Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Alcohol Free

Ways to Celebrate Your Wedding Alcohol Free

Weddings are a perfect time to toast to a beautiful future with the one you love. However, the planning process isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. There are so many decisions to make!

One of the most infamous wedding debates is whether to have an open or cash bar, but what if you’d prefer your wedding to be alcohol free? You’re not a party pooper at all! There are so many advantages to adry wedding. Here are ways you can celebrate your wedding alcohol free!

Why have a dry wedding?

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not to have an alcohol-free wedding, here’s a whole list of reasons why you should!

  • Your super friends will thank you!
  • You want yoursuper friends to be able to enjoy your special day, instead of feeling pressured to drink.

  • It’ll save you money.
  • Hosting anopen bar can be expensive, because alcohol and appropriate staffing/licensing is pricey! A dry wedding will save you significant money.

  • Your drunk uncle won’t embarrass you in front of your friends.
  • Everyone has that friend or family member that drinks a little too much at weddings, which takes the focus off of what the day’s really about.

  • You won’t out of your pregnant sister-in-law
  • Okay, but in all seriousness, weddings can be stressful for women who aren’t ready to announce that they’re pregnant, because they’re in their first trimester. Making the day alcohol-free reduces that stress on any moms-to-be.

  • It’s just as delicious if you pick the right drink menu!
  • Having a wedding sans alcohol doesn’t mean that your drinks won’t be exciting. There are many strong non-alcoholic options, like mocktails, that will still make your day feel like a special occasion.

    Ways to Celebrate!

    The best way to celebrate your wedding alcohol-free is to have drinks so incredible that your guests don’t even notice they’re not drinking alcohol! You can accomplish this by having some killer mocktail options.

    Something borrowed, something blue

    If you’re an old fashioned kind of bride, why not serve up an alcohol-free version of an Old Fashioned? OurOld Fashioned Mocktail has everything you love about the original drink: orange bitters, sweet sugar, a twist of orange, and some heat sans actual whiskey.

    Timeless and classy

    What’s more classy than a Manhattan? Analcohol-free Manhattan, of course! Our Manhattan mocktail is sweet and savory with the flavors of bourbon, bitters, orange, and just a bit of sweet cherry.

    Rustic and quirky

    Rustic, quirky weddings are more popular than ever. AMoscow Mule Mocktail is an unconventional choice that will compliment the atmosphere you’ve curated with the flavors of vodka and ginger.

    Once you’ve found yoursignature mocktail, make sure you stock up on non-alcoholic beer and wine. Much like mocktails, non-alcoholic beer is trendy right now, because you get the taste and craft of beer without the commitment to calories. Your wedding is your day, so if being alcohol-free is going to make you and your spouse the happiest, go for it! Congratulations on your big day!


    How to Have an Alcohol Free Baby Shower

    How to Have an Alcohol Free Baby Shower

    How to Have an Alcohol Free Baby Shower

    Let the mom-to-be feel comfortable and as the host of a baby shower serve mocktails for that special lady and her guests! Giving up drinking can be a challenge. I knew that drinking alcohol was not an option when I was pregnant, but I still wanted to feel like I could celebrate with a drink. I remember being at a bar for Halloween and pregnant. It wasn’t great to order a Shirley Temple. I felt like a kid. Now, we have such better options to enjoy a pretty drink that is alcohol free!!

    There are so many exciting ways to celebrate the new arrival. Jess shares with us some ways on how to have an amazing alcohol-free baby shower!

    Don’t make it about the alcohol.

    Sometimes gatherings like baby showers can get a little awkward, because the guest list is made up of a modge podge of people from the expectant mom’s life: friends from college, close work colleagues, her relatives, and her partner’s relatives. To ease the social anxiety, have activities where people don’t feel awkward not knowing all the guests. To get everyone talking and into the party, play collaborative games that spark a little friendly competition. Having an activity will help others to get to know each other.

    Tryclassic baby shower games, like “Guess the Baby Food” where party goers smell unlabeled food and try to determine what’s inside. The team with the most correct guesses wins the game! If the baby shower is co-ed, play something like “The Price is Right” where you have to guess the price of baby items. Buy fun prizes for winners, like gift cards, to get everyone invested.

    Also, a seating chart would help so it encourages those who don’t know each other to feel more like they’ve met a new friend.

    Theme it up, baby!

    Everyone likes a good theme! It can inform choices in decor and food! Who knows, it might even give mom a few ideas about how to decorate the nursery. You don’t have to just go for the typical pink or blue theme. Mix it up with a woodland animals theme with beautifully garnishedrustic appetizers Served on reclaimed wooden plates or maybe even a beach theme complete with a sandy photo op station. Consider looping mom in if you get really creative with the theme to ensure she’ll love her special day.

    Appeal to her sweet tooth.

    Has the mom-to-be been craving sweets? Well, give her what she wants, it’s her special day! Sugar, spice, and everything nice, make her a baby carrot cake or get fancy with strawberry (for girls) and blueberry (for boys) milkshakes. These can be sweet, delicious and fun!! They are a great way to celebrate summer baby showers and since they are ice cream and milk based, the mom to be can still feel like she’s celebrating the fun way!!

    You know what that mama needs? A mocktail!

    Just because there’s no alcohol at this babyshower doesn’t mean the drinks won’t be on point! If mama’s missing a mojito, try out our Escape Mocktail mojito mocktail! It tastes just like a mojito without alcohol. A mocktail should really hit the spot and still adhere to doctor’s orders. If you’d rather mix up your own, no worries! You can make a special mocktail for the babyshower using ournon-alcoholic spirits, like spiced rum, tequila, or mezcal. With a great specialty mocktail, guests won’t even notice the alcohol isn’t there.

    You don’t need alcohol to throw a great babyshower. The day can still be filled with fun and flavor with the right theme, games, desserts, and drinks. What are you waiting for? It’s time to celebrate before the stork drops off the new arrival!