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Merica Energy BLUE VALOR Flavor Drops in Time for Summer

A lot of trends in the supplement industry are being driven by the growing consumer realization that supplements aren’t just for getting jacked. Smart supplementation is key for people who want to achieve great things —

And for red-blooded Americans with the classic American can-do attitude, there’s no duo of companies better positioned to help them make this country great than ‘Merica Labz and their offshoot energy drink brand, ‘Merica Energy.

Merica Energy Blue Valor

Merica Energy launched the new Blue Valor (Blueberry Lemonade) flavor at the 2022 Arnold Sports Festival

As most energy drink fans know, the Red, White, & Boom Energy Drink was formulated to help you turn your life a notch or ten, helping you to hurl yourself into the all-American high-octane grindset lifestyle. Today, it’s time to drop the latest flavor:

Merica Energy Blue Valor (blueberry lemonade) is now out!

Blue Valora blueberry lemonade flavor that’s perfect For hot summer barbecues and long truck rides, has officially launched at the 2022 Arnold Sports Festival. This flavor is an ode to all of the first responders who have put their lives on the line each and every day of their careers.

We first tasted it in our cigar and energy drink fueled guest appearance on Doug Miller and Patrick Mabe’s podcast, The Boss Status (episode 8)and it’s fantastic.

We’ve written about Red White & Boom Energy before, but today we’re going to revisit it and expand a little bit on the ingredients. First, be sure to watch our most epic tasting videos below, and then let’s dig in:

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Watch us taste it on The Boss Status:

We crack some final production sample bottles of Blue Valor pretty early in this incredible Boss Status episode:

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Long story short? This flavor is a winner. Put it right up there with Patriot’s Punch and Alpine Pew Pew… but Team PricePlow lately has admittedly been very partial to Victory (cream soda) lately!

Merica Energy Ingredients

In a single 16 fl-oz. can of Red White & Boom from Merica Labz, you get the following paired with 200 milligrams of caffeine:

  • Acetyl L-Carnitine – 250 mg

    Merica Energy Ingredients

    The ‘Merica Energy Ingredients label

    Also known as ALcar, Acetyl L-Carnitine is a specific form of carnitine that’s designed to help boost focuswhile also performing the primary function of L-carnitine, which is to transport fatty acids into mitochondria (where they’re burned for energy).[1] This generally increases the overall availability of energy to your cells.

    ALCAR’s unique focus-boosting properties come from its ability to cross the blood-brain-barrier,[1-4] and from the fact that it’s bound to an acetyl group, which can be used to synthesize neurotransmitters like acetylcholine.

    Because of its effect on neurotransmitter systems, ALCAR has the ability to improve cognition,[5,6] upregulate neurotransmitter production,[7] and even have neuroprotective and anti-depressant effects.[8]

    Another great thing about ALCAR’s appearance in this recipe is that it synthesizes with caffeinewhich is also present, to liberate free fatty acids and increase the body’s rate of fat burning.[9]

    In a 2018 meta-analysis of over 30 studies, researchers found that carnitine supplementation at a variety of doses helped improve metabolic functioning in athletes, helping them to perform better overall than athletes who don’t take carnitine.[10] Specifically, carnitine seems to have the ability to increase exercise capacity and prolong enduranceas well as promote faster and better recovery.[10,11]

  • Choline Bitartrate – 250 mg

    Choline bitartrate is a high-yield type of choline that will increase blood plasma levels of choline, including in the brain. This is great because choline is an essential nutrient, meaning that we need it and our bodies cannot make it themselves, so we must obtain it from food or supplements.

    Choline performs a lot of functions in the body, but perhaps its most important is in strengthening the integrity of cell membranes.[12]

    However, choline is also a precursor to acetylcholine,[13] which we often refer to as “the learning neurotransmitter” because of the role it plays in memory consolidation (and hence, learning). Combining choline with ALCAR is a smart strategy for raising acetylcholine levels, which is going to improve cognition and give you the feeling of higher mental energy levels.

