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On Tuesday, March 8, we observe International Women’s Day. As a Women Owned company, Living Juice takes pride in its roots and celebrates all of the women who brighten our days, sharpen our minds, and continue to inspire us in every capacity.

International Women’s Day has been observed, though not always widely, since the beginning of the 20th century. In 1908, women began to take to the streets to contest disparities in working hours, pay, and voting rights. 15,000 women marched through New York City streets to defend their rights to equality.

1909 marked the first year that International Women’s day was observed. Called National Women’s Day, it was celebrated on February 28th in accordance with the Socialist Party of America.

The holiday went global in 1911, when a decision at the International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen decreed that every year in every country a celebration would commence on the same day to press for their demands. The 100 women in attendance from 17 countries representing assorted socialist parties, working women’s clubs, and labor unions agreed to the decision unanimously. Austria, Denmark, Germany, and Switzerland all celebrated the holiday on the 19th of March. Just 6 days later on March 25th, the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in New York City drew even more attention to the plight of women regarding labor conditions and beyond.

In 1975, the United Nations celebrated International Women’s Day for the first time. Two years later in December of 1977, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution officially proclaiming a United Nations Day for Women’s Rights and International Peace to be observed on any day seen fit by member states.

In 2001, the internet boom saw women’s issues come back to the forefront. The domain was launched to bring life back into the holiday, making the achievements of women visible for the world to see. The website provides essential resources and guidance for championing gender equality. Each year, new campaign themes for the global IWD website are developed for a worldwide audience. Further, the website serves as a charity vehicle: in 2020 a six-figure sum was fundraised, with 100% of the donations going to charities like the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts and Catalyst Inc.

Attitudes are changing, but there is a long way to go in the fight for gender parity. Get involved, donate to fundraisers, and engage in conversation. At the very least, celebrate the women in your life whether they are CEOs, coworkers, friends, role-models, or mothers. None of us would be here without them!

Happy International Women’s Day!

Energy Drink

How Much G Fuel Can You Drink Per Day? (Facts) – REIZECLUB

straight answer: You should never take more than two scoops of G Fuel Powder per day.

While adding more scoops might give you more power for a game, you’re more vulnerable to caffeine-related side effects as well. And this is what you want to avoid at all costs.

This energy drink has only 25 calories, 0g of sugar, and 150mg of caffeine on a single scoop. It also contains common nutrients like sodium, taurine, and vitamins.

In this article, I’ll be mostly sharing information about these specific ingredients inside a G Fuel tub with you. In contrast, if you’re looking specifically for G Fuel cans, you can read this article next. But then again, their contents don’t really differ that much.

Now, let’s dive in!

G Fuel Nutrition Facts

Just to give you a quick overview, check this table below. I’ve listed here the contents you’ll get from a single scoop of G Fuel along with the amount in the canned version.

G Fuel Typical Values ​​per Standard Serving (7g) 16 fl oz.
Energy 25 calories 0 calories
Fat (Of which Saturated) 0g
0g (0g)
Carbohydrate (Of which Sugars) 5g
Sodium 79mg 70mg
Caffeine 150mg 300mg
Vitamin C 250mg 4mg
Vitamin E 15IU (International Units)
Vitamin B3 (Niacin) 45mg 4mg
Vitamin B6 10mg 0.4mg
Vitamin B12 425μg 0.6µg
Vitamin C 45mg
Nutritional Information of G Fuel

Ingredients of G Fuel

G Fuel has probably one of the most extended ingredients lists. The good thing about this is the manufacturer listed them by category. Therefore, if you’re not familiar with a specific element, you’ll already have an idea of ​​what is it for.

Under its Energy Complex are:

  • Taurine
  • L-Citrulline Malate
  • Caffeine
  • Glucuronolactone
  • N Acetyl L-Tyrosine HCI
  • Adenosine 5 Triphosphate Disodium Salt (ATO)
  • Toothed Clubmoss
  • Aerial Parts Extract
  • Bacopa Leaf Extract

Focus Complex:

  • L – Tyrosine
  • Choline Bitrate
  • N Acetyl L-Tyrosine HCI
  • Adenosine 5 Triphosphate Disodium Salt (ATO)
  • Aerial Parts Extract
  • Bacopa Leaf Extract
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Maleic Acid
  • Maltodextrin
  • Citric Acid
  • Pineapple Fruit Powder
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • Silicon Dioxide
  • Acesulfame Potassium
  • Sucralose
  • Fruit and Vegetable Juice
  • Beta Carotene
G Fuel ingredients
And a bunch of Antioxidants Complex.

