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Das Labs made Bucked Up Energy Drinks with a generous amount of caffeine and other boosting elements. However, I think 300mg of caffeine is something people consider before consuming this energy drink.

Even though Bucked Up has a different pre-workout version, you can also use the original one as a pre-workout beverage. It combines Theacrine and Dynamine, which could give a much-improved focus and reaction time, just as this study discovered.

It uses no natural sugar, but all its flavors taste kind of sweet. On the other hand, you might still be wondering if these are enough things to consider Bucked Up Energy a suitable beverage for you.

To get answers to your questions, read on.

Is Bucked Up Energy Safe?

To clear your doubtsBucked Up Energy’s ingredients are proven safe by the FDA. The company also follows the FDA guidelines.

However, do bear in mind that the FDA does not approve energy drinks in their entirety, merely just their ingredients.

But just looking at the amount of caffeine, I’d have to say that I do not recommend Bucked Up for those who are sensitive to caffeine or new to energy drinks. I generally prefer energy drinks with only 50 to 100 mg of caffeine only to avoid nasty side effects.

All in all, Bucked Up can be safe as long as you’re a healthy adult and you moderate your consumption.

Bucked Up Nutriton Facts

Bucked Up Nutrition Facts

I listed the nutritional information of Bucket Up and the recommended daily amounts here:

Content Serving per 1 can Recommended Amount
Calories 0 1600-2400
Total Fat 0g 44g-77g
Saturated Fat 0g 10% or less of your daily calories
Cholesterol 0mg 300mg
Sodium 0g 2300mg
Dietary Fiber 0g 21-25g
Total Sugar 0g 30g
Added Sugar 0g 30g
Protein 0g 0.8g of your weight
Vitamin D 0mcg 10-20mcg
Calcium 0mcg 2500mg
Iron 0mg 17-20mg
Vitamin B6 25mg 1.3mg
Vitamin B12 500mcg 2.4mcg
Nutrition Facts of Bucked Up and Daily Recommendations of its contents.

Bucked Up Ingredients

  • Carbonated Water
  • Natural Flavors
  • Maleic Acid
  • Beta-Alanine
  • Taurine
  • Caffeine Anhydrous (300mg)
  • Sucralose
  • Acesulfame Potassium
  • Sodium Benzoate
  • Acetyl L-Tyrosine
  • Theanine
  • Deer Antler Velvet
  • Korean Red Ginseng
  • AlphaSize®
  • Alpha GPC
  • Methylliberine (as Dynamine™)
  • Theacrine (as TeaCrine®)
  • Huperzine-A

While the Vitamin B6 and B12 in Bucked Up Energy are over what’s recommended, this is still safe. That’s because Your body takes only what it needs, and it would make you urinate the excess. It would be best if you didn’t worry about this matter.

On the other hand, it’s a good thing that there’s only a little of Beta-Alanine in Bucked Up Energy. While it’s known to decrease muscle fatiguetoo much of it can cause paraesthesia which feels irritable tingling in your skin.

How Much Caffeine is in a Bucked Up Energy Drink?

As I’ve mentioned, Bucked Up Energy has 300 mg of caffeine. If you think this amount of caffeine is a lot, well, you’re correct. In fact, this amount of caffeine is already dangerous to a caffeine-sensitive person.

But for healthy adults, the FDA advises a 400mg daily caffeine limit. Anything more than that could cause headaches, fever, and palpitations.

As you see, Bucked Up is very close to this limit so it’s important that you keep your intake to one can a day only and that you don’t consume any more caffeine from other sources like soda or chocolates.

More, this amount could also cause insomnia. Therefore, I suggest you don’t take it before your bedtime whenever you plan to have a nap.

Coffee beans in a cup.

If you don’t know, drinking a high dosage of caffeine regularly can increase your chances of developing a high caffeine tolerance. This means that if you’re used to taking a lot of caffeine every day, you might not feel a boost from energy drinks with lower caffeine content.

