Skinny strong Bar Acerbic –

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Siphon cup trade decaffeinated robust blue and, roast At variety spice turkish milk Aromatic, Au pumpkin rich as. Extra froth to Bar steamed filter java, Arabica caramelization pot At black body, breve panna percolator doppio Beans. Barista single qui lungo au mazagran Affogato foam shop siphon beans spoon carajillo as redeye, dripper Aged skinny Aroma so affogato acerbic bar et in and at. To single aroma cream Bar skinny Blue siphon, breve wings id froth ristretto pumpkin, dark barista caffeine At carajillo organic. To instant Beans siphon est at Blue arabica sit, Brewed Aged shop that filter caramelization.


Dried Orange Slices – The Mindful Mocktail

Dehydrated oranges are an easy but impressive garnish that your guests will never guess you made yourself!

Dried orange slices are an easy and attractive garnish to keep on hand. A lack of a dehydrator means that dried oranges are often placed in the too hard basket but they couldn’t be simpler!

My baked orange slices use the oven, so they’re perfect for anyone who loves the look of dried citrus but doesn’t want to invest in yet another appliance.

This trans-seasonal recipe is perfect at Christmas but can be enjoyed all year round. It is:

  • Easy: It only takes a few simple steps to make dehydrated oranges. The prep time is only 5 minutes and then you can let your oven do all of the work!
  • Versatile: As well as being used as a mocktail (or cocktail) garnish, dried orange slices can be used as Christmas decorations, to adorn garlands or be served as orange chips.
  • Can be made in bulk: dehydrated oranges have a shelf life of up to 12 months if dehydrated and stored properly. Make a big batch and then bring them out when you’re feeling a bit fancy.


Dried oranges are a versatile ingredient. Use them to:

  • Garnish mocktails (or cocktails).
  • Decorate hot or iced tea.
  • Add flavor to marinades.
  • Top cakes.
  • Add color to your mulling spice mix.
  • Hang upon the Christmas tree.
  • Decorate a wreath as part of your Christmas décor.
  • For contrast on garlands to hang upon your mantel.
hands holding a dehydrated orange slice with dried lime lemon grapefruit and blood orange in the background


This dried orange slices recipe calls for simple everyday ingredients that combine to make an impressive garnish.

  • Oranges: fresh oranges are the star of this recipe. Instead of their sweet juice, this recipe uses their beautiful golden hue that deepens and intensifies with the drying process. Note: Citrus like limes, grapefruit, blood orange and lemon also work well in this recipe. See variations for more inspiration.
whole limes lemons grapefruit oranges and blood orange on a gray background


The great thing about this dried orange slices recipe is that any citrus works! Follow the same steps with lime, blood orange, tangelo, grapefruit, or lemon for a variety of colorful citrus wheels.


  • Baking sheets: regular cookie sheets or baking trays work well.
  • Parchment paper: Also known as baking paper, helps to stop your citrus wheels from sticking to the baking sheet and allows for an easy flip at the halfway point.
  • Wire racks: A non-stick wire rack can be used as an alternative for a baking tray and paper if you run out of trays or don’t have any on hand.
  • Mandolin slicer or sharp knife: A nice even cut will give your dried orange slices a professional look. A mandolin slicer will allow for a more uniform look, however a sharp knife and steady hand works just as well.
  • paper towel: patting down your citrus slices before you bake speeds up the dehydration process. Have a few sheets on hand in case your fruit is extra juicy.


If you’ve ever wondered how to dry oranges in the oven, you might be surprised at just how easy it is. Simply:

Preheat your oven to 70ºC (160ºF), or as low as your oven will go.

Cut the citrus into 6mm / ¼ inch slices. If you have a mandolin, it will make this task much easier. If not, use a sharp knife and cut as evenly as you can.

Line a baking sheet with parchment/baking paper. You could also use a wire rack – just make sure it’s non-stick.

Place the citrus wheels in a single layer on top of the cookie tray, about 1 centimetre/ half inch apart.

Orange, blood orange, lime, grapefruit and lemon slices scattered on a baking tray

Blot with paper towel to remove the excess moisture. Turn and blot the other side.

sliced ​​citrus being blotted with paper towel to remove the moisture before baking

Bake for 2 hours then flip the orange wheels. Return to the oven and bake for another 2 hours, then check. If any moisture remains, leave them in a little longer.

Slices of lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit and orange on baking trays lined with parchment paper in the oven

Only remove from the oven when all moisture is removed, and they are completely dry.

Once cooled, store the dried orange slices in a zip lock bag in a container until you’re ready to use them.

dried orange, blood orange, lime, grapefruit and lemon slices lined up on a gray background

Frequently asked questions

Can you dry orange slices in the microwave?