G Fuel Caffeine Content

As you can see, two scoops of G Fuel can give you 300mg of caffeine. If you don’t need that much caffeine, you can always mix only one scoop. On the other hand, one can of G Fuel already has 300mg caffeine.

While this amount is still safe, according to the FDA, they also suggest that you have to keep your caffeine intake at only 400mg a day. This could already justify why you should not drink beyond two scoops of it.

I do prefer the flexibility the scoops provide since I’m able to control my caffeine intake more. The 300 mg in the canned version is just too much for me already and high amounts of caffeine can lead to these symptoms of caffeine overdose:

  • Anxiety
  • Dizziness
  • Insomnia
  • Abnormal heart rate
  • Dehydration
  • Headaches
  • Restlessness and shakiness
  • Stomach problems

Caffeine only takes 15 minutes to work in your system, but it doesn’t exit your body until after ten-twelve hours. You may not feel the lift from it anymore, but that doesn’t mean you’re ready again for another mix.

If you’re feeling weak, you can still get energy by eating proper meals. Aside from that, there are natural ways to gain energy without relying much on energy drinks. Watch this:

Nothing can beat the basics and the natural.

G Fuel Sugar Content

G Fuel is completely sugar-free! But for it to achieve its tropical and sweet taste, it has to use artificial sweeteners. These sweeteners are said to be a better option compared to natural sugar.

The artificial sweeteners in G Fuel are sucralose and acesulfame potassium. According to this article, both artificial sweeteners have no calories and are FDA-Approved. Therefore, they should be good for your diet.

Sugar Free Label.
Free from a sugar crash.

However, despite being safe, this shouldn’t be a reason for you to take G Fuel as much as you like. And that’s the same as any product that uses artificial sweeteners.

If you do, you might suffer from overconsuming, which could eventually turn to obesity or, worse, even diabetes. Besides, there are still no clear long-term impacts of artificial sweeteners on our health.

What Should Be Your Age To Drink G Fuel?

It would be best if you were no less than 18 years old. If you’re younger than that, I’d say you have to wait to become an adult before you try drinking G Fuel.

Minors can technically take up to 100mg of caffeine, but it’s not recommended that they take caffeine at all since children and adolescents have a higher chance of adverse effects from energy drinks. These effects include Palpitations, sleeping problems, headaches, and seizures.

In addition, pregnant and lactating women are not advised to take caffeine too since it could deter the development of the fetus.

What Happens If I Drink G Fuel Every Day?

Of course, you’ll experience physical improvement and enhanced focus every day. Don’t forget the antioxidants that can strengthen your immune system and improve your memory.

While I think one serving is safe every day, if you’re not used to it, your body might suffer from caffeine withdrawal. This takes effect for the next 12-24 hours, especially if you’re used to taking caffeinated drinks.

That said, if you’re going for the canned version, you should consume it once in a few days only since it has higher caffeine content.

Is G Fuel Healthier Than Monster?

Energy drinks cannot really be considered a healthy product. However, judging from the Monster and G Fuel contents, I would say that G Fuel is the better option. Take a look at this short table:

Content G Fuel (1 Scoop) Monster
Caffeine 150mg 160mg
Calories 25 210
Sugar 0g 54g
G Fuel and Monster Comparison.

While the one can of Monster gives you a moderate amount of caffeine, that’s not the case when it comes to sugar. As you may know, only up to 30g of sugar is safe for a healthy adult. Therefore, if you go with Monster, there’s a high chance you’ll experience sugar crashes.

Also, Monster’s calorie content is much higher than what G Fuel has. On the other hand, even if you take two scoops of G Fuel, its sugar content won’t change.

However, if you take two scoops of G Fuel, its caffeine content will double too. That’s why you should always consider how much you’re consuming and what substances you’re getting.

Alternative Energy Drink to G Fuel

If you’re open to exploring other options, I’ve got a few suggestions for you.

