineapple is to cut and freeze it. You can freeze small cubes and use them as ice cubes in drinks. Alternatively, freeze larger chunks—or the entire core—to use it as a garnish in punches, teas, sangria, and other fruity drinks.

Raw Slices or Pineapple Chips

Did you know that you can eat pineapple core by itself? Many people avoid the core because it’s tougher than the rest of the pineapple, but you can circumvent this by slicing it into thin pieces. Pineapple core is great raw, but you can also turn slices into dried pineapple chips. Simply spread your pineapple core slices out on a baking tray and bake them until they dry. Then you’ll have a crisp, tasty snack you can munch on for the rest of the week.

No matter how you enjoy your pineapple cores, you can make every recipe easier with the powerful and efficient products from Juicernet. Our pineapple corer machines make peeling, slicing, and coring pineapples a simple and straightforward process. It gives you more time to enjoy all the creative recipes you come up with.