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Bawls Guarana – Root Beer

Hey Rad Bloggo.

Another post that needs to be written! Well, there’s a few on deck actually, but I wanted to cover this one first. This one is Bawls Guarana soda, root beer flavored.

I had covered the Original flavor of Bawls a little while ago and quite liked it even if it wasn’t too different from a cream soda. I bought two flavors that day. In the video I mention I bought the glass bottle version of Root Beer which you sort of see here. I had an issue with the picture which is why it is cropped to oblivion. Sorry about that. The video was also scrapped due to not liking how it looked.

Anyway! The bottle is fairly small. It would be nice to drink along side of something or in the middle of your day. I don’t know if one bottle of this would be enough for me to muscle through a long day. It is only 10 fluid ounces so really not much at all. It is slightly larger than 1 cup of coffee.

That said, the bottle is really neat. The raised bumps on it create a sort of grip on it which makes it easier to… hold I guess? The whole thing I got from Bawls was that it was created for people needing a boost at school or at work so I don’t know if I need an extreme grip for this bottle. Even if I don’t, I guess the little bumps make it quite distinguished. Other than that, it is a fairly normal bottle.

In any case, at least I know this should taste pretty good. The original flavor was akin to a cream soda and I thought that was quite nice. Root beer isn’t usually too different from cream soda, unless they go super molasses-y and make it a proper tasting root beer. Somehow, I don’t think that’s what I’m gonna get here. This isn’t some “craft” root beer. This is a precursor to the whole energy drink game. It is a soda infused with guarana extract. It is suppose to give you a boost and taste fairly nice to boot.

Let’s get to the nutrition facts and ingredients!

Nutrition facts.

Serving size is 1 bottle.

120 calories. 0g fat. 27g sodium. 29g carbs. 27g sugar which is 27g added sugar. 0g protein.


Carbonated water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, natural guarana extract, sodium benzoate, caffeine, natural and artificial flavors, caramel coloring.

Not too much in this compared to your run of the mill energy drink. It is mostly a highly caffeinated soda. I assume this is in a similar vein as when older people see someone casually drinking a Mountain Dew. They’ll say stuff like “If I was drinking that, I’d be up all night!”


I poured this into my little glass since I wanted to see the color. It was a dark brown color with lots of foam. That’s really what a root beer should look like I suppose. It didn’t have much of a scent until I brought it closer to my nose. It smelled sorta sweet with a hint of some sort of earthy undertone.

Sipping it, I mostly got a very sweet taste. When I was trying this, I honestly thought Bawls would be trying to go for that whole microbrewed root beer taste that I saw with Virgil’s Root Beer. Instead, it stayed pretty generic in taste being closer to something more commercial. There really wasn’t much in terms of a sarsaparilla bite here. I could see it maybe sticking its head out in the middle part to the ending part of my taste, but it really wasn’t powerful enough to take over the flavor. I don’t even think it is about being cheap versus expensive. Teddy’s root beer is fairly cheap and it has quite a nice sarsaparilla bite to it.

That said, I don’t dislike this. It is nice and sweet. On a warm day, having this bottle would be quite refreshing. It is just a bit too sweet for me to consider it a super strong root beer. I could get the same effect (and in a much more available fashion) with something like Mug or Barq’s. I suppose this would have more kick than a commercial root beer, but again. I can get a bigger kick elsewhere too. There’s just not really a reason for me to pick this up over anything else. At least the original flavor was slightly unique enough. This is just sort of underwhelming.

Nothing of note in the aftertaste either. It is very inoffensive. I can see this appealing to pretty much anyone that drinks soda. Maybe that’s what they are going for here.

To me, it just isn’t unique enough to warrant picking up again. I’d sooner get another can of the original flavor over this.

That said, I will give it someone’s layover flight out of Rad.