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Essentials that every lady needs for her mocktail bar.

Essentials that every lady needs for her mocktail bar.

Alright, ladies! Just because there’s no alcohol at your home mocktail bar doesn’t mean it can’t be classy and fun. In order to make Instagram worthy mocktails, you’ll need all the essentials! But why stop at the bare minimum when you can jazz up your entertaining area with a few extra mocktail additions? Here’s everything a classy lady needs for her home mocktail bar and a few extra ideas you won’t want to pass on.

  • A Mobile Mocktail Cart
  • Cocktail carts are everywhere on Pinterest! They add visual intrigue to your home and give you a specified space to keep all of your bartending goodies. Why not get one and rename it your mocktail cart! Mocktails are just as classy as cocktails, so you should have a fancy piece of furniture to match your interests. Think of it this way, you’ll never regret this purchase, like you would a late night out at the bars. Mobile mocktail carts come in a variety of prices. If you’ve got a little extra money to splurge, check out Crate & Barrel’sAdina Brass Cart with White Concrete Shelves. You’ll be the envy of all your mocktail party guests with this beautiful cart.

  • Glasses for All Occasions
  • Depending on your favorite cocktails, you may want to stock your mocktail cart with a variety of glasses in order to serve different mocktail creations! For the book worm, you could stock your cart withClassic Literature Rocks Glasses or if you’re the queen of retro look into the peachValencia glass set by Lenox. How you mix and match your flutes, coupes, and hurricane glasses is totally up to you. Just make sure you consider which types of mocktails you’re most interested in making before making your purchase.

  • A Variety of Fruity Mixes
  • The best mocktails are made with love and syrups! Much like a regular bar, you’re going to need Grenadine for your mocktail bar. Grenadine is fruity, sweet, and colorful—the makings of a great mocktail. For a different flavor profile, keep passion fruit syrup on hand to make delicious non-alcoholic passion fruit and mint coolers. On cooler days, you might not be feeling the fruity vibe, so keep hazelnut syrup on hand, so you can cozy up with a coffee and hazelnut mocktail.

  • A Bartender Kit
  • Hey, Non-alcoholic Bartender! You’re going to need a bartending kit to be able to make specialty mocktails. A kit should include a shaker, jigger, strainer, bar spoon, muddler, citrus juicer, and channel knife. The citrus juicer will be particularly important if you’re planning on making fruity mocktails, because it will ensure that your citrus is as fresh as it gets. Your drinks might not be alcoholic, but they can still pack a flavorful punch.

  • Escape™ Non-Alcoholic Spirits and Premixed Mocktails
  • You’ll want to stock your cart with only the finest non-alcoholic spirits for your creative mocktail creations. Since you’ve designated a whole bar cart to mocktails, you’ll have plenty of room for our variety of options. You can choose from seven types of non-alcoholic spirits to flavor your mocktail. From non-alcoholic cognac to non-alcoholic mezcal, you can make all of your favorite mocktails taste like their alcoholic counterparts, without the commitment to calories.

    Not feeling like doing your bartender tricks? We’ve got premixed mocktails that take all the work out of making a mocktail and will quench your thirst. Try our Mojito mocktail orOld Fashioned Mocktail to help you unwind like a girl boss, without the consequence of a hangover before your morning meeting the next day.

    Now that you’ve got everything you need for your mocktail bar, invite the gals over for a soiree. With your professional looking mocktail bar setup, your friends will want girl’s night to always be at your house.