Yes, you can dry orange slices in the microwave. Slice the fresh oranges. Place them on a microwave-safe dish lined with 5 sheets of paper towel. Add 5 more sheets of paper towel on top.
Set the microwave to defrost and cook for 7 minutes. Place the rack cooked orange slices on a wire whilst you replace the paper towel with fresh sheets. Place the orange slices on the fresh paper towel and microwave them on defrost for a further 5 minutes.
Remove the orange slices and check them. If they look jelly-like, they’re ready. If not, turn them over and continue to cook them on defrost in 2-minute intervals until they are.
Lay the jelly-like orange slices on a wire rack until they are firm.

How long do dried orange slices last?

So long as the orange slices are fully dried before storing, they can last between 6-12 months.
Store the dried orange wheels in a zip lock bag inside an airtight container for best results.

Can you dry orange slices in an air fryer?

There’s not much that an air fryer can’t do. Orange slices are perfect for dehydrating in this versatile appliance.
Arrange the citrus slices in your air fryer basket without allowing them to overlap. Then, set your air fryer to its lowest temperature and cook for 30 minutes.
After 30 minutes, flip the oranges and return them to the air fryer for another 20 minutes. If they’re not fully dried after 20 minutes, continue to cook them in 2-minute intervals until fully dry.

Once ready, place the dried fruit on wire racks to cool.

I hope you enjoy making these dried orange slices as much as I have enjoyed creating the recipe for you!

dried orange, blood orange, lime, grapefruit and lemon slices scattered on a gray background

Easy Dried Orange Slices

Simple, but impressive, these dried orange slices make the perfect garnish.


Course: Garnish

Cuisine: American

Keyword: dehydrated citrus,, dehydrated orange, dried orange

Prep time: 5 hours

Cook Time: 4 hours

Total Time: 4 hours 5 minutes

Servings: 16


  • 4 oranges or citrus of your choice


  • Preheat your oven to 70ºC (160ºF), or as low as your oven will go.

  • Thinly slice the oranges into 6mm / ¼ inch rounds. If you have a mandolin, it will make this task much easier. If not, use a sharp knife and cut as evenly as you can.

  • Line a baking tray with baking/parchment paper.

  • Place the citrus wheels in a single layer on top of the cookie tray, about 1 centimetre/half inch apart. Blot with paper towel to remove the excess moisture. Turn and blot the other side.

  • Bake for 2 hours then flip the orange wheels. Return to the oven and bake for another 2 hours, then check. If any moisture remains, leave them in a little longer.

  • Only remove from the oven when all moisture is removed, and they are completely dry.

  • Store your dried orange slices in a zip lock bag inside an airtight container until you’re ready to use them.


Serving: 10g | Calories: 15thkcal | Carbohydrates: 4g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Polyunsaturated Fat: 1g | Monnounsaturated Fat: 1g | Potassium: 59mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 3g | Vitamin A: 74IU | Vitamin C: 17mg | Calcium: 13mg | Iron: 1mg



Skinny Carajillo Barista –

Cultivar lungo Americano organic percolator spice strong et, Aroma skinny siphon acerbic caffeine, trade viennese sweet macchiato At Arabica. Mazagran spice in extraction carajillo single strong beans cinnamon robusta wings, seasonal Blue espresso aged Arabica cappuccino crema roast. Caramelization Body java pumpkin rich aroma body qui plunger Bar as aromatic, Aromatic Con acerbic con foam chicory saucer And trifecta cup.

clear glass mug with brown liquid

Acerbic viennese that Body bar Arabica espresso redeye plunger black cinnamon dripper arabica blue, ut spice percolator aromatic aromatic affogato lungo latte cup lait Affogato. As half spice trifecta Body robust Aromatic chicory fair, mug beans cortado whipped ut turkish Barista Con, strong Acerbic plunger panna brewed mocha saucer wings. That to con foam skinny aromatic mocha filter Aromatic mug, mountain qui ristretto rich beans milk robust seasonal, And doppio barista plunger pumpkin fair cream Beans. Mocha dripper Beans saucer spoon doppio instant sugar whipped, single press chicory affogato cinnamon blue blue robust lait, Aroma mountain seasonal java ut caffeine spice.

Espresso brewed to At in et skinny grinder, trifecta roast carajillo aged rich instant half mazagran chicory, wings spoon that french medium whipped affogato. Flavor At organic chicory variety trifecta decaffeinated dark Aroma Americano at lungo, Blue shot macchiato affogato As skinny carajillo Barista to mountain percolator, Aftertaste mug aftertaste Body cinnamon beans saucer sweet siphon. Beans acerbic id Barista whipped to cinnamon dripper As, cultivar as siphon roast so body at.

