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Drink these all night and wake up hangover free. We guarantee it!

Hangoverfree Mocktail Signature Collection

Know what one of the worst part about drinking all night is? The hangover the next day. Sure, you may have had fun all night, having drink after alcoholic drink, but the next morning, you are likely not having fun at all. Hangovers are the worst! They definitely make you question your drinking habits. Luckily, we have the solution to those hangovers- the Hangoverfree mocktail.

Our Hangoverfree mocktail is delicious, refreshing and a little bit sweet. It is easy to make and super easy to drink. It even looks just like those cocktails you love to drink at the bar! The only difference is that our tasty beverage has no alcohol at all. It doesn’t need it! It has enough flavor that alcohol would just weigh it down.

What is a Hangover?

A hangover is the feeling that comes after drinking too much alcohol. You body is dehydrated, your blood alcohol content drops and you are left feeling weak, tired and extremely thirsty. Many hangovers come with headaches and dizziness. You may even feel shaky or have sever stomach pain. This all sounds awful!

How to Avoid a Hangover

The best way to avoid a hangover completely is to not drink alcohol. If you skip the alcohol, you will never have a hangover again in your life! Doesn’t that sound great?

Rather than drinking alcohol, stick to tasty mocktails, non alcoholic liqueurs or some nice tea. If you want to go out and party all night, you still can! Just order drinks that have lots of flavor and none of the alcohol. Our hangoverfree mocktail is just the drink for the job!

Hangoverfree Mocktail Recipe Signature Collection

Ingredients for a Hangoverfree Mocktail

Skipping alcohol doesn’t have to mean drinking boring drinks. Our hangover free mocktail proves that you can have a delicious drink without any kind of liquor at all. Here is what goes into our #hangoverfree drink.

  • Chopped Pineapple– use fresh chopped pineapple or canned, crushed pineapple. Both work well in this recipe and will give the drink the tropical, fruity taste you are looking for.
  • Grated Ginger– Grated ginger adds so much zest and spice to our drink. It is also super healthy for you. Skip the hangover and have a drink with ingredients that give you life!
  • Brown Sugar– Brown sugar adds a little sweetness to this tart drink. The rich, molasses flavor of brown sugar is unbeatable. It also melts right into the drink, making it sweet and smooth.
  • Lime Wedges– nothing beats the tangy, tart taste of fresh lime juice.
  • Club Soda– a little bit of club soda adds a nice fizz to the mocktail. Some people think a bubbly drink can be easier to sip. It can also make the drink look a little fancy.

All of these simple ingredients come together to make a drink that is so exciting, so flavorful, that you will never even think about having an alcoholic beverage. Why would you need one when the drink you have is so much tastier?

How to Make a Hangover Free Drink

Our hangover free drink isn’t hard to make. However, it does take a little bit of time. We let the mix sit and marinate to really get the flavors going. Take a quick look and you’ll see exactly what we mean.

  1. Add the pineapple, ginger, brown sugar and limes to a cocktail shaker and mash them well with a muddle. Really mash them up so the mix gets nice and juicy.
  2. Let the fruit mix sit in the cocktail shaker for a few minutes. The brown sugar will help pull the juice out of the fruits. You want it to be as juicy as possible!
  3. Add the ice to the cocktail shaker, cover and shake hard. You want your drink to be nice and cold.
  4. Use a strainer top to pour the mocktail into a glass. Add some extra fresh ice to the cup if you’d like and then top the drink with cold club soda.
  5. Enjoy right away!

Not only is this drink very flavorful but it also looks exactly like a “real” cocktail. Serve it in a martini glass for even more class.

You can drink as many of these hangoverfree beverages as you’d like. You will never get enough! Our recipe makes two drinks so mix it up, pour one into a glass and save the second drink in the cocktail shaker for later. You can pour and enjoy then pour and enjoy again!

Drink them all night without ever worrying what the next morning will bring. Goodbye hangovers. Forever. We will never, ever miss you.

Hangoverfree Mocktail Recipe - Signature Collection

Hangoverfree Mocktail Recipe – Signature Collection

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Prep time




  • Place the pineapple, ginger, brown sugar and lime wedges in a large cocktail strainer and muddle the mix together. Let the fruit sit for about 5 minutes to help extract the juice from the limes and pineapple.
  • Fill the cocktail shaker with ice, cover and shake for about a minute.
  • Fill two large glasses with ice and strain the pineapple juice mix into each glass.
  • Top the glasses with the club soda and add a lime wedge as a garnish. Enjoy while cold

Tips and Tricks

  • • Use lemon slices in place of lime for a new flavor.
    • Rim the glass in sugar for an extra sweet taste with every sip.
  • Tools:
    • Measuring Cup
    • Tablespoon
    • Muddler
    • Large cocktail shaker
  • Area of ​​Use:
    Cocktail hour, cocktail party, summer party, house party, garden party

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You Asked, We’re Answering

Have a few questions about our hangoverfree mocktail? Hopefully these frequently asked questions and answers will help! You can always ask a question down below, too! We will try to answer ASAP.

Is there a hangover free alcohol?

There is a non alcoholic drink called Sentia that claims to have the relaxing effects of alcohol without the hangover. The ingredients in the drink are designed to help target the same receptors in your brain that affects alcohol. It makes you feel calm, happy and sociable without needing any alcohol.

What helps a hangover ASAP?

Drinking lots of water is the best way to cure a hangover. Eating carbohydrates to increase your blood sugar is another way to fix the effects of a hangover. Have a coffee or tea along with some b vitamins. You can also take an Advil to help with the headaches. Next time, avoid the hangover completely by drinking non alcoholic drinks like one of our famous mocktails.

What’s the best alternative to alcohol?

Mocktails are our favorite alcohol alternatives. They are delicious, interesting and many are pretty easy to make. You can take any kind of cocktail out there and make it into a tasty, alcohol free mocktail.

There are some non alcoholic wines and beers on the market that you may want to try. However, if you are looking for lots of taste and drink diversity, mocktails are the way to go!