Seasonal Ciders at Elegast| Netherlands

Arjen Meeusem shares his story of living in Portland, Oregon and how a stop at Reverend Nat’s Hard cider to taste the cider inspired him to find out more about this niche market and its viability to make cider in the Netherlands.

Cider Chat episode 306 Arjen of Elegast Cidery

Arjen Meeuwsen outside the estate based cidery

Arjen and his business partners began their cidery in an old green house and then moved to their current location in a 250 square meter shed and utilize the outdoor space for storing their cider.

In 2022, the cidery is expanded with a new tasting room and expand production area just outside of Amsterdam set to be open in the summer.

Elegast’s goal is to use the rising interest in cider to help steer consumers to drink cider to help the orchards aka Drink Cider ~ Save Orchards!

Elegast Ciders and Seasonal Offerings

Elegast’s Saison Cider is a lovely frothy cider with a nod to Saison beers with a cider structure all its own.

Cider Chat episode306 Elegast Cidery

The goal is to balance the acidity and boost the profile so that there is enough mouthfeel to entice the drinker despite the lack of tannins in the current apples now growing in the Netherlands.

The cidery has access to old estate orchards with trees dating back to 1939, which is actually an Unesco Heritage Site marking the demarcation line and trenches used during the World War I.

All of Elegast Ciders can be drunk year round, but some might find your palate requesting them during select months.

Barrel Aged Ciders – Elegast has a range of barrel aged ciders that can be drunk in the winter and equally enjoyed by fans on a chilly spring, summer or fall evening.

Fruit Cider Series – Whole fruits are co-fermented and macerated to incorporate the taste and color of the skin and fruit

And excellent cider for the Spring and Summer

Terroir Series – Apples from specific orchards and allowed to ferment with the ambient yeast or what is often referred to as spontaneous yeasts

Contact for Elegast Cidery


Address: Hoorneboeg 4a, 1213 RE Hilversum, Netherlands

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