Stormalong Cider Launches New Unfiltered Cider

Stormalong Cider, a Massachusetts-based cidery, today announced the introduction of Stormalong Unfilteredthe newest addition to Stormalong’s core line up of hard ciders that are available year-round.

Featuring a blend of 100% high-quality, fresh pressed, locally sourced apples from orchards across New England, this unfiltered hard cider is reminiscent of farmstand cider pressed and sold at harvest. It’s crisp, refreshing, with a savory balance of tart and sweet.

“The ritual of apple picking and drinking freshly pressed apple cider in the fall is a rite of passage for New Englanders.” It’s one of the best things about living here,” said Shannon Edgar, founder of Stormalong Cider. “Our Unfiltered hard cider is made with a unique blend of whole apples sourced locally from these amazing orchards. Additionally, this cider is finished without filtration, which provides a juicier, fresh apple mouthfeel, reminiscent of farmstand ciders, but with a kick. We’ve spent several years perfecting the process of making our Unfiltered cider which is actually quite complex. It’s all made with 100% fresh local juice, so it’s super simple ingredient wise, but you have to get the process right. Some of our competitors use apple concentrate and other adjuncts like malic acid, sugar, and flavorings to make the process easier and cheaper. We don’t ever add anything except apples.”

Like all of Stormalong’s offerings, Unfiltered It is naturally gluten-free and made with carefully sourced local apples which are freshly pressed and fermented with care. No added sugars, concentrates, water, artificial ingredients, natural flavors or essences. 100% goodness.

Stormalong Unfiltered will be available on draft and in 16 oz. 4-packs at select bars, restaurants and retail locations throughout Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Los Angeles County starting this month. Consumers can also order online for direct-to-consumer delivery or visit Stormalong’s Store Locator to find where Unfiltered is available.

About Stormalong Cider

Stormalong Cider, founded in 2014, is a Massachusetts-based craft cider company producing a wide range of ciders focused on apple quality and character. Using a blend of culinary and rare heirloom varieties, Stormalong ferments and ages its ciders with traditional and modern techniques showing the unique characteristics of these diverse apples. Fascinated and inspired by America’s robust hard cider lineage, Stormalong aims to showcase the diversity, flavor and quality of cider made with the right apples. For more information visit or follow Stormalong on Instagram @stormalongcider.


Stormalong Cider’s White Mountain Magic

This past week, we were blanketed in a generous 14-16 inches of snow over the course of a day and a half. I took a day off because snow days barely happen in the world of college campuses and working from home. And once I’d shoveled sidewalks, I made the day an easy one and a cozy one with a cider that reminded me of the season outside. Today, I’m happy to share my notes on Stormalong Cider’s White Mountain Magic.

If you aren’t familiar with Stormalong Cider, it’s a Massachusetts-based cidery founded in 2014. Shannon Edgar started this very geographically oriented cidery. Stormalong is all about local apples, local ingredients, and local cider history. I’m extra excited to try this one because I have so many happy memories of visiting Hanover, New Hampshire near those aforementioned White Mountains, plus nothing is better for winter than a little maple.

I recommend learning about Stormalong Cider online on the official website:

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Here’s how Stormalong describes the White Mountain Magic.

Our new winter seasonal unfiltered cider, featuring a blend of spices, a hint of New Hampshire maple syrup from Patch Orchards and fresh pressed apples from New Hampshire-based Lull Farm and Alyson’s Orchard. This cider has a delicious farmstand apple cider flavor combined with a freshly baked goods vibe. It is savory, yet crisp.

Alcohol 5.20%

Appearance: deep maple brown, cloudy, few visible bubbles

Whoa. This cider looks more like maple syrup than most cider! The color is deep warm maple brown. I don’t see much in the way of bubbles. The cider is also quite cloudy.

Aromas: ripe apples, spicy, maple

The White Mountain Magic smells freshly appley and just a little spicy. The aromas include herb and tea like notes, but the biggest impression beyond apple has to be the maple.

Sweetness/Dryness: sweet

This cider is sweet but with lots more going on in addition to sweetness.

Flavors and drinking experience: spice, maple, cinnamon, tea like

I love how the subtle baking spice is more intense in flavor than aroma. I can still not get enough pie spices in my life. I can definitely taste maple and dandelion but I don’t know how to identify chicory as a flavor. The White Mountain Magic charms me with it’s big but more rounded (as opposed to pointed) acidity and dusty minerals. It’s subtly cinnamon-like while remaining vibrantly juicy.

The White Mountain Magic pleases me so much with it’s medium intense bubble and full body. This cider is very fun. The cider tastes leafy, earthy, and tea-like but not green or astringent. It reminds me of mulled cider but not as intensely as if it were actually mulled with brown sugar and spices.

I like White Mountain Magic tremendously, and it makes a good companion on a snowy night.