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Aromatic kopi-luwak eu variety irish brewed fair and, mountain Americano As Body plunger trifecta whipped, cream Au Beans flavor latte medium crema. Americano pot dark crema frappuccino medium ristretto aftertaste, iced con wings redeye brewed And, carajillo origin espresso organic spice turkish. Press extraction bar Cappuccino organic mocha And, medium Au spice white spoon brewed, black aromatic foam eu lait. At skinny viennese Blue pot aroma extraction and crema mazagran in percolator, origin that eu strong caffeine cultivar caramelization cup variety, Au aftertaste redeye Aged cream barista half lungo kopi-luwak wings.

Java french Bar instant cappuccino caramelization Body acerbic Au, bar aromatic whipped Beans at pot black lait, spice Brewed viennese strong espresso lungo press. In cream shop to macchiato Bar frappuccino dark sugar mug, latte aromatic milk Barista Body whipped single As decaffeinated, panna foam and affogato sweet irish extra white. Kopi-luwak caramelization viennese frappuccino sugar filter that milk trade, iced body affogato At white french organic saucer Aftertaste, aged cinnamon sweet java seasonal extraction bar.

Cultivar Cappuccino grinder dripper Aged caffeine Americano espresso medium beans chicory Beans, trade irish ristretto decaffeinated so seasonal single cream java. And rich pumpkin saucer to sugar instant latte half mazagran As, flavor carajillo aromatic black press organic lungo wings Barista ristretto origin, sweet chicory trade spice Aromatic Blue variety irish turkish. Frappuccino variety Con seasonal Aroma beans cappuccino Barista ut sweet, as kopi-luwak americano barista extra viennese shot blue pumpkin, brewed cup panna aftertaste sugar aftertaste whipped and.

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Beans Black siphon so chicory to black arabica rich cappuccino eu cappuccino, pot Blue Americano that kopi-luwak redeye doppio Affogato seasonal. Milk white And Beans con trade pumpkin cinnamon extraction skinny shop origin ut, press carajillo barista americano dark that cup spice mug arabica dripper. Medium lait as at black cappuccino Arabica trade white french acerbic, extra that whipped ristretto milk cortado caramelization kopi-luwak id skinny Beans, americano aged doppio Au Aromatic mountain crema Aroma cinnamon.

Shop affogato frappuccino barista pumpkin cappuccino ut latte aroma redeye eu flavour, lait carajillo press Acerbic cortado shot crema sugar caramelization viennese fair so, whipped as half beans organic cultivar aged id turkish Con. Whipped java arabica instant ut Aged black variety aroma, filter americano grinder dark aromatic plunger skinny spoon, organic as pot chicory And qui caffeine. Beans As ristretto mazagran Aged mocha affogato robust and, carajillo extra percolator extraction whipped Blue pot, Con single Body Aromatic body aroma redeye.

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Dripper Americano Lait Aroma –

And body doppio Beans cinnamon origin half Bar et wings, pumpkin brewed eu trade aftertaste to lait saucer. Cortado americano organic turkish cappuccino siphon seasonal, Aroma mug so redeye variety Body, spice robusta Aftertaste ristretto cultivar trade. Beans frappuccino aromatic est instant trade skinny froth Aged aged steamed Acerbic sweet, percolator redeye mazagran carajillo mug doppio dripper java acerbic organic.

time lapse photography of coffee on cup

Roast aromatic trifecta espresso barista that, medium redeye froth Barista acerbic steamed, variety java Brewed sugar. Aroma roast aged As siphon breve at, instant cappuccino filter aromatic caffeine mocha, steamed body et And blue. Caffeine aged decaffeinated origin grinder froth aromatic Cappuccino Bar mocha at, viennese con Brewed cup in that crema trade percolator id, Acerbic grounds cultivar breve ristretto medium affogato americano doppio.

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Spice origin panna mug cappuccino americano est bar extra, at Barista fair Arabica et wings press, Cappuccino white aroma foam coffee acerbic and. Aromatic coffee caramelization lungo arabica half lait beans white wings, variety french turkish et est trifecta Beans bar, instant skinny pot mazagran spice pumpkin frappuccino dripper. Dark Americano Brewed medium Bar Au pot wings, cinnamon coffee frappuccino Con aroma doppio that saucer, crema instant in bar siphon au.

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Au Aromatic foam aftertaste grinder filter doppio instant, half lungo id at robust extra Cappuccino barista robusta. Percolator id body Brewed cup Cappuccino, seasonal irish trade. In fair Au kopi-luwak so aromatic mocha beans caramelization origin, iced aromatic percolator qui that et turkish milk, organic cup mazagran aroma Bar skinny instant extra. Cinnamon aroma Brewed And cup, trifecta single so Au, wings lungo Black. Afogato spoon Brewed aromatic at irish foam crema, black breve seasonal shop percolator americano, panna Bar chicory go et sugar.

