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The craze for energy drinks is still alive more than ever. A couple of decades ago, you may have trouble getting some brands that are produced abroad, but today, the world is your oyster.

And if you find yourself in Ireland, you won’t have to worry about getting your energy drink fix as you can order them online. You can even have the option of getting your orders delivered to your home.

In fact, this whole article is about honing your Irish luck when it comes to energy drinks! Mainly where to get them online, how to get them shipped, and what are the best energy drink brands available in Ireland.

Read on for more information!

What is the Most Popular Energy Drink in Ireland?

According to some studies in 2018, three brands dominated the Irish energy drink market. The top-selling energy drink brands include Red Bull, and Monster Energy, with Lucozade on the number one spot.

Other famous energy drinks in Ireland are Mountain Dew Energy, Club, BPM Energy, Boost, Relentless, 28 Black, and V. Majority of the best-selling brands are from three big companies—Red Bull Gmbh, Monster Beverage Corp., and Suntory Holdings Ltd.

Additionally, there are newer energy drink brands that are slowly becoming more widespread, like Zip Fizz and Rockstar.

Do People Buy Energy Drinks Online?

Yes, people buy energy drinks online even though they are not the best and quickest products to sell online. Truth is, energy drinks are even more difficult to market in e-commerce than other products.

Although that may be true, since the emergence of countless online selling platforms to provide convenience, consumers now opt to buy energy drinks from their preferred delivery or shopping apps.

Leading and even lesser-known brands of energy drinks can easily be ordered nowadays with just a few taps on your phone.

Packaging is probably one of the challenges that energy drink manufacturers face when selling energy drinks online. Energy drinks typically come in bulk packaging and are pretty heavy, they’re also fragile, considering aluminum cans are thin and malleable.

But despite these problems, the online energy drinks industry in Ireland is growing year by year.

Can Energy Drinks be Shipped?

It is indeed possible to have your energy drinks shipped. However, once carbonated drinks are shaken, the carbon at the top of the container can dissolve as gas bubbles and can be a little bit of a problem.

For that reason, once the shaken can is opened, large bubbles brewing will instantly rise and explode. With that in mind, despite the possibility of shipping your carbonated drinks, the procedures needed to be done to keep the drinks in the best condition are taxing.

Sending packages by shipping them means they will be tossed, moved, stacked, flown, and driven. On that note, your energy drinks will probably be shaken—a lot.

More importantly, it is a severe risk of a beverage exploding during a freight shipment. Hence, if you really need and want to ship them, it is advisable to create a double seal.

Additionally, it would be good to ship your carbonated beverages enclosed in a waterproof bag. Besides that, the packaging should be appropriately labeled and filled with packaging materials to secure the drinks.

Are you planning to drink only energy drinks? Don’t do it! Watch this video and treat it as a warning.

Is Monster Banned in Ireland?

Unfortunately for fans of the brand, four kinds of energy drinks were taken off the shelves in Ireland. The following include, The Ripper Juice Monster Energy + Juice, Lewis Hamilton Monster Energy, Espresso Monster Vanilla Espresso Triple Shot, and Espresso Monster Salted Caramel Triple Shot.

The Food Safety Authority of Ireland announced the decision, blaming it on high levels of propylene glycol in energy drinks.

Moreover, the notice applies to all batches of the energy drinks and the best before dates of the beverages.

Also, when you think about it, the caffeine content in a 16-ounce can of Monster is about 160 milligrams, which isn’t too bad given the FDA recommends no more than 400mg of caffeine per day.

However, even if that’s the recommended amount of caffeine, you should still heed your body’s warnings.

Adding the fact that caffeine varies from person to person; for some, 50-100mg of caffeine is enough to provide an energy boost.

A black can of Monster Energy
Don’t let its name scare you, Monster Energy is an awesome energy drink.

Where to Buy Energy Drinks Online in Ireland

If this is your first time ordering energy drinks online in Ireland, there are plenty of legitimate and convenient online shops you can check out.

Or, if you are simply looking for a new shop to try out, you will not go wrong ordering from these online stores, including:

Additionally, while online stores offer various brands of energy drinks, there are also brands of energy drinks that have online stores that sell (and export) only their products.

And some of which are,, and Guaranteed, you are in the right place if you shop for your energy drinks here.

Best Energy Drinks in Ireland

Energy drinks come in different packages and feature different flavors. Additionally, some are even packed with health benefits.

With that said, each energy drink is indeed brewed and formulated differently. And here are the cream of the crop among the extensive variations of energy drinks in the market:

Energy Drinks Sugar Caffeine
Zipfizz 0 g 100 mg
Lucozade 34g 36 mg
REIZE 0 g 50 g
Best Energy Drinks in Ireland


What’s not to love about Zipfizz? Besides having fewer calories and being sugar-free, this also has healthy ingredients.

