When To Replace Your Juicer Blades

Routine cleaning and other preventative maintenance can maintain the juicer’s efficiency and power for a long time. A little care goes a long way in helping your business make great juice products. Part of this care means maintaining the succulent blades. Learn how to do it with our juicer maintenance guide and when to replace juicer blades.

How long do the blades last?

The exact life span of juicer blades depends on the type of juicer you have and how you use it. In general, your juicer blades can last up to a few months. Pay attention to the condition of your juicer and how your blades hold up over time.

For example, if a juicer serves hundreds of customers a day, the blades will wear out faster than if you used them once or twice a week. The type of ingredients you take in the juice will also affect the blades since hard fruits and vegetables will wear down the blades more than soft produce. Disassemble the juicer regularly to clean and inspect it. This will help you monitor the condition of your machine, so you always know when the juicer blades need to be replaced.

Tips to make juicer blades long lasting

Taking good care of your juicer is key to helping your blades – and all other essential parts – last longer. Here are some tips to keep the juicer blades in good condition even when you use the juicer every day

Cleaning best practices

Proper cleaning is essential when you take care of your juicer. Always refer to your device’s user manual for exact cleaning operations. Fortunately, Juicernet’s commercial fruit juice machines are easy to disassemble and clean. Some juicers have parts that can be washed in a dishwasher, which makes cleaning simpler. Clean the juicer and the various parts regularly – if you use it once a day, clean it once a day too. This will protect your blades and keep the machine running smoothly.

Use the correct blade size

Some equipment, such as pineapple slicers, have different blade sizes. Always make sure you use the correct blade for the size or type of fruit you are processing. Using the right blade size gives you the best results and keeps your blades in top shape.

When the juicer blades are damaged

General wear and tear is a sign that a well-squeezed machine has been used. What do you do when your blades start to wear out? You have a few options depending on the type of juicer you have. Some juicers allow you to sharpen the blades to be as good as new. Others need replacement blades.

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