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California is a vast space of unique experiences, cuisine and beverages from NorCal to SoCal. May it be some of the US’s best wine or a beer scene that is comparable to some of the east coast havens. That doesn’t stop in the world of cider, either — not even close. One of our recent favorite sideries coming out of the Golden State is…. Golden State Cider. Let’s dig into their history a bit and what type of ciders they are offering.


About Golden State Cider

Golden State Cider was founded on Devoto Orchards in Sebastopol, California by the dynamic duo of Jolie Devoto and Hunter Wade. They were making cider utilizing heirloom apples grown in the drier climate as another means of enjoying these delicious apples. Their first cider offerings were made from 100% fresh juice, celebrating the character of these heirloom apples.

Golden State’s goal is to keep apple trees in the ground, and with that came the idea to produce quality craft cider that speaks to the regions where the apples are from. They want to celebrate the rich heritage and apple diversity across the west coast by continuing to use west coast apple juice and press them like they always have.

To fulfill their mission of staying true to the region, Golden State plans to grow to be California’s largest apple purchaser in the category. They will continue to collaborate with long-existing apple orchards and farmers from premier growing regions throughout the state to create those delicious orchard-to-can experiences that pay homage to the apple varietals of the region.

Golden States Core Series


Mighty Dry

Mighty Dry is made with 100% fresh-pressed west coast apple juice and fermented with champagne yeast. Juicy, freshly cut apple aromatics balance seamlessly with a bright, crisp taste to produce our flagship cider.


Brut Bone-Dry

With Zero grams of sugar, Brut is our driest core cider. We chose to leave Brut unfiltered to showcase a fuller mouthfeel and provide additional layers of flavor. The complex aromas and flavors resemble the common characteristics found in zero dosage sparkling wines, making Brut our ‘champagne of cider.’



Gingergrass is a refreshing cider infused with natural ginger root and lemongrass. Vibrant aromatics and zesty flavors lead to a well-rounded finish.



Jamaica (pronounced Ham-eye-cuh) Inspired by the rich tradition of Aguas Frescas, Jamaica reimagines this familiar taste from a dry cider perspective. Jamaica is a naturally pink cider made with tropical hibiscus flowers, which create fragrant aromas that lead to fresh berry flavors and a tart, round finish.


Mellow Green

Mellow Green is lightly infused with Columbus hops to impart a floral, citrusy finish.


Get You Some

Good news for people across the US trying to get their hands on this cider. Golden State Cider now can ship to 40 states! You can buy their products at their cider shop.


Along Came a Cider: Cider Review: Wild State Cider’s Semi-Dry

We’re almost a month into Fall here in the Northern Hemisphere, but sunny days with highs in the 70s are still occasionally surprising us. Since so much of the summer was cool and rainy, I’m not going to complain overmuch. These sunny days are tremendously pleasant, and I find them perfect for enjoying a cider on my porch. That’s exactly what I did with Wild State Cider’s Semi-Dry.

Wild State Cider comes from Minnesota. The cidery is based in Duluth with a spot that hosts both production and a tap room. You can visit the cidery seven days a week. The company takes its identity from the notion of wildness. The founders Adam Ruhland and Andrew Price both make a point to speak about their connections with nature in their professional bios on the Wild State website. And the company’s most prominent slogan is “Naturally good cider” going on to emphasize what they do not add to their cider: concentrate, sweeteners, sorbates, and interestingly, compromises. It’s a clear vision, and I’m excited to see how that translates to taste.

I’m starting with the Semi-dry as it’s one of the flagship ciders. It was shared with me for review, so my thanks to the folks at Wild State! This is my first Wild State Cider review.

Read more for yourself online here:

Here’s how Wild State describes the Semi-dry online, “This is where it all started – a crisp cider with champagne vibes. 6.4% ABV, 165 calories and only 3g sugar.” And I was able to find just a bit more description elsewhere online, “Our original cider, Semi Dry is a staple in the taproom. Light floral, crisp, hint of spice.”

Appearance: brilliant, goldenrod, bubbly

The color reminds me of the goldenrod blooms that I’m still seeing in the edge of gardens and forests. The cider is brilliant and bubbly with a medium intensity of color.

Aromas: mineral, ripe apple, anticipating tannins

I’m tantalized by the limestone mineral aroma, it’s slightly bitter. I get instant acids and tannins on the smell. It’s not exactly that I smell them directly, but something about what I smell leads me to expect them. I wish I could articulate that better. What I do smell are notes of sun-warmed apples. It’s approachable and appealing.

Sweetness/dryness: off dry

Wild State says semi-dry, and it’s legitimately off-dry. Nice work. I am very used to hearing that a cider is quite a bit drier than what I taste. I appreciate that it doesn’t have the usual commercial inflation of dryness.

Flavors and drinking experience: high acid, high tannins, spruce, woody

Oooh, complex! The Semi-dry tastes bitter but pleasant! The whole experience feels full and low in the mouth. The cider brings a different acid profile than I’m used to. These acids are present and blend with carbonation effortlessly, but are not the bright pointed malic notes that I taste most either in canned ciders or the more austere sharp acids of northeastern dry ciders.

I taste no sourness; the Semi-dry is beautifully clean in its fermentation. There are woody notes and a little spruce too. The cider has a very nice filling mouthfeel and a clean, tannic finish.

I paired this cider with veggie pizza and it cuts through fats like a knife. What a wonderful pairing for anything cheesy. I cannot recommend that enough! This is a lovely cider, and I’m excited to taste the rest of what Wild State makes!