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Hard Cider Myths

As popular as hard cider has become, establishing itself as a mainstream alternative to beer on menus and in stores, a lot of people still have misconceptions about it. These can be about everything from the state of the market to the effects of the drink. In this piece, we’ll look at some of the most common hard cider myths –– and debunk them so that everyone can enjoy cider that much more!

Cider Myth #1: Hard Cider is New

We’re sorry to tell you this, but it’s been around for longer than you might think. In fact, beloved brand Woodchuck–which has been at the heart of hard cider’s explosion in popularity in the US–has been around for 30 years! It’s just that it’s newly trendy in the last 10 or 12, leading many to feel that they’ve discovered something new. It’s okay everyone –– you’re just hopping abroad a great bandwagon! If you want to delve into the full history of hard cider, we have a piece on that, too.

Cider Myth #2: Hard Cider is Sweet

It isnt, for the most part. First of all, it’s nothing like the classic apple cider you get from the supermarket or your favorite pumpkin patch farm during the fall. While it’s true that ciders are fruit-based, they’re about as sweet as wine — which means there are sweet options along with bitter, sour options, and none of them are going to naturally reach dessert-level sweetness. That pretty much only happens when you seek out the flavored kinds. It also depends on the person. Two people can drink the very same cider and perceive it in two different ways, and those who decide it’s sweet will probably enjoy it more.

Cider Myth #3: Hard Cider Gives You Reflux

There are some who under the impression that drinking a are heavily carbonated alcoholic beverage causes acid reflux. The truth of the matter though is that causes of this are typically not so simple. Some of the actual identified causes include things like being overweight, smoking tobacco products, and drinking too much caffeine and/or alcohol, according to a guide to acid reflux by SymptomFind. Now, there is a possibility that if you’re already susceptible due to one of these underlying causes — or you’re drinking a lot — cider can be a trigger due to its acidity. But in these cases, cider is irritating your reflux more than causing it.

Cider Myth #4: Hard Cider Is A “Girly” Drink

We’ve written on article on if hard cider is a girly drink before. While it’s true that alcohol companies have started to market more products towards women, according to “Girly Drinks” by Mallory O’Meara, hard cider hasn’t been particularly over-marketed to any gender. Hard cider labeling tends to be completely neutral and doesn’t aim to persuade a certain group of people. Instead, it’s enjoyed by everyone who has tried and enjoyed cider. As with most alcoholic drinks, everyone has their own preference and tastes. Plus, the idea of ​​a “girly” drink is silly to begin with!

Cider Myth #5: All Hard Ciders Taste the Same

Hard ciders are traditionally made with apples, but even the type of apple can vary from brand to brand. Most hard cider companies have more than one variety of cider, and some of them aren’t even made from apples; look to Paste Magazine’s extensive ranking of some of the best ciders out there and you’ll see flavors like pear, honey, peach, raspberry, and more. The truth of the matter is that many fruits can be used to make cider as long as they’re fermented properly. This just means that you’ll have to try different brands and types of cider in order to find your favorite! We created a list of odd and unusual hard cider flavors for you to find some wacky ciders!

As hard cider becomes more popular, more brands and varieties continue to hit the market. Keep these debunked hard cider myths in mind as you go hunting for your favorite cider, and enjoy! Find hard cider near you and start drinking cider!