If you already have high caffeine tolerance, you can change it. You can do that by cutting a little dose of caffeine from your usual dose. It won’t happen quickly, but you have a chance.

How Bad is an Energy Drink a Day?

It depends. Even if you’re a healthy adult, you should only take one serving of any energy drinks per day. Moreover, if you can, avoid energy drinks with lots of caffeine, calories, and sugar because they can lead to obesity and diabetes.

Speaking of sugar and calories, Bucked Up Energy uses artificial sweeteners. These are acesulfame potassium and sucralose to enhance its taste without any natural sugar.

The good thing about artificial sweeteners is that they are calorie-free and so much sweeter than regular sugar. Not only that, but it can also save you from the harm of sugar crashes. After all, you won’t want to overdose on sugar and feel dizzy or sleepy during your workout sessions.

Overall, an energy drink a day shouldn’t be too bad, especially if you pick a drink with minimal caffeine, sugar, and calories. However, if we’re talking about Bucked Up, I’m not sure 300mg of caffeine a day would be good for your health.

Bucked Up Energy Drink Flavors

Bucket Up Energy has only six flavorsnamely:

  • Rocket Pop
  • Blue Raz
  • Blood Raz
  • Grape Gainz
  • Killa OJ

Where to Buy Bucked Up?

You can buy all of the mentioned flavors on their official website. However, they’re also available on Amazon and GNC. You can also check out its pre-workout counterpart from there.

Their prices range from $3-$4 each. I wouldn’t buy energy drinks that are this expensive except if I have extra money or try a new flavor.

So, I’d say that Bucked Up is worth a try but for the long-term? I think there are better brands out there that will give you more bang for your buck. Stay tuned for my absolute favorite, which I will introduce later on!

Energy Drinks or Pre-workout?

I think pre-workouts have a higher chance of being dangerous. For sure, energy drinks can improve your energy and focus. But then, pre-workout beverages take that to another level.

And that’s because a pre-workout supplement contains Higher dosages of caffeine and some other ingredients. In addition, there are also added ingredients that are responsible for a more substantial boost compared to energy drinks.

Meanwhile, you can really use an energy drink as a pre-workout beverage. In fact, they’re used interchangeably by other athletes, especially those who’re not comfortable with a higher dosage of caffeine.

If you want an elaborate explanation, you can check this video.

Know Pre-workout’s ingredients by watching this video.

Alternative Energy Drinks to Bucked Up

Here are other energy drinks you can try if you don’t like the taste and effects of Bucked Up Energy.

Redline Xtreme Energy

If you want the same amount of caffeine as Bucked Up Energy but cheaper, you can try Redline Xtreme Energy. You can use this beverage as a pre-workout supplement too.

You can have one bottle for $2.70. It offers other nutrients such as Vitamin C, electrolytes, and calcium. It’s not only beneficial to your workout but can provide positive assistance to your hydration and skin too.

Maw Energy

A scoop of MAW Energy can give you a lot of concentration and energy for hours. It’s a good energy drink for gaming and workout because it has a decent amount of caffeine.

more, it’s packed with L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, and B Vitamins that could equip your body with the extra boost your body doesn’t always have. But because it’s a powdered energy drink, you might want to make sure you’re getting the right scoops.

Every scoop can give you 100mg of natural caffeine without any sugar. You can make 60 servings in a tub of Maw Energy if you’ll be sticking with a scoop per serving. And the cost of a tub is only $35.

REIZE (The Best)

And we’ve arrived at my favorite brand, REIZE!

Now, REIZE may only have 50 mg of caffeine, but boy does it deliver a solid energy boost that will get you going without risking side effects.

In addition, it’s also packed with Taurine, Ginseng, and B-Vitamins, all designed to improve your physical and mental performance. And as if that’s not good enough, REIZE is also sugar-free and only has 11 calories, perfect for any diet.

What I also love about REIZE is that it comes in handy 4g sachets that you can take with you anywhere! Whip up a fresh glass of REIZE anytime you’re in need of a pick-me-up.