To name a few, grape seed extract, potassium, and chromium are all included. With that in mind, you know that you are not harming your body when you consume this energy drink.

What is more, in taking this energy drink, you have to mix each serving with 250ml of water before drinking it.

Lucozade Energy drink

Lucozade Energy is another well-known energy drink brand in Ireland, and each 380ml bottle includes 36mg of caffeine. That seems like an acceptable price for an energy drink of this size.

Mainly, Lucozade is a fantastic energy drink to carry on the go. However, this may not work many wonders as a pick-me-up or a pre-workout drink.

More importantly, this energy drink contains 34.6 grams of sugar, which aids in mental performance.

REIZE Energy Drink (11/10)

Although the other energy drink brands are excellent, I believe REIZE Energy is an off-the-charts energy drink that is readily available in Ireland.

This is because REIZE is a powdered energy drink that you can combine with any 250ml of your favorite liquid. In detail, this comes in 4g and is ideal for drinking any time, anywhere.

Besides that, this energy drink has a moderate amount of caffeine (50mg). Not just that, but this is sugar-free.

Likewise, this drink contains a masterful combination of taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins. This combination will undoubtedly provide you with a long-lasting energy boost.

Best of all, this only contains 11 calories. Hence, worry not about a sugar crash or whether your diet will be altered when you use REIZE to power up.

On top of that, your REIZE energy drinks will be delivered to your door for around $1 each. Indeed an incredible value for money!

Reward yourself with REIZE!

A pack and a glass of REIZE Energy Drink
Did you know that you can mix REIZE with any beverage? An Irish friend of mine told me he likes to mix REZIE in his pint.

Other energy drinks you could look for as well:


In this age, fortunately, with just one search, numerous online stores in Ireland offer various brands of energy drinks that will appear on your gadget screens.

Hence, if you are in Ireland and in need of energy drinks for your workout sessions or to fuel you for a hectic schedule ahead, fret not about the hassle because your favorite–and even some new drinks to try, can be found in online stores in Ireland.

But no matter which brand you go with, you have to be careful with the amount of caffeine you consume. Keep it to one can a day, ideally!

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Best Vitamix Sales + Deals of 2022

The most used kitchen appliance in my home is my Vitamix. While searching for Vitamix sales, I stumbled upon a great deal that I couldn’t resist! I had no clue how important this high-speed blender would become on my wellness journey. I use my Vitamix blender to whip up healthy green smoothies, chop veggies for soups and salads and even blend my morning healthy coffee.

If you’ve gone through my Blenders for Smoothies article and thinking about upgrading your blender, I say go for it! Your health is worth it. Plus, I’ve never met anyone who’s regretted buying a Vitamix… have you? I’ll be updating this article with the latest Vitamix sales, so check back often if you’re looking to save money.

using a Vitamix blender in kitchen with spinach and bananas
Table of Contents
  1. Current Vitamix Sales in US
  2. Current Canada + UK Promos
  3. Types of Vitamix Blenders
  4. Black Friday Vitamix Deals
  5. Seasonal Sales Events
  6. Where to Buy a Vitamix

Current Vitamix Sales in US

Each month, Vitamix releases new sales that can include blenders from any of their blender lines. Here’s the most up-to-date Vitamix deals and sales:

If you live in the UK or Canada you can get a great deal on a Vitamix. The sales typically differ from the US ones, yet free shipping is included so that’s great!

Vitamix Blender Model comparision chart with warranty and price

Types of Vitamix Blenders

Deciding which type of Vitamix to purchase can be tough— there are 12+ models with a variety of features. I broke it all down below based on my own research and opinions in hopes it can help you decide which one to purchase.

Ascent Series (A2300, A2500, A3300, A3500): Top of the line blenders with 2.2 peak horsepower, compact container, have “self detect technology” to identify which container you’re using, and automatically adjust blending settings accordingly. Ascent series has the largest accessory line including blending bowls (hummus, nut butters, salad dressing), single serve cups (smoothies on the go), and a food processor. Has a 10-year warranty.

Venturist (V1200 .)): Blender series made for Costco, yet sold online through as the Reconditioned Venturist. Features and accessory line are similar to the Ascent Series, and only sold as reconditioned on 2.2 peak horsepower. Has a 5-year warranty.

Legacy (Pro Series 750, 7500, 5300, and 5200 .)): Classic Vitamix blender line with some of the highest-rated blenders. Horsepower ranges from 2.0-2.2 and container size varies depending on the blender model. Has very few accessories. Has a 7-year warranty.

Explorian (E310): Entry level blender with 2.0 horsepower, compact container, very few features and just a couple of accessories like a personal cup adaptor. Has a 5-year warranty.

