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sparkling apple juice

What is sparkling apple juice?

Sparkling apple juice is simple carbonated apple juice that has been filtered, pasteurized and carbonated. Unlike hard apple juice, it does not ferment and does not contain alcohol. While many sparkling ciders are filtered, there are unfiltered variations. Sparkling cider often contains just the right amount of natural or artificial (usually natural) sugar; Thus, they are generally considered soft drinks and are generally in a similar space in the grocery store between juices and soda.

Is sparkling apple juice an alcoholic?

Sparkling ciders such as Martinelli, Welch, and Sheffield’s are non-alcoholic. They have never undergone the fermentation process, so they do not contain alcohol and do not require the alcohol removal process like other non-alcoholic products. For ease of understanding, these products are just carbonated apple juice.

Popular brands of sparkling apple juice:

Sparkling Apple Juice from Martinelli


Martinelli is the biggest player in the game, so to speak. They have many flavors from sparkling apple to grape. Each one is made with a different type of apple or grape, or they have blends to suit your taste. Family owned and operated since 1868, Martinelli produces Gold Medal juices from apples grown in the Pajaro Valley in Watsonville, California. This and another item on this list are generally your go-to options in the Midwest – where we come from.

how much does it cost? $3-4 on average for a 25.4 fluid ounce bottle

Where to buy Martinelli sparkling cider:

Sheffield Sparkling Cider


The best sparkling wine juice we’ve ever had. Not even close. This Washington state product comes from the Columbia Basin – an area rich in apple trees. Sheffield grows 14 different commercial apples and 40 different types of cider. They have classic candy, grape apples, raspberry apples, and a variety of specialty products that highlight the many regional apples—providing added flavor and complexity.

how much does it cost? $12-15 per 25.4 fluid ounce bottle

Where to buy Sheffield Cider: HERE

Welch Sparkling Apple Juice


If the sparkling juice of a Martinelli wine carried some childhood memories, Welch would have had a full album. This is their only product out of many that I had a child that I still consume. This is 100% apple juice with no added sugars, preservatives, artificial colors or flavors. They have some newer bottles with colorful refills, but I personally prefer the old classic design.

how much does it cost? $3-4 per 25.4 fluid ounce bottle

Where to buy Welch’s Cider: HERE

RW Knudsen’s Sparkling Cider


Now, we’ve never had this one before, but we’ve heard good things and it’s available in most major department stores. RW Knudsen has been manufacturing produce since 1961 on organic California vineyards. Sparkling apple juice, like the others, is made with the juice of whole apples and a few other ingredients. It is a non-GMO product and of course it is non-alcoholic.

how much does it cost? $4 per 25.4 fluid ounce bottle

Where to buy RW Knudsen’s Cider: HERE

Langer’s Organic Sparkling Apple Juice


Again, we haven’t had it before, but this is frequently available across the United States. Another California product, Langers has been farming and making juice for people since 1960. This certified organic apple juice contains 100% juice with no added sugar or sweeteners. Only carbonated apple juice at its best. Compared to some other commercial sparkling ciders, the sugar is slightly lower. It should be better for people interested in sugar.

how much does it cost? $4-4.50 per 25.4 fluid ounce bottle

Where to buy Langer Cider: here

Sparkling apple juice cocktail

Now that you have sparkling cider, you can drink it to make an excellent cocktail. Below, we’ve highlighted three sparkling cider cocktails that have peaked our interest.

  1. sparkling apple gin juice
  2. Apple Cider Mimosa
  3. bourbon apple juice

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