    Choline deficiency It is really bad – besides causing cognitive impairment, it can also eventually lead to damaged organs and catabolized muscle tissue, including non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), a disorder that’s part of the metabolic syndrome.[14]

    Not getting enough choline can cause cognitive dysfunction and damage to organs and muscle tissue, including non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, a disorder that’s associated with diabetes and dyslipidemia.[15]

  • Caffeine – 200 mg

    Merica Energy Red White & Boom Energy Blue Valor

    Much like the previous two ingredients, caffeine is famous for its ability to cross the brain-blood barrier. It works to promote alertness and mental energy by blocking the receptors for adenosine and the brain,[16] which increases global neural activity.[16]

    Caffeine is so good for your brain that researchers are finding it to be neuroprotective in dopamine-driven neurological disorders, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s, so it probably won’t come as much of a shock to hear that in healthy people, caffeine has been demonstrated to improve a wide variety of cognitive abilities.[17]

    Phosphodiesterase is an enzyme that breaks down cyclic adenosine monophosphatealso known as cAMP.[18,19] Because cAMP metabolizes fat and carbs for energy, keeping cAMP levels high will give your body and your brain more energy for the intense tasks you demand of them.[20]

    That’s great if you’re dieting, because caffeine will increase your metabolic flexibilityhelping you burn more fat for fuel if you’re intermittently fasting, or eating at a caloric deficit.[21-23]

    Merica Energy Blue Valor

    As far as dosing is concerned, 200 milligrams is a great choice, because the research literature indicates that caffeine doses between 40 and 300 milligrams are best at improving cognitive function.[24]

You can read the full story in our article titled ‘Merica Energy: The All-American Energy Drink Gets a ‘Restoration’.

While it’s not as massively loaded as the full-blown Merica Labz Red, White, & BOOM pre workoutthis is far better than your average gas station energy drink. Not even close.

Other flavors available?

Blueberry lemonade not your flavor? Then check out these other incredible Merica Energy flavors:

Another hit: Blue Valor Blueberry Lemonade

Merica Energy Alpine Pew Pew

BOOM! Merica Energy Alpine Pew Pew is a knock-down flavor.

We couldn’t be happier with the resurgence of Merica Energy. This formula is effective, yet affordable and not over-the-top. Sometimes the best formulas are the simplest ones, and that’s definitely true in the case of Red White & Boom Energy. These three solid ingredients all synergize very well, and you can’t go wrong with the flavor. Not too much blueberry, but not too little either.

We love the patriotic edge that Doug Miller and all of his brands at Crush It Holdings have – the team is not afraid to speak up and support the cause of their local patriots.

The question comes down to which flavor you’re going to go for next. Blue Valor is excellent… but so are so many others. Whichever you choose, drink up and enjoy!


Learning the Best Time to Drink Certain Juices

It’s no secret that fresh fruit or vegetable juice is good for you, but did you know that when you drink juice how effective it is? Timing your meals—or drinks—to your body’s natural processes and energy levels can help you get the most out of each nutrient-packed glass of juice you drink. Luckily, you don’t need to experiment to determine when your juice is most beneficial. Start learning the best time to drink certain juices with this informative guide.

Drink on an Empty Stomach

One of the key benefits of drinking fresh juice is that your body absorbs the nutrients from fruits and vegetables faster. If you drink your juice with a meal, it can slow down this process and even cause your body to miss some nutrients.

That’s why many juice experts encourage you to drink fresh juice in the morning. Fruit juices—especially citrus juices—offer a bright, refreshing start to the day. The natural sugars and complex carbohydrates in fruit juice give your body energy throughout the day, making fruit juice the perfect way to kick off your morning.

Drink before Workouts

One of the most important things to know about the best times to drink certain juices is how beneficial juice can be for your workouts. When you exercise, your body needs fuel to keep your energy levels up. Fresh juice is the perfect source of that natural energy. The natural sugars of fruit juices work well for this. You can also try green juices for a healthy energy boost that will power your workouts.

Drink during That Afternoon Slump

Do you find yourself reaching for a cup of coffee or a can of soda when that afternoon slump hits? Many people turn to caffeine to get them through a slow or tiring day, but fresh juice works better. Caffeine dehydrates you and can prevent your body from absorbing nutrients properly. On the other hand, fruit juice offers healthy sugars, carbohydrates, antioxidants, and more. The juice will also help you stay hydrated, which is another great way to keep your energy levels high throughout the day.

Consider drinking fresh vegetable juice if you find yourself reaching for a drink to get you through a slow afternoon. Green juice or carrot juice keep you hydrated and energized. Alternatively, many people enjoy a glass of sugarcane juice for an instant energy boost.

These tips will help you make the most of your professional juicer machine and all the delicious beverages you make with it. Learn more about Juicernet’s powerful juicing products and how fresh juice serves consumers and businesses.


Time to Relax in Your Zen Den

Time to relax at Zen Den

Time to relax at Zen Den

When I hear the word zen, it makes me think of something peaceful and serene. So, Zen Den will be a quiet place in your home. Do you have a space in your home where you can go to escape? A place to go when you want to feel peace in your life, or do you want your whole house to be a zen space.

