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Christine Walter is the cidermaker and visionary of Bauman’s Cider. She grew up on an apple farm in Oregon runned by her family. As she tells it, Angry Orchard’s “Crisp” was the first cider she ever tasted and it was a wake up moment that helped her realize that her family could ferment and sell cider too.

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Christine Walter

Bauman’s is a destination farm these days with a farm stand and events taking place year round. It has a deli coffee shop, bakery, garden center, country store and now a cidery.

In 2015 she took the well know cider course by Peter Mitchell.

The family was already pressing 50,000 gallons of fresh pressed apple juice. The first year the cidery used 3000 gallons, the next year 10,000 gallons, in year 3 the cidery used 50,000 which required her to source apples from off the farm. In short she went from the classic Peter Mitchell model of a basic 10×10 foot cidery to a 3000 square foot operation. Despite the added space, she sees the need for more. Christine’s rough estimate of current juice used in production is round about 100,000 gallons – twice the amount pressed at one time for just the fresh juice market.

Here the full story as told by Christine in this episode from her Great, Great Grandmother’s homestead. Her Great Grandfather Stephen lived his whole life on the farm and also made cider back in the day. Stephen is actually the man standing on all of Bauman’s flagship cider labels.

Bauman’s Cidery Goal & Products

The goal is to remain a local product and not look to produce or the wider market outside of Gervais, Oregon.

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Flagship Cider

  • Loganberry – hear Christine explain how to process Loganberries for cider, a bit of history of loganberries at Bauman Farm.
  • All our Berries – blend of all the delicious berries that Bauman’s can supply!

Traditional Ciders at Bauman’s

  • Small batch (100-300 gallon) single varietal ciders

Contact Bauman’s Cider


Address: Bauman’s Cider at Bauman Farms
12989 Howell Prairie Rd NE,
Gervais, Oregon 97026

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Bauman’s Cider Company’s McIntosh Single Varietal

My brother-in-law asked me if it was really a good idea to prune apple trees in the winter. It seemed to him that cutting the limbs during the freezing temperatures would put more stress on the tree. I can understand why he might feel this way. This weather is difficult for many of us mammals. It would seem more insulting to injury to require an organism to endure not only months of freezing temperatures but to heal new wounds at the same time. Fortunately, that’s not quite the case. We may learn a lesson from the trees that go dormant at this time of year. It’s okay to rest. This is a good time of the year to dump what we don’t need.

I may have strayed too far from the cider review, but that’s where I’m at now. I run in hardcore winter mode. I do the things I need to do and some warm up my spirits, but I mostly just hang around until the days get a little longer. But luckily for me, I can enjoy semi-hibernation with some good cider. This week, I’m sharing my thoughts on the McIntosh Single Varietal from Bauman’s Cider Company.

Bauman’s Cider Cidery small cider company has been named to GLINTCAP for the year 2021. The headquarters is located in Gervais Oregon. The cemetery was established in a small family farm and orchard by Christine Walter whose journey in cider attempts to balance family tradition and expertise with modern scientific knowledge.

I’ve only reviewed one Bowman’s juice before, the Mountain Rosé. I made my top ten list for 2020. This raises my expectations.

Here’s that review:

I recommend visiting Bauman’s Cider online to learn more:

Here’s the basic information I was able to get online for a McIntosh Single Varietal.

Macintosh Varied One | 6.0% ABV

Gold Medal – 2021 International Preparation Competition (UK)

Gold Medal – 2021 Portland International Competition

Gold Medal – Great Lakes International Competition 2021

Platinum Medal – SIP Magazine Best Northwest Awards

We started by importing McIntosh apples grown by our McIntosh Cider Our friends are in Petrotrot Valley, Montana. We do minimal intervention so it is necessary The apple flavor shines through, as we leave a little leftover sweetness for rich presentation Apple flavor and aroma.

Appearance: Tuscany yellow, shiny, few bubbles

When looking at the color schemes of shades, this is very similar to Tuscany yellow. It gives that sunny warmth. The cider is great with just a few visible bubbles.

Flavors: apple juice, cherry blossom, cinnamon and peach

McIntosh is very aromatic and full of juicy apples. The nose also features elements that evoke cherry blossom, cinnamon, and peach.

Sweetness / Dryness: semi-sweet

I’d call it semi-sweet, but some people might interpret it as more like semi-dry. The sweetness is pleasant and well integrated.

Experiment with flavors and drink: juice, crunchy, apple, tart

This is a treat! The McIntosh Single Varietal from Bauman’s Cider Company makes me happy that I chose it for my cider today. The first impression is plenty of ultra-fresh malic acid, which makes every sip crunchy and delicious. Apple juice tastes more directly like apples than most of the people I drink. It capitalizes on the fruity, sweet and juicy experience of fully ripe Macintosh apples.

There’s more to this apple juice than just instant fruit. The McIntosh is a light tan with the texture of coarse sandpaper. I love this thing about him. It has clean fermentation. There is no whiff of funk. I appreciate McIntosh’s medium intensity of shine and massive body. This cider stays fun from end to end with its honeyy finish. My high expectations were fully met!

Cheers to enjoying good cider while not doing too much. This is a very convenient way to beat the winter.