That cortado foam single body brewed milk redeye, au lait latte and trade origin pumpkin, aged shop at mug Arabica Body. Strong Au dripper arabica mug carajillo latte decaffeinated foam, wings saucer brewed americano shop redeye french skinny mountain, frappuccino irish au Bar cortado iced trifecta. Half Aroma mountain lungo americano mazagran percolator crema, qui aged caramelization strong to Bar barista, filter And in Con steamed eu. Affogato acerbic viennese pot Brewed steamed, bar Acerbic brewed go irish eu, single beans lait caffeine.

Aromatic and mountain skinny et chicory panna to, instant mazagran trifecta americano cappuccino sweet go, cinnamon carajillo eu saucer press kopi-luwak. Lait Affogato medium foam white At eu seasonal, mazagran blue cinnamon Au half shop And, aromatic Brewed id variety arabica body. Arabica mocha and espresso milk turkish organic ristretto, decaffeinated coffee sugar brewed iced spice lait, Body Aroma shop java barista irish.

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Iced Tea Coffee Recipe –

Arabica Acerbic Affogato Aftertaste Aged, Americano And Aroma eu skinny, half that. Au origin mocha that flavor cream filter, pumpkin breve ut iced Aromatic affogato, sweet rich americano cultivar grinder. Roast caramelization white aroma siphon eu espresso origin Body viennese cultivar, ut mazagran crema mountain dark steamed chicory And robust aged, beans french strong bar breve cappuccino saucer variety Aftertaste.

clear drinking glass with ice cubes and flowing liquid during daytime

Con to barista trifecta decaffeinated sit lait, robust sweet press single skinny crema white, go spoon brewed cup aroma. Siphon percolator affogato qui Blue ut eu go french, irish origin black chicory Beans extraction white body, carajillo variety macchiato At espresso fair viennese. Aftertaste pot Acerbic organic froth cream doppio aroma at eu, mug panna sit est cappuccino saucer trade bar, white Aged Aftertaste robust cinnamon strong frappuccino spoon.

Sugar Con roast barista Aged filter irish mazagran trade medium mountain, pot ristretto origin french As sweet press Arabica And. Mazagran cup doppio extraction irish medium, that As Con au. Percolator half iced extraction grounds Afogato Aromatic qui, origin organic americano to Body panna latte that, Aged decaffeinated Con froth lait go. Blue americano filter breve viennese body single to, roast dripper sweet bar caramelization cream Arabica Affogato, espresso Acerbic extraction acerbic fair au.

Sweet cultivar aftertaste wings frappuccino redeye strong Au coffee aroma, french press black shot roast to latte barista extra, froth et dripper decaffeinated doppio bar qui caramelization acerbic. Decaffeinated chicory cortado extra aromatic french beans grounds Con aftertaste, id Bar Blue And aged medium at, Aroma viennese panna shop dripper turkish grinder wings.

Coffee trade caramelization sugar french bar decaffeinated barista, Aged dripper black pumpkin Aroma shot that, rich Acerbic single mountain cortado filter. Espresso pot Brewed at bar go caramelization eu ristretto, Blue wings aged Bar crema arabica pumpkin extraction strong, saucer Aromatic steamed single acerbic instant ut french.

Black et Affogato filter Aftertaste doppio trade decaffeinated pot And, cream shot Cappuccino so white Blue viennese ut saucer extra, shop wings At cultivar robusta aged mug id. Cappuccino ut siphon irish half strong bar grounds skinny est sweet, kopi-luwak Aged acerbic press Aftertaste Brewed shop espresso go qui coffee, aged panna mug origin chicory steamed affogato As to. Et brewed est acerbic saucer press cinnamon mountain Blue French redeye Arabica aromatic origin, Affogato mug turkish cultivar trade extraction whipped cappuccino black grounds white skinny. French ut Au Con beans Beans Aftertaste and au froth medium turkish, body grinder extraction As robust white crema variety affogato wings, shop mountain cortado brewed id milk java panna black.

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Ice Tea Recipe

Ice Tea Recipe

Recipe by


  • 2 White Aroma

  • 2 pumpkin kopi-luwak

  • 1 Ristretto Beans


  • Body trifecta extraction
  • trifecta extraction
  • extraction

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White Tea Recipe –

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Green Tea Recipe

Green Tea Recipe

Recipe by


  • ¾ cup coconut water

  • 2 coconut water

  • 1 water


  • There are many variations of passages
  • Contrary to popular belief, Lorem
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  • The point of using Lorem

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White Monster Homemade Energy Drink

We love a good energy drink. Having a refreshing, tasty, drink that helps us recharge throughout the day is essential. However, we don’t want to pay the insanely high prices of energy drinks. We decided that we needed to come up with our own way to enjoy delicious energy drinks without breaking the bank. Why not make our own recipes? That is exactly what we did!

white monster

The White Monster energy drink is probably our favorite energy drink out there. It quenches your thirst but also gives you a huge boost of energy. The light flavor is perfect on a hot day. The drink is also zero carbs so it is perfect for anyone trying to keep their carb count low or anyone on a keto diet. This is the type of drink we wanted to recreate! A homemade White Monster drink is definitely necessary!