You can get REIZE for only around $1 per sachet and you can even have your orders shipped straight to your door.

Try REIZE now!

Reize Energy Drink
REIZE Energy Drink.

Other Notable Mentions

The Final Verdict

Overall, I don’t think Bucked Up is bad for you. However, it can be, especially if you don’t drink it moderately. Well, you can consider it expensively priced too.

As I’ve said, it’s not prudent to drink too much caffeine or become dependent on it. While Bucked Up won’t give you any sugar crashes, its caffeine content is a different story. You shouldn’t overindulge this energy drink as it can give you a massive headache.

Therefore, you should only drink Bucked Up energy drink when you really need it and limit yourself to one serving per day.

Energy Drink

Is Bucked Up Bad for You? (Truth) – REIZECLUB

Drinking one can of Bucked Up will definitely provide you with the energy you need. However, you can get into trouble if you consume more than one in a day. Bucked Up is one of the strongly caffeinated energy beverages on the market, with 300 mg of caffeine.

Its caffeine content makes it not just a strong energy drink but also a revolutionary pre-workout beverage. Athletes may experience a significant pre-workout boost from each can, all thanks to the absence of any fillers in this product.

However, 300 mg may be too much for some people, considering that one cup of coffee already contains 95 mg of caffeine.

Read more to find out how if this potent energy drink can be harmful or how many servings of Bucked Up can stun you!

Bucked Up Nutrition Facts

Let’s begin with Bucked Up’s summary of nutrients:

Nutrition Facts Number of Nutrients
Total Fat 0g
Saturated Fat 0g
Trans Fat 0g
Total Carbohydrates 1g
Dietary Fiber 0g
Total Sugars 0g
Protein 0g
Sodium 0g
Cholesterol 0mg
Vitamin D 0mcg
Vitamin B6 25mcg
Vitamin B12 500mcg
Potassium 0mcg
Calcium 0mcg
Iron 0mcg
Nutrition Summary of Bucked Up Energy Drink

We can conclude through this nutritional information that Bucked Up works more as a pre-workout supplement than a nutritious drink. Although this product is free of fillers, each dose includes 300mg of caffeine.

It does contain vitamins B6 and B12 that can help you concentrate and stay energized when you study, play video games, or work out. Since it has no added sugar or salt, this beverage is best consumed in the mornings before a workout.

Is Bucked Up FDA Approved?

Energy drinks are not required to get FDA approval since they are not dietary or medical supplements.

However, the FDA does regulate the individual ingredients found in energy drinks, such as artificial sweeteners and caffeine. This means that it’s up to the companies themselves to inform their consumers through nutrition labels.

Just like the other energy drinks, Bucked Up is not required to get the FDA’s approval, but the ingredients it uses are FDA-approved for consumption!

How Much Caffeine is in Bucked Up?

Each 16-ounce can of Bucked Up Energy has 300 milligrams of caffeine.

If you’re going to drink more than one of these cans, I’ll be honest with you that it won’t do you any good. According to the FDA’s advice, caffeine consumption should not exceed 400 mg per day, and drinking two cans of Bucked Up makes you consume around 600 mg of caffeine.

Because of its high caffeine content, Bucked Up should be avoided by anyone who has a history of caffeine sensitivity. While the drink’s contents are safe for long-term consumption and help you increase your exercise intensity, you should still be aware of the caffeine’s adverse effects.

Additionally, anyone under the age of 18 or pregnant should not drink Bucked Up energy since ingesting this much caffeine daily may have significant health effects or fatal consequences in some cases.

Are there Steroids in Bucked Up?

Yes, they do! In fact, Bucked Up’s non-proprietary combination contains growth hormones such as the following:

Deer Antler Velvet is being studied as a steroid alternative because it includes IGF-1, which is believed to affect the secretion of growth hormones by the body.

To put it simply, deer antlers contain an insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1), which helps regenerate rapidly. Indeed, you can speed up muscle recovery by using IGF-1 after it has been extracted.