Michelle talks about how to create a zen home and I talk about how to create a zen space. I’ve included a picture of Michelle’s house. I just adore her house…screaming zen den!!

Your Zen Space by Natalie

Marie Kondo says if you don’t spark joy, fire it. I say if it worries me, it’s time to clean up. I feel like I always clean the house. Whether I’m cleaning kitchen countertops, vacuuming the dirt from the day, or going through a massive dump of accumulated stuff, most days you find me cleaner. When I have a clean home, I feel more at peace. I feel that with it I am more organized and I am calmer. When I sit on the sofa to relax, I don’t want to see chaos and clutter. I hide these things in my closet where I only see them for a few minutes a day. I can hide some things behind closed doors.

My bedroom is where I like to keep it more organized and simple. I don’t bring too much clutter. I have some important accessories that make sense to me. There are some pictures on the cabinet and some plants. In the corner of my room is an old chaise longue from my grandmother. She always liked it in her bedroom, which was also a zen space. The rest of her house was decorated the way my grandfather liked it. But my grandmother’s room was in her place. Meticulously organised, it is peppered with treasures from her past, some family photos, and her cozy teal chair. When she died it was a piece of furniture I wanted to keep. The chair sits in my room and for the most part doesn’t become an important place for clothes, socks, or dirty laundry.

I used to spend time on this chair reading and writing. The space I could escape to when I needed my mom was just a moment away. Next to the chair is a vintage plant stand I picked up from one of our local thrift stores. It has a metallic surface so it is perfect for me when I wear a mocktail and when I relax with a drink. I also like to feel warm and cozy when I rest in peace. I picked up these really soft blankets last year at Costco. Cushion adds extra softness to snuggle in.

This is a picture of my Zen space. I’m reading In Paris With You (find a dollar store) and drink my favorite Escape Mocktail, cinnamon whiskey.

Whenever I’m at Zen Den in my bedroom, I also like to close the door and light a candle.

As a side note, a bathtub also serves as a Zen Den if you’re not ready to carve out a spot in your home. I’m a Google employee and when I Googled the benefits of water in the shower, I was surprised to see scientifically proven benefits for showering. I like a gal bath and had no idea it was good for my health!

Here are the 10 health benefits of taking a bath from Pentucket Medical.

Bathing can lead to:

  • Help you breathe easier
  • Improve your heart health
  • Help your brain and nervous system
  • Benefit from your muscles, joints and bones
  • Improve your immunity
  • Balance your hormones
  • moisturize your skin
  • Balance basal body temperature

The most exciting thing I’ve read is how immersing yourself in water can calm your nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety levels, and improve your mood.

If you’re not quite sure which is the best fit for you, the answer is a bathtub! Grab a bar of your favorite soap, turn on some relaxing music, light a candle and get cozy with your rubber darling!

Zain Dunn by Michelle

We all want a quiet, peaceful, zen-like home. No matter how hot and chaotic your life is, most of us appreciate the calm and serene home environment. The problem is, the good life, it comes hard on you, and if you have more children. Suddenly you don’t have the time or energy to deal with any of it. But now is the time to dig deeper and redouble your resolve. The only way to make your home calmer and more comfortable is to incorporate good habits now that will pay off in the future to make your home more comfortable and functional. I’ve made a list of tasks that I try to incorporate to make sure our home is the sanctuary we deserve.

Organize your home: Visual clutter is a real thing, so even if you’re organized, if you have a lot of things, it will be overwhelmed by your surroundings. Put things down, there is very little you actually need to be happy. In fact, studies show that the less things we have, the better we feel.

  • Scan the papers, go to the files and get rid of items you no longer need, and remember to keep your tax returns for at least 7 years. Shred the leaves before discarding them.
  • To help with the point above, handle your mail daily. Once it appears, take 30 seconds to browse what’s out there. Shredding and disposal of junk. Separate bills, save the summary, and keep the bill and envelope near your checkbook. We pay bills automatically for nearly as much as our bills, but there are still a few checks we write.
  • Cupboards and cupboards to remove clutter. Arrange a drop-off at your local goodwill and donate whatever you don’t use but is in good condition.
  • Get more plants, they are not only beautiful, but also clean the air.
  • Use furniture that does double duty. Get a sideboard with storage, and use baskets and a storage ottoman to hide items you don’t use regularly. Under-bed storage is plentiful and often underutilized. Hang small items and accessories in shoe organizers behind your closet door.
  • It does not contain a lot of unwanted drawers. We have two in very different areas with very different items. The first is in the kitchen and has hammers, screwdrivers, screws, masking tape, etc. The second is in the lobby. Contains nail clippers, shoelaces, hand sanitizer, face masks, extra keys, etc.
  • Make sure everything has a place. For everything to be truly organized it needs a place to live and it must be brought back to that place so that others know where to find them.