Vitamix One: Starter blender for small spaces (RVing, college dorm, NYC apartment) with a lower price point. Great for making smoothies, yet can’t do soups or nut butters (it will void the warranty). accessories. Has a 2-year warranty.

Certified Reconditioned: All types of blenders that have been returned for a variety of reasons, inspected with a 17-point check list and repackaged at a fraction of the price. This is where you get the crazy good deals! Comes with a 3-5 year warranty.

Black Friday Vitamix Deals

Vitamix opens their Black Friday sale on Thanksgiving Day and runs it all weekend. It’s often called a “cyber weekend sale” and you can see last year’s deals below.

Cyber ​​Weekend Sale: One of the best times to buy a Vitamix is ​​during their annual Cyber ​​Weekend Sale. In 2021, their sale started Tuesday, November 25 and went through Tuesday, November 30th and they had a $50 Vitamix One, $40 off Stainless Steel Container and $170 off the Certified Reconditioned Venturist V1200.

Seasonal Sales Events

Throughout the year, Vitamix has some great sales on all of their blenders. I never actually know what sales they will do until a few weeks before. Yet I saved last years Vitamix deals to give you some idea of ​​what you can expect throughout the year. I’ll be updating this article when I have concrete details and will send an email when there’s a great deal. So make sure you’re on my newsletter to get those Vitamix flash sale updates.

Flash Sales: While Vitamix Flash Sales are lightening fast, you can save BIG on a specific blender or accessory only while supplies last (they don’t last long). We try to send emails out for these awesome sales, so make sure you’re on our newsletter list!

st. Patrick’s Day: The Reconditioned V1200 blender was on sale from 3/17-3/19, 2021.

Spring Sale: This was a month-long event that took place from April 14-May 14, 2021. It included $50 off all Legacy + Ascent blenders. This could be a great time to look for a new blender for you or a family member for Mother’s Day, wedding showers, baby showers, birthdays and more.

Summer Sale: This was a great sale— $240 off one of my favorites blenders, the 7500. This flash sale started on July 29, 2021.

Vitamix Days: In 2021, Vitamix hosted a Vitamix Days sale Sept 22-24, 2021. They included several blenders, the Food Cycler, Immersion blender, several containers and more in this big sale.

Holiday Sale: This typically runs for about one month during November/December and includes their Black Friday, Cyber ​​Weekend and Container Sale. During this holiday season, you might see $50-$75 off new blenders as well as specific blender sales at steeper discounts. Flash attachment + accessory sales happen throughout the month too.

Container Sale: All full-sized containers go on sale during this 2-day sale, including the Stainless Steel Container (it was $50 off!). This sale took place Dec 7-9, 2021.

gorgeous berries in a blender with a glass of red smoothie beside it

Where to Buy a Vitamix

While you can buy directly from the website, you can also score deals on these wonderful appliances through a few different stores. I’m listing my favs below:

  • Costco sells reconditioned 7500s or 5200 Standards for a great price. I see them hit shelves a few times a year, always at a discount.
  • Sam’s Club also sells reconditioned 7500s or 5200 Standards for a great price. You get a brand new appliance that will hold up to daily use for an affordable price.
  • Amazon puts different Vitamix blenders on their Daily Deals page for flash sales throughout the year. It’s pretty random and won’t necessarily be the exact machine you want, so check in on a regular basis if you want to snag one here.
  • Williams and Sonoma has the latest and greatest from Vitamix. You might be in search of a blender for your daily smoothies, yet there are attachments for a variety of kitchen tasks. Plus, if you’re looking for a beautiful appliance to grace that countertop, Williams and Sonoma has limited edition colors and styles to fit.
  • is probably the best place to get your blender… and all the accessories to go with it. They also offer stellar support answering all your questions have a great warranty and even have their own rewards program.

Vitamix Sales FAQs

When’s the best time to buy a Vitamix?

During a flash sale, you can save the most money on a Vitamix blender. Yet there’s no guarantee when that will be. Yet in the past, July and November have had big Vitamix sales, so that might be the best time to check. Even if you can’t wait for a great sale, you can always save $100+ on a Certified Reconditioned Vitamix anytime.

What is the best Vitamix for the price?

It really depends on your needs. My top 3 are the Pro 750, 7500 and the A3500. The perk to getting the A3500 is that they will continue to add on to their accessory line. The other blenders are cheaper, but won’t be expanding their features or accessories. Check out Costco, Amazon, and for deals on these appliances throughout the year.

How can I get a discount on a Vitamix?

I provide details on the best Vitamix sales throughout the year through my newsletter list (where I also share smoothie recipes too). I suggest signing up there so you’ll be notified of any great deals quickly so you can snag it.

Are any blenders comparable to a Vitamix?

Check out my Blenders for Smoothies article where I break down the pros and cons of a ton so fblenders to help you see what’s the same and what’s different.