Newair Anniversary Series: Limited Edition Fridge Review

When it comes to the cider game and the number of reviews we have to do here at CiderScene HQ, we need the ultimate solution to keep these cider cans cold. While we do have fridges that we use for cider, we needed a fridge fully dedicated to our apple products. In our search, we were lucky enough to get our hands on Newair’s 20th-anniversary limited-edition mini-fridge and it is the perfect cider sample holder. With a small floor footprint and classic features, the fridge is a great pick-up for cider seekers! Let’s get into the nitty-gritty on how well this thing keeps our ciders cold and learn a bit more about these features.

Design & Features

If you are unfamiliar with Newair, they have a wide variety of products with sleek exterior designs. This model is no different when it comes to design – the double-paned glass pops from the sleek black frame. The cans inside are highlighted by the bright LED light and the adjustable shelves make it easy to switch from storing 12 oz cans to 16 oz cans, or even bottles. With the ideal setup, you can fit around 100 cans, but we have yet to try this arrangement out yet. When you want to change the temperature there is a simple to use set-and-forget thermostat that can get those ciders down to a chilly 37 degrees Fahrenheit.

All in all, the biggest reasons we love the fridge are its small floor space usage, clean design, and flexible storage options at a great price.


In regards to their claims on temperature, this one seems quite accurate. We have another mini-fridge that is similar in design and they keep ciders around the same temperature. They do have a 1-year warranty on new appliances as well so that function is backed by comfort. Moving shelves around are quite simple as there are a few different heights in the inside of the unit that you can place the shelves or remove them. After turning the fridge on and letting it cool down for 2 hours, we put the ciders in and they have stayed around the same temperature ever since. If that needs to be adjusted you can just slide the knob to your desired coldness. The same simple operation of the light switch on the top right inside of the unit will illuminate your cans and create a focal point for any bar or kitchen space.

Overall Impressions

For the price of the fridge, it is clean, crisp, and very functional. While it may not have high-end features, what is included in the price is more than adequate. If you have a tight space or want a nice value fridge behind the bar, this is the one for you!

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Product Part Details

Model: NBCA20BK00 | UPC: 810028284661