303: DIY Wassail Tips

Lusail is a celebration of orchards, often apple orchards, to honor the natural world and honor hopes of a bountiful fruit season moving forward.

Wasil is also cheering

  • When you hear someone say “Waselle” it means – be healthy!
    • The answer is “Drink cold” – For your health!

Apple juice chat 303 - sax and wasel

When does that happen?

Historically, Sail was held on the sixth of January, or what is known as the twelfth night. or the 17th of january he called “Old Twelvey”

Seder 303 Waseel Chat

The procession to the main road fire

In these modern times Wassail can happen in time considering weather and outside temperatures. There are no strict protocols, but traditions that when followed take us all back to our ancestral roots and pagan ways.

Where is Wassails located?

In the grove around a large fire, a circle of fire and in some places 12 small rings of fire of the twelve apostles or of the twelve constellations.

Indoor Wassails can also be carried out for those who cannot go outside during temperatures of -6 degrees. Thus, the instrumental can take place in a senior citizen’s center or in a daycare where songs are sung around a plant or young tree.

The ultimate goal is the same, singing to the orchard, the apple tree(s), to fend off the enemies of the apple and regret the better times to come.

Cider Chat ep 303 Waseel

The old apple tree of Al-Wasil

DIY planning for your salon

  • Get a Fire Guard who will make sure the wood is ready and lit to welcome the Fun Makers Parade
  • Designation A place where everyone meets and then walks to the oldest or largest apple tree. Often the fire is very close.
  • Owns “security” Flashlights and flashlights to direct the crowd to the main fire
  • Have some hot apple juice
  • Do you have a master of the ceremony or what is known as “butler”
  • Choose a The King and The Queen
  • Owns slices of Toast
  • Ask the apple juice to drink and pour a little on the toast and on the floor
  • Distribute the lyrics of Wasil’s songs
  • The king and queen lead the group up to the apple tree
  • Put the toast on the edges
  • Pour apple juice on the roots of the tree
  • Make noises to ward off evil spirits
  • If Morris Dancers were available, they would do a dance or two
  • Taste two Wassail – choose the option that best suits your audience. Could it be hot cider, with or without spices or fortified with brandy, maybe a little honey?

The goblet or two-handled cup is the classic Wasl cup to pass, but these days any good cup for drinking would not pass.

Wasted resources around the world

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In a glass of apple juice

Looks like I was a mite from the sediment
Wait for the bottom to ferment
So I can catch a bubble to climb.
I rode on one until the bubble burst,
And when that leaves me, I go back in reverse
I was no worse off than I was at first.
I would have picked up another bubble if I had waited.
The thing was getting happy every now and then.

Robert Frost

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