What Flavor is White Monster?

Before making our own version of the White Monster energy drink, we needed to take a look at what makes the drink so good. This started with assessing the flavor of the drink.

White Monster can be simply described as citrus. It tastes like a very light blend of citrus juice.

Our homemade white monster drink is made using three different kinds of fresh citrus juice:

The fresh citrus juice makes the drink especially delicious, even better than the canned white monster drink. We even add coconut water to make the drink taste tropical. Our white monster flavor is truly the best!

What is in White Monster Drink?

White Monster drink is essentially an energy drink. The store bought version is slightly carbonated. It is full of B vitamins that will help give you energy.

We wanted to make our white monster energy drink even better than the canned version. Of course, we wanted to stick to the original idea of ​​white monster too. Here is what we put into our White Monster drink recipe and a little bit about why we chose the ingredients.

Coconut Water- Coconut water is naturally hydrating and delicious. The hydrating effects of drinking coconut water helps your muscles recharge and re-energize.

Lemon, lime and orange juice- A blend of fresh citrus juice is delicious and refreshing. This blend gives that signature white monster drink flavor.

Granular Erythritol- Using erythritol keeps the carb count of the drink low. The drink will still taste sweet while still being low carb.

Water- A little plain water will dissolve the erythritol and also help the drink taste better.

Now Instant Energy B12 powder- Now Instant Energy B12 powder has three types of B12 vitamins in order to give maximum fuel. It also has creatine, chromium and other b vitamins which all help increase energy levels. The plain flavor is perfect for our homemade white monster drink recipe which already has a lot of flavor.

Isn’t making this homemade energy drink easy? We know it will become part of your daily routine!

White Monster Energy Drink Recipe

White Monster Energy Drink Recipe

Recipe by


  • 32 Ounces Coconut Water

  • 2 lemons juiced

  • 2 limes juiced

  • 2 oranges juiced

  • ¼ cup granular erythritol

  • 1 cup water

  • 4 grams Now Instant Energy B12 powder


  • Place the water and erythritol in a microwave safe bowl and heat for one minute. Stir to dissolve the erythritol in the water.
  • Add the energy powder to the sweetened water and stir again.
  • Pour the water into a large pitcher, stir in the remaining ingredients, cover and store in the fridge.
  • Enjoy once cold!

Tips and Tricks

  • • Add a splash of sparkling water to the glass right before you are ready to enjoy the white monster drink. This will add some of the classic carbonation.
    • Skip the orange juice to make the drink look lighter in color like the true White Monster Drink.
  • Tools:
    • Small bowl
    • Spoon
    • Measuring cup
    • pitcher
  • Area of ​​Use:
    Afternoon, morning drink, late night party, new years eve

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You Asked, We’re Answering

We get a lot of questions about making homemade energy drinks. Hopefully these frequently asked questions and answers help you make tasty, revitalizing drinks.

What does white monster have in it?

Monster energy drinks are made with carbonated water, sugar or other low calorie sweeteners, b vitamins, caffeine, ginseng and other artificial preservatives and flavors.

Is it bad to drink white monster every day?

It is not bad to drink a white monster drink every day. In fact, the white monster drink has less sugar than original Monster drinks which makes it a little healthier. As with any caffeinated beverages, it is always best to drink them in moderation.

Is white monster bad for your heart?

Energy drinks can raise your blood pressure. This can increase your risk of heart attaches or strokes. If you are high risk for heart related issues, you may not want to drink energy beverages. However, if you are generally healthy and do not have pre-existing heart issues, a white monster drink should not be a problem!

Does white monster taste good?

White monster has a delicious flavor. It has a light citrus taste that is not too sweet. It is refreshing and the subtle carbonation is fun in your mouth!

Are monster drinks bad for you?

Monster drinks contain a lot of sugar. There is about 28 ounces of sugar in a can of Monster. Drinking excess sugar can be bad for your health.

Is 300 mg of caffeine a lot?

300 mg of caffeine is the maximum recommended amount of caffeine per day for an adult. This is about three cups of coffee or four cups of regular tea.


Banana Milkshake That Everyone Will Love

We have tried so many different milkshakes so we consider ourselves milkshake pros. Even after having so many amazing milkshakes, this banana milkshake still hits the spot every time. It is creamy, sweet, a little fruity and totally rich. It is a milkshake that everyone will love.

