How to Choose the Best Drink Table

You mixed up the perfect mocktail, you took that delicious first sip, now you need somewhere to set your drink down. A beautiful but practical drink table is exactly what you need.

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A nice cocktail side table can not only add to your home decor but it is functional and useful. A drink table is something you will likely use everyday. Whether you are sipping on a cocktail by the fire or enjoying your morning coffee on the couch, you need somewhere to set your drink down. We have found several amazing drink tables for you to check out and hopefully one will look great in your house.

What is a Drink Table?

A drink table is usually a small side table that will fit about one or two drinks. They are much smaller than a classic end table but also more elegant. Most drink tables are tall and skinny, mimicking the shape of a cocktail glass. The top is typically round and only large enough to fit a drink or two.

Drink tables are designed to only fit drinks. You won’t be able to fit a light or any extra decor on the table! However, you won’t need to. A fancy mocktail is decoration enough!

How to Choose a Drinks Table

There are a few things to keep in mind when picking the perfect drinks table. Here are some points you may want to consider.

  • Style of Drink Table– You want your new drink table to match your style. Would a modern drink table look best in your house? Or do you like the look of a fancy pedestal drink table? Make sure your table matches your other furniture.
  • Material of the Drink Tables– Do you like wood tables or metal? Perhaps you want a more modern, durable plastic table. There are drink tables in all different materials! Some are more durable while others are easy to clean. Think about what kind of material will look good and be functional in your home.
  • Size of the Drink Side Table– Be sure the table you like will fit in your space. Most drink tables are fairly small. You can squeeze a small drink table into a tiny spot if you choose a table that only fits one drink. Choose a larger drink table if you plan on having lots of mocktail parties and have more space.
  • Cost– Drink tables can be very affordable but there are also some very pricy, high end tables as well. Decide how much you want to spend on a drink table and set your budget before you start your search. With so many incredible cocktail side table options, you are sure to find one in your budget.

6 Best Side Drink Tables of the Year

We have searched for days to find the best drink tables out there. Each one of these tables will hold your favorite mocktail and fantastic look in your home. Take a look at each table and see which you like best.

1. Best Modern Drink Table

We are crazy about this beautiful, modern drink table from Kate and Laurel Celia. It has so many great features that we don’t know where to start!

The drink table comes in 13 different colors from navy blue with gold accents to classic black and white. The table is made of metal and has four study legs and a round top with a raised edge. Your drinks will stay safe on this table and any accidental spills will be caught by the table’s rim!

We especially love that this modern drink table folds for easy storage. Take the drink table out for your next party then put it away when you are not using it. This beautiful and functional drink table is definitely one of our favorites.

2. Amazing Pedestal Drink Tables

Pedestal drink tables have a classic, elegant feel. They have a timeless look that is perfect for any home. We especially love this table from King’s Brand. It has a nice design and is also nicely priced.

The pedestal drink table is made from solid wood and has a black finish. It is sturdy and sleek. The table is about 25 inches tall so it will come up to the edge of a couch or arm chair.

This perfect height will allow you to keep your drink within arms reach.

3. Perfect Round Drink Table

We love the interesting design of this round drink table. The round top leads down to a cascade of skinny metal legs that look very cool. The base of the table reminds us of a mocktail being poured into a glass!

This round cocktail side table from Joveco comes fully assembled. It is made from glass and black finished metal. The small drink table is great for placing next to the couch or near your bed to hold your favorite nighttime drink.

4. Small Single Drink Table

Looking for a small drink table? Need a table that only fits one drink? Then this small, single drink table from New Ridge Home Goods is for you.

Two cocktail tables are included in this set. Put one small drink table either end of your couch or one next to each chair in your drinking room.

The single drink table has a sturdy iron base so the table won’t wiggle or wobble. The classic brushed silver design will go with almost any decor. The top of the table is just six inches in diameter so it won’t take up too much space. These beautiful small drink tables are great if you just need a place to set your drink.

5. Awesome Budget Drink Table

This simple round drink table from Holly HOME is sleek, sturdy and perfect for any space. The table folds for easy storage but is nice enough to keep out all year round. We also love that this drink table is waterproof and rust resistant making it a great outdoor drink table option. It is perfect for poolside mocktails!

The folding side table comes in eleven different colors so you can match your decor perfectly. The rim of the table is slightly raised so any drink spills will be caught. Of course, we also love the price on this useful little drink table! It is affordable and functional.

6. Our Favorite Drink Table Spurge

Looking for a drink table that will last a lifetime? Then this Creative Co-Op table is a good choice. The round drink table is made from solid mango wood. It is sturdy enough to be a table or even a stool!

The pedestal design is quite pretty and the wood finish has a classic touch. You can choose to grab this unique drink table in white or black as well. Match your decor and you will be drinking and smiling for years to come with this table.

Having a great drink table is essential. You need the perfect place to set your favorite mocktails, keeping them close and safe! Let us know which drink table is your favorite and send a picture of your mocktails on your new table. We’d love to see how they look in real life!

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