Good Nature Family Meet Up – Austin

“Good nature Family Meet up – Austin” is a new series of live events that will bring our commercial juicing community together for a few hours of networking, juice tasting, giveaways, discussions, and special guests!

We are kicking it off at The Well restaurant in downtown Austin on May 11, 2022.

The Well in Austin TX

Event Details

  • Hosted by: Charlie Wettlaufer, Co-Owner of Good nature, Host of The Cold Pressed Truth podcast.
  • Date: May 11, 2022
  • Time: 2pm – 5:30pm
  • Price: $20 – tickets on sale soon
  • Capacity: Limited to 60 attendees

Special Guests

Come and mingle with your favorite juicing people! For the first event, we will feature the following special guests:

  • Ari Sexner: World renowned chef and juicing expert, author of The Juicing Companion. Get your book signed by Ari!
  • Jordan Rosendale and Lauren Mattice: The juice industry’s favorite sisters, founders of JK Juices and the JK Collective.
  • Your favorite Good nature peeps, including Eric Wettlaufer (CEO) and Rob Frey (Marketing Manager)
  • More to come!

Juice Tasting – WJC Qualifier

Taste fresh, unique recipes from juice bars local to Austin and surrounding areas. Vote for your favorite- the winner will receive an invitation to compete in the next World Juicing Championship at JuiceCon!

Door Prizes

Good nature will be giving away some goodies, including:

  • Good nature swag – t-shirts, hats, etc.
  • Signed copies of the Juicing Companion
  • Online credit for juice equipment parts and accessories
  • Grand prize of two tickets to the next JuiceCon! (up to $1,600 value)

Good Nature Family Meet Up - Austin
Good Nature Family Meet Up – Austin

The Venue

The Well blends top-tier nutrition, local and sustainable farming, and authentic flavors for a breakthrough culinary experience that redefines healthy food in Downtown Austin.

The Well is part of the Good nature Family, serving some of the most delicious and freshest cold-pressed juice in Austin, as well as a full food and beverage menu. Yes, cocktails too!

Located on 2nd street in downtown Austin, it serves as a great starting point to explore Austin. Walking distance to restaurants, shopping, and hiking / biking trails along Lake Austin.

How to Attend

We will be selling tickets soon – make sure you are on our mailing list to get the notification.

Why we Created This Event

It’s been to painful cancelling Juice Con twice in a row. We can’t bear to be apart from our juicing family any longer! This is meant to be a semi-local event, and if it goes well we will host future events in other parts of the country later (see more info below).

Future Events

We will be planning future events in other parts of the country, and even internationally. Keep an eye out for a California event later this year, and a East Coast event after that.

Once travel resumes normalcy, we will likely be planning a few events internationally in the biggest juicing markets.


Haykin Family Ciders’ 2018 Method Ancestrale Ela Family Farms Cuvee

This week’s cider was part of a small birthday dinner for a dear friend. It still feels new to me to host little parties again, but it’s the most delicious kind of new. This time of year is perfect for it. I have more tomatoes than I’ve ever had access to in my life, and bread baking is very dinner-party friendly. Plus, my cider stores are rather brimming from all of the dinner parties I haven’t hosted for the past 18 months. This meal got accidentally planned around focaccia bread, the birthday lady’s caprese salad, and my desire to break into a bottle of Haykin Family Cider.

Haykin Family Cider comes to us from Colorado. The cidery is extremely well-decorated from many GLINTCAP wins over the years. The cidery was founded by Talia and Daniel Haykin in Aurora, Colorado. You can visit a tasting room, order Haykin Family Cider online or join the cider club. This cider was shared with me for review, but as always my opinions are my own.

I’ve only ever reviewed Haykin Family Cider’s Harrow Pear before:

You can visit the cidery online:

Here’s Haykin Family Ciders’ official description for the 2018 Method Ancestrale Ela Family Farms Cuvee.

A blend from Ela Family Farms, a fourth generation Colorado fruit grower, including Cox’s Orange Pippin, Ashmead’s Kernel, Jonathan, Golden Delicious and others. This sparkling cider boasts the character of pear, banana, cardamom, lime, and substantial minerality. This bottle was aged 15 months sur lees and disgorged by hand. This cider is semi-dry. 5% of sales of this cider goes back to Steve Ela and Ela Family Farms to help rebuild their orchard after a devastating frost. 7.9% ABV.

Appearance: Slightly hazy, gentle warm straw, bubbly

The Ela Family Farms Cuvée looks decidedly bubbly. I had to pour a second time to make sure we got enough cider and not just lovely frothy bubbles in our glasses. The color is gently warm straw; it isn’t intense. The cider is just a bit hazy and gets more so towards the end of the bottle.