Ghost Gamer

Ghost Gamer is free of gluten and sugar. Every two scoops of this powdered refreshment contain 150mg of caffeine. Besides caffeine, it has an enormous heap of power enhancements to help you with your daily goals or obligations.

Generally, Ghost Gamer can provide many other advantages to your body. You can also have it as a pre-workout drink since it has Caffeine, L-Tyrosine, and taurine, all energy boosters.

Besides giving you energy, it has water, coconut content, and B Vitamins that could help your body rehydrate. It also has B Vitamins that would assist with keeping you alert while you focus on your games.


X-Gamer has supplements and multivitamins. Some are great for your mental performance, particularly its nootropic amino substance.

Regarding its caffeine content, it can give you 200mg of caffeine per sachet. Then again, it doesn’t contain any sugar and has a couple of calories.

Generally, X-Gamer is an extraordinary caffeinated drink with different flavors. It likewise has many supplements, including taurine, L-Tyrosine, vitamins, and sodium.

I like the way its nootropic substance helps the body and causes you to perform better. Likewise, you shouldn’t take more than one pack of X-Gamer caffeinated drinks each day to avoid side effects.

For me, REIZE is a much better-powdered energy drink than G Fuel. It’s fresh and fizzy and I love that it comes in handy 4g sachets that I can take with me anywhere.

REIZE has 50 mg of caffeine that is guaranteed to give you a solid energy boost without all the pesky side effects.

It also has a bunch of micronutrients such as taurine, ginseng, and B Vitamins, which ensure that you achieve peak mental and physical performance. In addition, REIZE contains a low 11 calories and no sugar, making it suitable for all kinds of diets and lifestyles.

Reize Energy Drink Sachet
Reize Energy Drink

You can get REIZE for only around $1 per sachet and you can even have your orders delivered straight to your door.

Try REIZE now!

Other Notable Mentions:

The Bottom Line

G Fuel has only a few calories and doesn’t contain any sugar making it a good energy drink for your everyday tasks. Just remember to limit yourself to one scoop a day. Besides, its 150mg caffeine content per scoop is pretty decent compared to other energy drinks.

That said, the caffeine content is pretty concerning if you plan to drink the G Fuel canned version. More so if you’re not used to drinking that amount of caffeine regularly.

That’s why always make sure to read the label of a serving carefully. Remember to check the number of maximum scoops per serving as well.

That’s for your safety. Lucky for you, energy drinks makers make that a priority!


World Cider Day! – The Ciderologist

Happy World Apple Cider Day!

Yes, like you, I did not brilliantly realize that the somewhat pseudo-date of June 3rd had been assigned this honor. It’s (and for once I’m not kidding) neatly located between the day of roast chicken and the hug of your cat’s day. But, any occasion that champions the wonderful world of cider is for me, so I’m going to celebrate by opening a 2015 refrigerated bottle of Eric Bordelet Poiré. cheers!

The celebration of world cider this weekend is so touching that I have been brought back home over the past week with the wonders of the people and products of the global community. I had the privilege of coordinating the International Cider Contest at the Royal Bath & West Show which was held in Shepton Mallet, Somerset. Entries were received from Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, Canada, Spain, Poland, the Netherlands and Ireland. And it was a bottle of cider fermented across the Irish Sea that took home the top champ award. Warm congratulations to the dedicated folk at the Johnny Falldown Cider in County Cork on the Wild Apple Bouché Cider. This was a beautifully balanced, naturally sparkling wine juice made with fruit from a tree that is over 100 years old. She was fertile, and she really deserved the championship.

Willie Smith of Tasmania, Australia, was awarded the Reserve Champion for the Kingston Black SV, very convenient given that the competition was held only 30 miles from the site of origin of this venerable variety of apple. The gold medals were also awarded to a fine selection of ciders, which reached a full range of flavors and styles. Notable, to me, is a barrel of Pinot Noir ripe with cider from Nomad Cider in British Columbia, Canada, and Natural Sidra from El Gaitero in Asturias, Spain. A full list of medal winners can be found here on the Royal Bath and West website.

Oftentimes here, in Ciderland, I feel like we take our wonderful heritage, timeless orchards and wonderful ciders for granted. I wonder if we’ve gotten a little more satisfied with some of our cider offerings. I often find many advocates of cider in the UK to be rather mediocre – average in colour, tannin levels, acidity, sweetness, complexity and fruity. I must say there is nothing more disappointing than seeing “medium sweetness and excellent cider” on the shelf. We have the opportunity to create cider with this boldness, intensity, and subtlety, but simplicity seems to be the order of the day.

