Time to Relax in Your Zen Den

Time to relax at Zen Den

Time to relax at Zen Den

When I hear the word zen, it makes me think of something peaceful and serene. So, Zen Den will be a quiet place in your home. Do you have a space in your home where you can go to escape? A place to go when you want to feel peace in your life, or do you want your whole house to be a zen space.

Michelle talks about how to create a zen home and I talk about how to create a zen space. I’ve included a picture of Michelle’s house. I just adore her house…screaming zen den!!

Your Zen Space by Natalie

Marie Kondo says if you don’t spark joy, fire it. I say if it worries me, it’s time to clean up. I feel like I always clean the house. Whether I’m cleaning kitchen countertops, vacuuming the dirt from the day, or going through a massive dump of accumulated stuff, most days you find me cleaner. When I have a clean home, I feel more at peace. I feel that with it I am more organized and I am calmer. When I sit on the sofa to relax, I don’t want to see chaos and clutter. I hide these things in my closet where I only see them for a few minutes a day. I can hide some things behind closed doors.

My bedroom is where I like to keep it more organized and simple. I don’t bring too much clutter. I have some important accessories that make sense to me. There are some pictures on the cabinet and some plants. In the corner of my room is an old chaise longue from my grandmother. She always liked it in her bedroom, which was also a zen space. The rest of her house was decorated the way my grandfather liked it. But my grandmother’s room was in her place. Meticulously organised, it is peppered with treasures from her past, some family photos, and her cozy teal chair. When she died it was a piece of furniture I wanted to keep. The chair sits in my room and for the most part doesn’t become an important place for clothes, socks, or dirty laundry.

I used to spend time on this chair reading and writing. The space I could escape to when I needed my mom was just a moment away. Next to the chair is a vintage plant stand I picked up from one of our local thrift stores. It has a metallic surface so it is perfect for me when I wear a mocktail and when I relax with a drink. I also like to feel warm and cozy when I rest in peace. I picked up these really soft blankets last year at Costco. Cushion adds extra softness to snuggle in.

This is a picture of my Zen space. I’m reading In Paris With You (find a dollar store) and drink my favorite Escape Mocktail, cinnamon whiskey.

Whenever I’m at Zen Den in my bedroom, I also like to close the door and light a candle.

As a side note, a bathtub also serves as a Zen Den if you’re not ready to carve out a spot in your home. I’m a Google employee and when I Googled the benefits of water in the shower, I was surprised to see scientifically proven benefits for showering. I like a gal bath and had no idea it was good for my health!

Here are the 10 health benefits of taking a bath from Pentucket Medical.

Bathing can lead to:

  • Help you breathe easier
  • Improve your heart health
  • Help your brain and nervous system
  • Benefit from your muscles, joints and bones
  • Improve your immunity
  • Balance your hormones
  • moisturize your skin
  • Balance basal body temperature

The most exciting thing I’ve read is how immersing yourself in water can calm your nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety levels, and improve your mood.

If you’re not quite sure which is the best fit for you, the answer is a bathtub! Grab a bar of your favorite soap, turn on some relaxing music, light a candle and get cozy with your rubber darling!

Zain Dunn by Michelle

We all want a quiet, peaceful, zen-like home. No matter how hot and chaotic your life is, most of us appreciate the calm and serene home environment. The problem is, the good life, it comes hard on you, and if you have more children. Suddenly you don’t have the time or energy to deal with any of it. But now is the time to dig deeper and redouble your resolve. The only way to make your home calmer and more comfortable is to incorporate good habits now that will pay off in the future to make your home more comfortable and functional. I’ve made a list of tasks that I try to incorporate to make sure our home is the sanctuary we deserve.

Organize your home: Visual clutter is a real thing, so even if you’re organized, if you have a lot of things, it will be overwhelmed by your surroundings. Put things down, there is very little you actually need to be happy. In fact, studies show that the less things we have, the better we feel.

  • Scan the papers, go to the files and get rid of items you no longer need, and remember to keep your tax returns for at least 7 years. Shred the leaves before discarding them.
  • To help with the point above, handle your mail daily. Once it appears, take 30 seconds to browse what’s out there. Shredding and disposal of junk. Separate bills, save the summary, and keep the bill and envelope near your checkbook. We pay bills automatically for nearly as much as our bills, but there are still a few checks we write.
  • Cupboards and cupboards to remove clutter. Arrange a drop-off at your local goodwill and donate whatever you don’t use but is in good condition.
  • Get more plants, they are not only beautiful, but also clean the air.
  • Use furniture that does double duty. Get a sideboard with storage, and use baskets and a storage ottoman to hide items you don’t use regularly. Under-bed storage is plentiful and often underutilized. Hang small items and accessories in shoe organizers behind your closet door.
  • It does not contain a lot of unwanted drawers. We have two in very different areas with very different items. The first is in the kitchen and has hammers, screwdrivers, screws, masking tape, etc. The second is in the lobby. Contains nail clippers, shoelaces, hand sanitizer, face masks, extra keys, etc.
  • Make sure everything has a place. For everything to be truly organized it needs a place to live and it must be brought back to that place so that others know where to find them.

Organize your work space at home: Many of us still work from home, my job is to offer full-time remote work, but I chose a hybrid model, which works two days a week. I find it necessary to be somewhat organized and disciplined to do the work from home successfully. Create a custom workspace. Try to get an adjustable desk so that you can stand as well, this also allows you to use any type of chair where your desk can adjust to your seat rather than the other way around. Wake up in time to make yourself look good. I make sure I’m always ready to make an outside call in case this happens. Make sure to be on time for calls and conference calls. Virtual meetings tend to start at the right time, and logging in a minute or two beforehand is helpful. And finally set up a zoom wall. I have a piece of art, a lamp, and a plant.