Aepptreow Winery’s Single Barrel Series Americana Still Cider

We may be halfway through #DryCiderJanuary, but we finally have proper snow at Finger Lakes. I feel like I’ve waited for this snow longer than ever since my childhood. It’s not about the possibility of a snowy day (although those things are nice!), but winter here just doesn’t feel real without snow. It’s always a time of cold, slow, and dark, but snow is the recharging, transformation, and beauty of the season. I don’t like to drive in it, but I do like to watch it, photograph it, walk through it, and enjoy its reflective brightness.

As part of Dry Cider January, I sat down with Emily of Cider Culture and talked about a few of my favorite dry ciders these days. Aeppeltreow’s Americana opened up for this chat, and here’s my review of this delightfully dry selection.

You can find reviews of Aeppeltreow Ciders in several previous blog posts along with plenty of background for a winery, cache, and distillery in Burlington, Wisconsin. I love how they describe themselves.

In ÆppelTreow:

We are the real Apple

Old English for the apple tree or the truth of the apple

We are the Cidermakers

Apples and pears are the core of our products

We are orchards

True flavors come from the trees and the earth

We are historians

History and tradition are our inspiration

We are local

Local ingredients and local customers

we are Family

Three generations on hand from sprig to bottle.

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Here’s how the label describes Americana Aeppeltreow.

“Aepptreow Winey Americana juice is the culmination of a decade of Aeppeltreow-style innovation. That’s why cider is back to our roots. We grafted surviving Colonial American apples. Raised them tenderly. Taliaferro.” 7.5% ABV

Appearance: intense harvest yellow, ring of bubbles on the edge, shiny

Americana uses clear glass for the bottle, so I can appreciate the color before I pour it. It’s a dense yellow harvest that reminds me of polenta, aged gouda, or the moon on certain nights of the year. He is beautiful, mature and satisfying. The apple juice is shiny with just a ring of bubbles on the edge of the liquid.

Flavors: peach, plum, ripe apple

I love the amazing bountiful scents that jump out of my glass. Apple juice is brimming with the aroma of peaches, plums and ripe apples. Pleasant and exuberant aroma is one of the surest ways to this apple juice lover’s heart.

Sweetness / Dryness: Dry but fruity

This apple juice is dry but tastes fruity. It’s a wonderful combination.

Experiment with flavors and drink: peach, blackberry, tart, almost wort

I’ve noticed that this apple juice tastes so sour and sour that it can almost be perceived as a vegetable oil, even though it is described as a still juice. I had a chat with the germ maker Charles and he told me that low levels of CO2 were used in the bottle, and I can notice that too. Either way, it’s not a bubble but almost a nice tickle of texture.

Americana brings tons of fruity acid to the party. The fruit leaves remind me of blackberries and peaches in the best possible way. I see winter but taste summer. The cider has a medium, plump texture and soft fermented flavors, but it’s all about fermentation very clean.

Sip after sip, peaches appear as the dominant flavor to me. She is luscious, mature and soft. What a treat. I had it with homemade soft pretzel, but I could also see enjoying this apple cider with corn soup or creamy pasta bread. It has enough acidity that you don’t need bubbles to raise the flavor of the food.