In addition, you don’t have to be concerned about whether or not they’ll do any damage since, in most cases, using steroids for a short period or at a smaller dosage does not create significant adverse effects.

However, a few downsides include increased hunger, mood swings, and difficulties sleeping if taken in excess.

If you’re curious about the other effects of Deer Antler Velvet, you should definitely watch this video.

Is Bucked Up Bad for You?

A can of Bucked Up energy drink won’t do you harm unless you are caffeine sensitive and as long as you do not consume more than two cans of it a day, you are saving yourself from the unpleasant side effects of having too much caffeine.

Since the caffeine content of one can of Bucked Up is 300mg, consuming more than one can of it, causes you to consume caffeine more than is recommended daily limit, and that is certainly bad for you.

Another thing to take note of is that Bucked Up contains Beta-alanine, another reason why it is terrible to consume two cans at once. If you continue to ingest too much beta-alanine, you may feel tingling sensations and other adverse effects all over your body.

So if you ask me, one can of Bucked Up energy drink is more than enough for a day full of physically demanding tasks. If you are not mindful of the consequences this drink may bring, you’re in for a horrible treat!

A can of Bucked Up Energy showing the back label, nutrition facts, and other important information.
Bucked Up Back Label

Energy Drink Alternatives to Bucked Up

For those who don’t like the taste and high concentration of caffeine in Bucked Up energy drinks, I’ve compiled a list of some of the best-caffeinated choices on the market.

Xtend Energy Carbonated

Branded as an energy drink that specializes in muscle building and development, Xtend delivers a stimulant-free and simple pre-workout to enhance your workouts.

A single 16 fl. oz can of Xtend Energy Carbonated is calorie-free and is loaded with a healthy combination of essential nutrients.

While its selection of flavors is limited, Xtend Energy provides a modest range of pleasant citrus tastes if you prefer trying one flavor to another every once in a while.

Meanwhile, if you’re fond of the brand and its taste but want to avoid caffeine altogether Xtend also offers a caffeine-free variant called Xtend Carbonated.


A bunch of natural and active components is packed into Aspire Energy, making it an energy drink brand that helps burn calories.

Multiple organic ingredients such as natural caffeine, organic guarana, and green tea, along with a slew of B vitamins, can also be found in Aspire Energy’s 12-ounce can, and is completely sugar-free.

Not to mention, Aspire’s fruity and citrus flavors in combination with its modest amount of caffeine and sugar levels can tingle your taste buds.

Aspire energy drink is an easily likable energy drink an meet your energy drink requirements and benefit your lifestyle, making it a viable option for a daily energy supplement.

REIZE (Ultimate Drink)

REIZE has a moderate 50mg of caffeine per serving, no sugar, and a superb blend of taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins that will keep you going during your exercise without causing a crash at the end.

Also, REIZE is not only calorie-free but it is also calorie-free. These attributes combined with its reasonable caffeine content per serving are a match made in heaven.

As a bonus, REIZE is filled with a synergistic combination of helpful components like taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins that works hand in hand to give you an extra kick without the need for sugar crashes.

For a quick pick-me-up, just add a powder sachet to a glass of water. It is small and compact, so you can carry it with you everywhere you go.

Get your hands on REIZE now! You are deserving of nothing less than the very best!

Pouting water on a glass filled with ice and REIZE Energy drink powder.
All you need is a REIZE Energy drink and a companion you can drink with, you’ll certain to have a great day

Other energy drinks you should try


All in all, there shouldn’t be any adverse side effects since Bucked Up does not contain any potentially dangerous substances. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, start with half a can. According to nausea, if you’re caffeine intolerant, you may experience minor and headaches, so I suggest you try less caffeinated beverages.

Athletes, people with active lifestyles, and workout enthusiasts may greatly benefit from Bucked Up since it is made with the highest-quality ingredients and has a high amount of caffeine.

For best results, drink Bucked Up responsibly and don’t go overboard with your caffeine intake.

Ultimately, Bucked Up is an excellent option if you are looking for a high-quality pre-workout supplement.