Western cider and fruit culture is the envy of other parts of the world and revered in a high degree of reverence, with many viewing Royal Bath and West Shaw as the pinnacle of succulents. That is why some producers have made a pilgrimage to the show for several years. Angry Orchard’s Ryan Burke has been coming to the show since 2010, while ANXO co-founder Sam Fitz first attended in 2015. They were both at Shipton again, but this year they’ve brought their own teams with them, spreading their love of cider to the next. A generation of world cider champions. It is always a pleasure to spend time with such knowledgeable and passionate people.

It’s this immersion in “Old World” cider culture, combined with the progressive fermentation and processing skills that enable “New World” cider makers to make such a wonderful beverage. I had the opportunity to take on stage at the fair telling the assemblers the great and the good about the International Cider Contest, great selection of drinks and standard quality. I used my platform to launch a metaphorical grenade by commenting that in my view some of the best ciders made around the world were actually coming from outside the western country. My assertion was, rather nicely, met with some pretty cool party boos. I was surprised to be allowed into the viewing area the next day!

There are some who think that I no longer like ciders in the UK because of my advocacy of ciders a lot from elsewhere in the world. This, of course, is the absolute poppy plant. For me, nothing would be able to beat a new season, Thorne Berry made a little sparkling at the sight of My Hill; Two-year-old Yarlington Mill, or Ashton Bitter Dry-fermented Mill and Bone. My passion for cider and berries stems entirely from the orchard culture at The Shire. My love for this place and this tradition is what drives me every day.

It just so happens that many interesting conversations and movements within the global cider world happen outside of these shores. I’m a little curious and want to see what happens. But, rest assured, UK cider is starting to get the mojo back. Events like The Cider Salon and The MA Cider Summit, and cheese and cider pairing events from cool people like The Cellarman take things to the next level.

And finally… It was great to see Jackie Denman, founder of The Big Apple in Herefordshire, receive the prestigious Gold Medal from the Royal Bath and West Society for nearly 30 years of her dedication to celebrating orchards, varietals, ciders and berries made in Markle Ridge parishes. in Herefordshire. Bravo Jackie!



20 Vegan Appetizers for Game Day

This image has an empty alt attribute;  Its file name is vegan-appetizers-game-day-snacks-party-food-plant-based-gluten-free-1.jpg

If you’re planning a party, I’ve got the best game day snacks, holiday appetizers and handy foods for your big event. These 20 vegetarian appetizers are sure to satisfy a crowd as well as cater to a variety of dietary needs your guests may have. Food is meant to be enjoyed, and vegan party food is no different!

I’ve divided my recipes into sweet and savory types, depending on what you need. Be prepared to share these recipes with your guests; Hmm that’s good!

vegan party food

Sharing good food with good friends is my passion. There’s nothing quite like making a recipe that I make I know Others will enjoy. So rest assured that the vegetarian appetizers below are part of the Thanksgiving spread, New Year’s snacks, Easter brunches, and Game Day snacks.

The term vegan applies to people who do not eat or make food that comes from animals. Some vegans don’t buy or use animal products either. If you make vegan food, the most common foods to avoid are eggs, honey, and dairy products. I have tons of delicious vegan alternatives like flax eggs, vegan sour cream, dairy-free Parmesan, alternative sweeteners, and more on the blog.

I am not a vegetarian – I follow a vegan diet. Which I found the most liberating way to eat and my passion.

Delicious snack game a day

I have a variety of vegetarian appetizers to help you wow your party guests. Hot dishes, cold dishes – you name it, you’ve got it!