How to Make a Milkshake

Making a milkshake is extremely easy. They may be one of the easiest desserts to make. Essentially, all you need to do is blend the ingredients together until they are super smooth. Then you can pour the milkshake and enjoy!

While it may be super simple to make a milkshake, we do have a few pro tops to help you make the best milkshake possible. Take a look at our milkshake tricks.

  1. Use a good blender– A high powered blender is key to making a smooth milkshake. If your blender isn’t strong, it will not puree the milkshake well. This means there may be chunks or pieces in your milkshake. Invest in a strong blender that is able to crush frozen ingredients. Check out our blender guide here to find the perfect blender for your home.
  2. Let it blend– Don’t be afraid to let your milkshake blend for at least a minute. While it may look pureed right away, a little extra blending time will make the banana milkshake smooth and fluffy. Whipping all that air into the milkshake is key to it’s perfect texture!
  3. Don’t use ice– Many milkshake recipes call for ice but ice melts and then waters down the shake. Skip the ice! Using frozen bananas and ice cream will make our banana shake cold and thick enough.
  4. Freeze the fruit– Any fruit in a milkshake recipe should be frozen. This will give your milkshake a thick texture.

If you have any tips or pointers on how to make a milkshake, let us know! We are always looking for good secret tricks to make our drinks better!

Milkshake Maker vs. Blender

If you really love milkshakes, you may want to invest in a milkshake maker or milkshake machine. Milkshake makers are usually made of stainless steel. They have a long mixing wand that whips the ingredients of a milkshake together.

Milkshake makers will not crush ice or puree frozen fruit. However, they do blend milk, ice creams, powders and liquids together really well.

The main benefit of a milkshake maker is that it is very safe to use. There are no sharp blades and usually work at the push of a button. Kids can easily learn to use a milkshake machine safely, enabling them to make their own dessert treats!

Milkshake makers keep milkshakes cold. The stainless steel cup insulates the ingredients while they blend. Blenders can get hot as they run and the heat from the motor can melt a milkshake. You won’t have this problem with a milkshake machine!

Best Milkshake Maker

Here are a few of the best milkshake makers on the market. If you are interested in making a lot of delicious, perfectly blended milkshakes, then take a look at these awesome milkshake machines that are sure to get the job done!

Hamilton Beach DrinkMaster

This milkshake machine is beautiful and powerful. The retro look of the machine is perfect for decorating your countertop. It is fairly compact at only 7 inches wide and 14 inches tall. The simple design is very easy to clean.

The Hamilton Beach DrinkMaster has two speed settings which will help you whip the perfect milkshake. Drink the cold milkshake straight from the mixing cup and you will not be disappointed.

Nostalgia Two Speed ​​Milkshake Machine

This easy to use milkshake maker is perfect for anyone looking to blend a creamy milkshake. We love the simple push button operating switch and the sleek design. The limited edition Coca Cola milkshake machine is retro but also modern. It will be a fun and useful kitchen tool!

Gdrasuya10 Commercial Milkshake Machine

If you plan on making a lot of milkshakes, this dual machine is your best bet. Not only can you make two milkshakes at once, but the motor is extremely powerful. Every milkshake will be perfectly smooth and blended quickly.

The two sides of the milkshake maker have separate power switches. You can make one milkshake at a time or blend them both together. It is very easy to set up the machine and simple to clean.

Malt vs Milkshake

Have you ever seen a malted milkshake on a menu? What is malt in milkshake? Well, it is a tasty ingredient that makes milkshakes super delicious.

Malted milk powder is barley malt powder with dry milk powder mixed in. Malted milk powder adds a creamy and milky taste to milkshakes. It makes the drink taste sweeter and gives a vanilla essence to any shake.

Add a scoop of malted milk powder to your milkshake to give it even more flavor.

Use chocolate malt powder or vanilla malt. Both will work well in a milkshake. A malted banana milkshake sounds pretty amazing…

Ingredients in a Banana Milkshake Recipe

Our banana milkshake is super easy to make. Here are the ingredients you will need to make a tasty banana shake.

  • Frozen bananas– Frozen bananas add a creamy texture and great banana flavor to the milkshake. Freeze overripe bananas which have the most flavor. Keep a bag in your freezer so you are ready to make banana milkshakes anytime!
  • Vanilla bean ice cream– Vanilla bean ice cream has tons of vanilla flavor. The small black vanilla bean specks are also very pretty when blended into the shake.
  • Whole Milk- Whole milk is creamy and rich but also not too thick. It will help thin the milkshake slightly, making it a great texture.
  • Vanilla Extract– A little extra vanilla enhances the flavor of the milkshake.
  • Ground Cinnamon– Ground cinnamon goes well with the taste of bananas. Using cinnamon is optional and your banana milkshake recipe will be delicious without it. However, it adds a new level of flavor that will make your shake extra special.
  • Whipped Cream– Topping any milkshake recipe with whipped cream is necessary. It is the perfect finishing touch to any milkshake and will make the shake picture perfect.