Organize your work space at home: Many of us still work from home, my job is to offer full-time remote work, but I chose a hybrid model, which works two days a week. I find it necessary to be somewhat organized and disciplined to do the work from home successfully. Create a custom workspace. Try to get an adjustable desk so that you can stand as well, this also allows you to use any type of chair where your desk can adjust to your seat rather than the other way around. Wake up in time to make yourself look good. I make sure I’m always ready to make an outside call in case this happens. Make sure to be on time for calls and conference calls. Virtual meetings tend to start at the right time, and logging in a minute or two beforehand is helpful. And finally set up a zoom wall. I have a piece of art, a lamp, and a plant.


Is it time to be sober curious?

Is it time to be sober curious?

Thinking about not drinking?

Feeling sober curious? A lot of people are ditting alcohol in order to live their best lives, be healthier, and happier. It’s actually estimated that about 30% of the US popular skips out on alcohol altogether. Drinking may seem like such a cultural and social staple, but it doesn’t have to be.

October is known as Sober October. It’s a time to pause drinking alcohol for the month and rethink the amount of alcohol consumed.

What would be like to commit to an alcohol-free life? Or even just go alcohol free for a week? Think about dancing the night away at a friend’s without wondering if anything embarrassing is up on social media, or going to dinner with a friend and not ordering a few glasses of wine, or what it’s like not to feel hung over and slow in the morning ? If all this sounds good, then it may be time to consider going sober for a while. It’s okay to think about not drinking alcohol. Start by setting a day to go sober and see how it goes. Being sober curious may be the best thing ever. Here are five ways to enjoy life without a drink.

Discover more interesting ways to hang out with friends.

Going to a bar can be fun, but doesn’t it get a little old sometimes? Think of some ways to be creative about spending time with friends. Being sober curious in a supportive group of people could lead to some really exciting adventures and deeper connections. Friends may also want to join in on the super curious life. Instead of a night drinking, try something like an indoor skydiving girls night out or throw a game night where everyone has to bring their best mocktail and healthy food dish. It may be more fun to be together since the times with friends is enjoyed with more of a clear head and alcohol free.

Learn about delicious drink alternatives.

Be honest, when drinking turns into being tipsy and the room starts to spin, is it even fun? While being sober curious, try out drinks that taste good. A non-alcoholic beer, in a cold glass bottle, may be similar to drinking an alcoholic version. Try to trick your brain into thinking it’s drinking. Julia Chester, professor of psychological sciences at Purdue University says, “You can mimic what’s happening in your brain by creating a drink that basically shared all the attributes of the drink that you like, with the absence of alcohol. This will remind your brain and you of feeling good drinking…but without the alcohol.”

Escape Mocktails, a non-alcoholic spirits company, created beverages that mimic the taste of alcohol. Their alcohol free Cinnamon Whiskey, tastes a lot like the popular alcoholic hot cinnamon whiskey. But, Escape Mocktail’s blend is alcohol free, which is also hangover free. BevMo has a good selection of alcohol free drink options like alcohol free wine, beer and spirits. Popular beer companies like Lagunitas and Golden Road Brewery has alcohol free beer that tastes pretty darn good.

It will be easier to stay on track with health goals

It’s easy to skip the gym with a hangover from the night before. Alcohol also slows metabolism. By cutting out alcohol for a little while, it may be easier to see healthy progress. When health is a goal, other things like eating healthy and feeling better just falls into place.

Being sober curious allows for experience to be felt in a new way

Although it seems like alcohol takes the edge off of some bigger social events, like weddings or holidays, it’s more fun to experience all of it sober. Alcohol is not needed to have a good time. Not to mention, cutting out alcohol may even help avoid getting in the middle of family drama.

Less drinking equals more spending money

Alcohol is expensive! Sometimes a restaurant bill can be doubled by ordering a few drinks. Instead of spending that money on alcohol, it can be used for other things. Ways to spend the money could be on a new hobby like a painting class, or new running shoes, or even a reward once a goal is met.

It’s time to live an alcohol free life. This October may be the month to make that change.