Crispy Tofu Nuggets

These vegan tofu chunks are packed with protein and an amazing crunch. Secret Sauce shreds pressed tofu to have jagged edges that help create crispier nooks and crannies so your favorite dipping sauce will cling. Try using an air fryer for an equally delicious nugget!

make recipe

Tofu Nuggets recipe
Homemade hummus

With this recipe on hand, you’ll never need store-bought hummus again! Besides the iron-rich chickpeas, we’ve included plenty of fresh, lively herbs to add even more vitamins and minerals to this herbal hummus.

make recipe

Homemade hummus
Avocado Caprese Salad

It is very difficult to put a fresh fresh tomato in the garden and still warm from the sun, but this is very close. Creamy avocado stands up to the cheese in this Avocado Caprese Salad. We don’t think you will miss it.

make recipe

Avocado Caprese Salad
Stuffed Portobello Mushroom

This stuffed portobello mushroom recipe is easy enough for a delicious weekend dinner and unique enough for your next dinner party. Mediterranean-inspired flavors are featured in these beautiful mushroom caps.

make recipe

Stuffed vegetarian portobello mushroom
Buffalo cauliflower wings

I’ve never been a fan of chicken wings – but I love the spicy and spicy flavour! I was so excited when this vegan recipe got to work. Welcome to the world of buffalo cauliflower wings!

make recipe

Recipe for vegan buffalo cauliflower wings
Tamari Almonds

Tamari, the deeper-flavored cousin of soy sauce, goes great with roasted almonds. Each handful will satisfy the craving for a crunchy, salty snack. One batch of almond tamari is enough for the whole week, but feel free to make several batches to keep on hand for an easy and nutritious snack.

make recipe

Healthy snack for kids
Fresh vegetable potato salad

Put aside the traditional potato salad! A new version is in town and it’s delightful. Try this vegan potato salad at your next gathering and be ready to share the recipe!

make recipe

Thai lettuce rolls

When I became a vegetarian at 16, one of the meals I missed the most was chicken lettuce wraps from my favorite Chinese restaurant. This Thai lettuce wrap recipe is inspired by those, but this dish adds plenty of nutrition and flavor to make me a happy vegetarian.

make recipe

Vegetarian Noodle Salad

This refreshing pasta salad is a great light lunch or delicious side for dinner. Take her to the beach and bask in the sunset for the ultimate summer night.

make recipe

cold pasta salad

Sweet snacks game day

If you’re looking for a vegan appetizer of the sweet variety, I’ve got you covered! Check out these delicious recipes:

Sweet fried plantain

My move to Florida introduced me to a beautiful food culture in Latin America. I instantly fell in love with the aromas and flavors of Latin cuisine especially with sweet fried bananas. It’s easy to prepare and super fun as a fun side dish or a light dessert. Feel free to dress it up however you like and enjoy my Latin inspired version.

make recipe

healthy zucchini bread

A fun bread the whole family can enjoy (and help make!). I love that this bread has a full cup of veggies, and that it’s vegan…even though you can’t even tell!

make recipe

Healthy zucchini bread ready to eat
Chocolate covered banana slices

Grab a friend and drink these delicious snacks. Chocolate covered banana chunks are very easy to make, and so much fun!

make recipe

Light vegetarian recipe
Rice Krispy Treats Recipe

This Rice Krispy recipe uses whole plant foods from brown rice to almond butter. Not only will you find more protein and fiber, but the flavor will amaze you as well.

make recipe

Crispy rice recipe for a healthy snack for kids
Healthy Caramel Apple Sauce

I hope you’re sitting down because this healthy caramel dip will blow your mind! This sauce is made with all-natural, vegan ingredients and is free from added sugar (no corn syrup!). Use it as a dip, dip, sauce, stuffing, or just eat it with the spoon.

make recipe

Fat lemon bombs

Fatty lemon bombs, or melting pots, make a quick afternoon snack. I must warn you – you really have to love lemon to enjoy these tart desserts.

make recipe

vegan chocolate chip cookies

These are simply the best vegan chocolate brownies around! We’ve given them another upgrade by adding toasted coconut (you can buy it or make it) and toasted almonds for extra flavor and crunch. Use your favorite dark chocolate chips and bake a batch or two. They make great gifts and store well in the freezer when cravings hit them.

make recipe

vegan chocolate chip cookie recipe
pumpkin chia pudding

Celebrate fall with this quick, protein-packed snack. Pumpkin Chia Pudding tastes great and the perfect amount of sweetness. Treat it as a dessert, a snack, or a light breakfast.

make recipe

Peanut Butter Fudge – 4 Dessert Ingredients!