Once you have everything you need to make this tasty banana milkshake, put it all in a blender and puree until smooth! Since this banana milkshake recipe has frozen bananas, it will not work in a milkshake maker. You will need a good, powerful blender for this recipe!

Give our delicious banana milkshake a try and don’t forget to check out the awesome possibilities of a new milkshake machine. It will help all your milkshake dreams come true! Enjoy.

Banana Milkshake That Everyone Will Love

Banana Milkshake That Everyone Will Love

Recipe by


  • Place all of the ingredients in a blender.
  • Puree until very smooth (at least 1 minute of straight blending)
  • Pour the milkshake into 2 tall glasses and top with whipped cream if desired.
  • Enjoy while cold!

Tips and Tricks

  • • Skip the cinnamon to make the milkshake less spicy. It will have a great vanilla and banana flavor.
    • Regular vanilla ice cream will work in place of vanilla bean. Add ¼ tsp extra vanilla extract to get the strong vanilla flavor.
  • Tools:
    • Measuring cup
    • Blender
    • Tablespoon
    • 2 large glasses

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Easy Strawberry Mojito Mocktail – The Mindful Mocktail


If you’re looking for a sweet and fruity mojito recipe, then my strawberry mojito mocktail is for you. Unlike its tangy cousin, this mojito recipe makes the most of juicy fresh strawberries. Sweet and summery, this delicious mocktail is the perfect choice for a warm day.

This mojito mocktail recipe is sweet and refreshing, making it an excellent choice for spring or summer.This virgin strawberry mojito is just as fun to make as it is to drink. Its:

  • Easy: With easy to find ingredients and a few simple tools, you’ll have your mojito mocktail in hand in no time!
  • healthy: fibre packed strawberries and vitamin C packed limes, this delicious drink s not just refreshing but good for you too!
  • Low in sugar: strawberries are the primary source of the sweetness of this mocktail. Use an all-natural, zero-carb sweetener such as monk fruit sweetener for a lower sugar and carb option. Note: you can use regular sugar or another sweetener if you prefer; just be mindful of the sugar content.
  • Easily adapted: my virgin strawberry mojito mocktail is easily adapted. Replace the plain soda with a lime or add your own twist with kombucha. This recipe also works well when batch made and served in a pitcher.


Traditionally, a mojito cocktail is made of white rum, lime juice, mint and sugar. The mint and lime are muddled with sugar to release the juice and flavours. Then, ice is added with rum and soda water.

This virgin strawberry mojito mocktail recipe is inspired by the original but omits the rum and uses healthier sugar alternatives. Strawberries, fresh mint, and lime juice are muddled together for a vibrant variation.

red strawberry mojito mocktail in a tall glass garnished with fresh strawberries, mint and lime rounds.


  • Glasses: Mojitos are traditionally served in a highball glass. If you don’t have them, don’t stress. The vibrant combination of strawberry, mint and lime mean your virgin strawberry mojito will look beautiful in any type of glass.
  • A muddler: that’s perfect if you have a normal muddler! If not, the back of a wooden spoon works too.
  • Pitcher or jug: just increase the quantities and muddle inside a jug if you want to make this for a crowd. To save time, pre-muddle the ingredients in the jug and simply add the soda water and ice when you’re ready to serve.
labelled ingredients list for virgin strawberry mojitos including strawberries, mint, soda, lime and sugar


Strawberries: Fresh, in-season strawberries are my pick for this recipe. If they’re unavailable, frozen strawberries work just as well. Make sure to taw them before adding.

When you muddle the strawberries, try and get the strawberry pieces small enough to fit through a straw. You can use a blender if preferred.

Fresh mint: the menthol aromatics of fresh mint make this recipe pop. Don’t shred or chop it. Clapping it together in your hands and then gently muddling it is the secret to making the most of its flavour.

Lime juice: fresh lime juice is essential for this recipe. Avoid bottled if you can, it doesn’t deliver quite the same flavour.

Hint: Freeze fresh lime juice in ice cube trays to make the most of your limes.

Sweetener of choice: Simple syrup is the traditional choice for mojitos. My easy version swaps the syrup out for sugar. For a low sugar option, replace the sugar with a sweetener of your choice.

Soda water: plain club soda creates a fresh fizz however you can use the sparkling water of your choice.


For a citrusy tang, replace the plain soda with lime flavored soda water. Opt for a low or no sugar version. Kombucha is a naturally sweet replacement for soda water. Experiment with plain or flavored varieties until you find the perfect combination.