Aromas: Mellow mineral, spices, ripe apple, lemon, honey

I’m expecting something mellow and structured based on what I smell in this cider. Immediately, I get notes of minerals, spices, ripe apples, lemon, and honey. My appetite is most decidedly whetted.

Sweetness/dryness: Semi-dry/semi-sweet

The level of sweetness on this cider surprised me. I thought it would be drier, but while this is semi-dry it’s nearly semi-sweet. Lots of fruit flavors are accessed through the cider’s sweetness.

Flavors and drinking experience: high tannins, medium high acid, woody, minerals, creamy

What a heavenly journey. This cider rolls across my palate with lushness and surprises. At first I was surprised by how near to a semi-sweet cider these tastes. The Ela Family Farms Cuvee follows that surprise with high tannins and medium acidity. I love the excellent sparkle that can only be obtained with the laborious Method Ancestrale. This cider gifts us notes of wood, minerals orange peel, banana, and ripe apple. I love little touches of bitterness that layer between the fruit flavors. The finish is creamy and perfumed. All in all, this cider is such a neat mix of gentleness and firm structure.

We paired this cider with herbed focaccia bread, caprese salad, sauteed zucchini and cauliflower, and veggieful pasta dish with feta. It was a full-flavored summery meal with a cider pairing well matched for the zesty bright garden flavors. What a treat!


Haykin Family Cider’s Reserve Niedzwetzkyana

Last Friday, I looked out my office window to see bright golden afternoon sunshine, an and by the time I made it to the front door, a snow squall was blowing through. We’ve entered the shifting and sporadic path to Winter. We’re not there yet, but it’s on the horizon. Though we cannot hibernate properly, I’m looking forward to some human hibernation-imitating activities. One of my favorites is holing up at home with dear ones, dear pets, a good meal and a good cider. Preferably followed by a movie. This past Saturday, I got to do exactly that.

Woody chose Haykin Family Cider’s Reserve Niedzwetzkyana for us. The vivid red color and the unfamiliar name were intriguing, and everyone in my house has loads of respect for everything Haykin Family Cider puts out. It’s a Colorado based cidery and family business, making truly exciting ciders that win loads of awards.

2018 Method Ancestrale Ela Family Farms Cuvee:

Harrow Pear:

I recommend visiting the cidery website to learn more:

Today I’m sharing my notes on Haykin Family Cider’s Reserve Niedzwetzkyana. This cider is a single-varietal from Niedzwetzkyana apples with 8.1% ABV. HEre’s the official description

Niedzwetzkyana is an ancient apple – originating from Central Asia, near the birthplace of all apples. One of the earliest red-flesh apples to exist, both the flesh and core are a striking shade of crimson. This highly aromatic drink leads with fresh, bright acidity followed by tart cherries, cranberries, light baking spices, chalky minerality and a soft, tannic finish. 100% Niedzwetzkyana apples grown by CiderView Orchards. This cider is dry.

Appearance: pink mousse, deep ruby ​​color, visible bubbles

Wow! This cider looks a stunner! It pours with a tall pink mousse—lots of foam that dissipates. I’ve almost never seen such a thing. The Reserve Niedzwetzkyana is beautifully and completely deep ruby ​​red, like the inside of a ripe strawberry in color. I can see plenty of bubbles as well. I’m so glad that Haykin Family Cider uses clear glass for this bottle. This cider deserves to be seen!

Aromas: minerals, dried fruit, autumn leaves, baking spices

The Reserve Niedzwetzkyana smells minerally with strong presences of dried fruit, autumn leaves, tea, and spices.

Dryness/sweetness: Dry

This cider is bone dry. You could use this cider as an emblematic example of a fully dry cider.

Flavors and drinking experience: tannic, brightly high acid, floral, cherry, bold

I am in awe. This cider is bold and different and delicious. At first, the Reserve Niedzwetzkyana tastes deep and low: a pow of tannins hits immediately. Then I start to perceive acids—strong, bright acids. I can taste sour cherry notes, but nothing about the cider is sweet. The overall impression I get is intensity that holds together well. The cider tastes Floral but bold, like bark more than like petals. This breaks all expectations of a rosé cider; nothing is pastel or gentle here. The cider is red and assertive, turned up to 11 but all-natural and balanced by fiat. I adore how adventurous it tastes; this is an everything-forward cider. And it’s delicious.

The Reserve Niedzwetzkyana brings an angular mouthfeel, medium viscosity and a high level of sparkle to the drinking experience. This is a cider to savor with something strong an creamy like a soft cheese with some funk and good sturdy wheat crackers.

What a treat!