You’ll definitely want to include this vegan peanut butter dessert on your holiday menu this year. This decadent recipe is easy to prepare and provides a beautifully rich treat. Plus it’s only 6 ingredients!

make recipe

peanut butter fudge
Gluten Free Fudge Brownies

The thick, luscious brownies that just happen to be vegan and gluten-free. (No one will ever be able to tell!) Filled with delicious chocolate flavor and great texture, this Fudgy Gluten-Free Brownie recipe truly hit the spot.

make recipe

Gluten-free brownies recipe
Tender ginger biscuits with chocolate chips

These tender gingerbread cookies are naturally gluten-free. The warm ginger flavor shines through thanks to both dried ground ginger and freshly grated ginger. The second best part might just be the pockets of dark chocolate in every bite. This will definitely become a favourite!

make recipe

Gluten Free Vegan Ginger Biscuits with Chocolate Chips | #vegan #glutenfree #cookies

Anyone hungry yet? I’m a defender looking forward to the next time I can crack a few of these gems. Whether you need savory or sweet, warm or cold, I have vegan food suitable for any scenario.

vegetarian Appetizer game questions and answers

What snacks do vegetarians eat?

all types! Salad isn’t the only solution when making an animal-free dish. Buffalo cauliflower and chickpeas with vegetables, crackers, cake, and more can easily satisfy a variety of eaters.

What is the most popular food for vegetarians?

Feel free to make a vegetarian dish. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, grains, pasta, tofu, etc. can easily decorate your table.

How do you meet the needs of a vegetarian guest?

“Vegan” food doesn’t have to be exotic, tricky, or difficult to prepare! Check out this blog for vegan appetizers that thousands of foodies have approved.

If you need more vegetarian appetizer inspiration, follow along Stephanie what , Jenny From SweetPotatoSoul, Megan From Detoxinista and Yasmin From SweetSimpleVegan for incredibly delicious vegan recipes.


Valentine’s Day Mocktails – Best 5 Recipes

Valentine’s Day is coming up and you need to get ready with some delicious mocktail recipes. Valentine’s day is often celebrated with chocolate, great food and fancy drinks. We can definitely help you with the “fancy drink” part! We have tons of perfect mocktail recipes that will make your Valentine’s Day complete.

From fruity pink and red drinks to rich chocolate creations, there is something on our list for everyone this holiday. Take a look at all our incredible Valentine’s day mocktails and see which you will mix up first!

Valentine's Day Mocktails
Valentine’s Day Mocktails

Flavors for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is all about love, indulgence and decadence. It is a day when it is okay to enjoy rich desserts and tempting treats you may usually try to avoid. We tried to keep this in mind when considering which mocktail recipes to put on our Valentine’s day list.

There are also a few flavors and ingredients that are traditional on Valentine’s day. We want to have mocktail recipes that include these ingredients or paired well with foods classically served on Valentine’s Day. Take a look at these traditional Valentine’s day foods and flavors:

  • Chocolate
  • Champagne
  • Steak
  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Oysters
  • Caramel
  • Cheese

While you may not want a mocktail that has oysters floating inside (yuck!), you may very well want a non alcoholic drink that tastes good next to salty oysters. We can help you mix up tasty mocktails that go with all your favorite Valentine’s Day foods!

Valentine's Day Mocktails - Best 5 Homemade Recipes

Fun Drinks for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a great day to make challenging drinks that may have a few extra steps in the directions. You want to prove your love and investing your time to make a “hard” drink is a great way to do just that! Show the ones you love that they are well worth your time and effort!

A few of the drinks on our list may take a little bit of time or include a few fancier ingredients in the recipe. Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show off your mixologist skills! Don’t shy away from the recipes that have multiple steps. Just be sure to read everything over, plan ahead and have your mocktail plan ready for Valentine’s Day!

Champagne for Valentine’s Day

We are big believers that alcohol is not needed on holidays (or ever!). However, Valentine’s day often features bottles of champagnes and red wines. While we would rather try our hand at mixing tasty mocktails and skip the wines all together, there are a few good non alcoholic wines and non alcoholic champagnes on the market.

champagne for Valentine's Day

Check out this ultimate list of non alcoholic drinks that you can buy in almost any liquor store. The alcohol free champagne may be just what you are looking for this Valentine’s Day. A bottle of non alcoholic red wine will taste great with your steak dinner and chocolate dessert.

