Newtown Twist: Collab with Stowe Cider

Vermont staple Stowe Cider partners with digital cider guide CiderScene to create Newtown Twist

We are excited to announce a new collaborative cider crafted by Stowe Cider and CiderScene. Newtown Twist is an ode to a classic apple-forward cider with a twist of lemon and lime for a more modern appeal.

Newtown Twist is made from a base of Newtown Pippin apples and is delicately blended with lime and lemon zest for enhanced citrus notes. To bring balance, we have added local honey to add a touch of sweetness and carbonation for effervescence. Newtown Twist carries the spirit of traditional cider making while celebrating fresh ingredients and complex flavors.

“In an effort to learn the cider making process more intimately and help craft a new cider, we reached out to one of our favorite hard cider teams, Stowe Cider,” said Nolan O’Malley, part owner of CiderScene. “Not only do we have a love for east coast products, we have been long-time fans of Stowe’s Headliner, Vermont Grown, and Brainwaves series. They have a great team with a grasp on modern and traditional cider making processes. Not only were they excited to work with us, we were able to go through the entire process of making the cider which was the experience of a lifetime!”

Mark Ray, co-owner of Stowe Cider shared, “Our team really enjoyed collaborating with Trevor and Nolan. Their dedication and appreciation for cider is unwavering and that came through in all of our conversations involving cider. Their respect for all styles of cider made this a fun project as we were able to blend a little old school and new school into one awesome product. We look forward to working with them again on future projects.”

Newtown Pippin will be available for purchase on the Stowe Cider website starting on February 10th.

About Stowe Cider:
Stowe Cider was founded in 2013 in Stowe, Vermont with a vision of bringing something different to the cider scene- a version that boasted less than half the sweetness of most commercial cider. Head Cider Maker and co-owner Mark Ray is constantly developing unique recipes that you will not find anywhere else. Ciders range from simple and dry to more experimental ciders that exhibit local fruits, hops, and unique barrel-aged offerings. Stowe Cider’s mission is to stay ahead of industry standards by innovative innovative and world-class cider while having more fun than anyone.

About CiderScene:
Started in 2016 by twin brothers Trevor and Nolan O’Malley, CiderScene strips to create a space where cider fans and novices alike can congregate to learn about ciders and find out what ciders they may like. CiderScene aims to open the minds of beer and wine drinkers when it comes to the craft of cider. CiderScene tries to take a fun, light approach to the industry to spark more conversation and innovative ways to activate the cider and non-cider audiences on the web.

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