How to Get a Tax Break Buying a Commercial Juicer

How to (basically) get a 37% discount on your commercial juicer:

Since 2017 in the US tax code, Section 179 allows taxpayers to deduct or “write off” the cost of certain property as an expense when the property is placed in service.

Disclaimer: I’m not an accountant and this isn’t tax advice. Tax policies change from year to year, and they can vary depending on your entity type, industry, and other factors. Make sure to consult an accountant or tax attorney before making any decisions.

Section 179 Explained

Traditionally, when you purchased property for your business, you could only depreciate the expense over its useful life. For example, if you purchased new tables and chairs for your juice bar and they were expected to have a 10 year life span, you could depreciate the expense over 10 years. So, you could “write off” 10% of the purchase every year for 10 years – meaning you would decrease your tax liability a little bit each year for 10 years.

However under the new-ish Section 179 updates, you may deduct the entire purchase amount in the year it’s purchased. Section 179 is limited to certain types of equipment, such as cars, office furniture, business machinery (like juice machines), and computer equipment you use to run your company.

So, if you normally pay 37% taxes on your business profit, you can think of this as a 37% discount on the purchase of equipment.

How to take advantage of Section 179

Here is how you can write off the entire purchase price of a commercial juice machine or other business machinery:

  1. Talk to your accountant and make sure your business is eligible.
  2. Purchase the machinery and put it “in service” the year you want to write it off.
  3. Make sure to keep good records and save the invoice(s).
  4. Expense the purchase under Section 179 when you file your business taxes using form 4562.

How Much You Can Save on The Purchase

Let’s take an example and pretend you are purchasing a Goodnature X-1 Mini for about $14k total including accessories.

Price of Equipment $14,000
Typical tax rate 37%
Money saved on juicer with Section 179 $5,180
Effective price of equipment $8,820

As you can see, when you can expense the entire price of the equipment in one year, you’re Effectively paying a much lower price on the equipment.

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