Top 5 Mocktail Recipes for Valentine’s Day

Here are a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day drinks. We tried to get a good mix of tasty options for everyone. From fruity drinks to rich chocolate mocktails, there is surely something here that both you and your valentine will love!

Clean Mary Mocktail - Signature Collection

Clean Mary Mocktail

Oysters are a traditional Valentine’s day food that you may want to pair with our Clean Mary drink. Oysters and a spicy bloody Mary are a classic combination. Our Clean Mary is just as spicy but without any of the unnecessary alcohol. It is delicious with almost any kind of seafood!

We also love serving the Clean Mary on Valentine’s day since it is the perfect shade of red. That healthy tomato juice is a brilliant color that suits the holiday perfectly!

Plan to make one of these incredible Valentine’s Day mocktails this year. They will help make your Valentine’s day festive, perfectly themed and full of love. Let us know which drinks you try! And happy Valentine’s Day.


How to Conquer a Thanksgiving Day 5k – Drink Living Juice

Buckle up, Thanksgiving is on its way. For most people, this means a hearty feast with close friends or family. For others (perhaps more enthusiastic), Thanksgiving Day includes a 5km morning run, or “5km” as it is casually referred to. This is the American way to gain calories in the later afternoon.

5 kilos isn’t necessarily a small feat. Without the proper training and preparation, 3.1 miles can be a daunting endeavor. So, even though the 8-day notice might not be long enough to train properly, you can use this general framework the next time you decide to shoot for a race around the 5k mark.

run- O2 Living Blogs For Makers Of Cold-Pressed Organic Fruit And Vegetable Juice

The table below is made for beginners, so it assumes that your ability to basically run is virtually non-existent. Feel free to increase your mileage or speed, but remember the basic principles that apply to nearly all fitness plans, regardless of discipline or sport: Be calm when you’re supposed to go easy, and work hard when you’re supposed to go hard. Full tilt training every day is a recipe for disaster, and studies have shown that incorporating more “easy days” than “hard days” results in faster finish times for long-distance runners. Basically, stay disciplined and know when to call him back.

week 1

Day 1: Run for 5 minutes, walk for 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.

the second day: rest or via train.

Day 3: Run 6 minutes, walk 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.

the fourth day: comfort.

Day 5: Run 7 minutes, walk 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.

the sixth day: rest or via train.

the seventh day: comfort.

week 2

Day 1: Run 7 minutes, walk 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.

the second day: rest or via train.

Day 3: Run for 8 minutes, walk 1 minute. Then, run vigorously for 1 minute, walk for 2 minutes, and repeat 3 times. Finish the 7-minute run, and the 1-minute walk.

the fourth day: comfort.

Day 5: Run 9 minutes, walk 1 minute. Repeat 3 times.

the sixth day: rest or via train.

the seventh day: comfort.

the third week

Day 1: Run for 10 minutes, walk for a minute. Repeat twice.

the second day: via train.

Day 3: Run for 12 minutes, walk 1 minute. Then run vigorously for one minute and walk for two minutes. Repeat 4 times.

the fourth day: comfort.

Day 5: Run 13 minutes, walk 1 minute. Repeat twice.

the sixth day: rest or via train.

the seventh day: comfort.

fourth week

Day 1: Run for 15 minutes, walk 1 minute. Repeat twice.

the second day: via train.

Day 3: Run for 17 minutes, walk for 1 minute. Then add two intervals where you run vigorously for one minute, and walk for two minutes.

the fourth day: comfort.

Day 5: Run for 19 minutes, walk for 1 minute, run for 7 minutes.

the sixth day: rest or via train.

the seventh day: comfort.

The fifth week

Day 1: Run for 20 minutes, walk for 1 minute, run for 6 minutes.

the second day: via train.

Day 3: Run for 15 minutes, walk 1 minute. Then run vigorously for one minute and walk for two minutes. Repeat 3 times.

the fourth day: comfort.

Day 5: He ran 26 minutes.

the sixth day: rest or via train.

the seventh day: comfort.

the sixth week

Day 1: Run for 20 minutes, walk for a minute. Then run vigorously for one minute and walk for two minutes. Repeat twice.

the second day: rest or via train.

Day 3: Run for 30 minutes.

the fourth day: comfort.

Day 5: Run for 20 minutes.

the sixth day: comfort.

the seventh day: Race day. Run 3.1 miles.