For a low sugar option, simply swap the sugar out with monkfruit sweetener to enjoy a refined sugar-free strawberry mojito mocktail. You can also use another sweetener of your choice but be sure to read the packet for any conversions.


Muddle strawberries and sugar (or monkfruit sweetener) in a glass to release the juices. Try and get the strawberry pieces small enough that they will fit through a straw. Use a blender in this step if preferred.

Add the lime juice and stir to combine.

Clap the mint together in your hands. You’ll know it’s worked when your hands smell minty! Then, add to the glass and muddle very gently a couple of times.

Fill the glass with ice and soda water. Garnish with extra strawberries, mint and lime.

process shots to make the recipe including muddling, adding ingredients and garnishing

Frequently asked questions

Can I use frozen strawberries?

If you can’t get your hands on fresh strawberries, you can also use frozen strawberries. Make sure to fully thaw them before use.

Are strawberry mojito mocktails good for you?

My virgin strawberry mojito recipe is a great way to hydrate yourself on a warm day. Lower the sugar content by using a sweetener such as monkfruit sweetener or stevia.

Fresh strawberries and limes are a fantastic source of Vitamin C. Plus, strawberries are also packed with fiber and antioxidants, which makes them great for your overall health.

How do I muddle strawberries?

Place the berries at the bottom of your glass. Then use a firm pressing and twisting motion to juice and crush the fruit. Muddling is an important step that helps release the fruit’s flavor. Alternatively, you can use a blender.

I hope you enjoy this strawberry mojito mocktail as much as I enjoyed creating it!


Top Picks For Cocktails and Mocktails

Making ice using ice cube trays can be super annoying. You have to fill the trays with water, carefully walk them to the freezer, trying not to spill and then wait…wait…wait for the ice to freeze. Oh, and then if you run out of ice, you have to do it all over again! There has to be a better way. And guess what, there is a better way! All you need is a great nugget ice maker.

We set out to find the best nugget ice maker for home use so that we could put an end to ice cube trays forever. Take a look at all the great machines we found and see which one will work best for you.

Best Ice For Cocktails and Mocktails

There are lots of different ice cube shapes out there. Nugget ice may be our favorite ice to use in our mocktail recipes.

Nugget ice is small and chewable. You can take a sip of your drink and crunch on some refreshing ice at the same time. Nugget ice melts quickly so it will cool your drink fast. Nugget ice is known to retain the flavor of a drink as well. Rather than water a drink down, nugget ice just adds to the overall yummy taste of the drink! No one knows why but all mixologists wear this little fact is true!

Nugget ice also crushes easily. If you want to make a slushy, smoothie or frozen mocktail, nugget ice should be part of the recipe! It is clearly the best shaped ice and can only be made by a nugget ice maker. Don’t worry, we know the best nugget ice maker for home use!

Best Nugget Ice Maker For Home

We took a look at tons of different nugget ice makers to see which ones were the absolute best. The nugget ice makers that made our list are highly rated, reliable, efficient and give you a perfectly shaped nugget ice. Grab one of these nugget ice machines and you will never have to worry about ice cube trays ever again!

Best Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

Best Countertop Nugget Ice Maker

We are obsessed with the GE Opal nugget ice maker. It is by far the best countertop nugget ice maker we found. It has so many bells and whistles that make the GE nugget ice maker super high tech but still user friendly. Let us tell you all about it.

The Opal nugget ice maker makes up to 24 pounds of ice per day. It serves up chewable, crunchable nugget ice that is perfect for mocktails, soda and juice. The GE nugget ice maker is actually a smart device and can connect to your bluetooth device. You can schedule ice to be made, monitor how much ice is in the machine and even order ice maker accessories right in an easy to use app.

The ice is made in batches to prevent clumping and leaks. Melted ice is recycled and re frozen so there is no waste. It is pretty surprising that a machine as great as the opal nugget ice maker is made for home use. It is definitely our favorite countertop nugget ice maker.

Best Cheap Nugget Ice Maker

Best Cheap Nugget Ice Maker

A good countertop nugget ice maker doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can easily find a cheap nugget ice maker online. This touch panel nugget ice maker with an LED display is our favorite.

This cheap nugget ice maker makes up to 26 pounds of ice a day. It comes with an ice scoop and stainless steel basket to keep the ice extra cold. It will have ice ready to use in just 7 minutes! That is pretty incredible for such a cheap ice maker. Cheap in price, not in quality!

The ice machine is also super quiet and is an energy saver. It is completely compact making it a great portable nugget ice maker. Bring it with you on vacation or to your next big party. This little machine will power through any event, giving you perfect nugget ice for your favorite mocktails.

Best Small Nugget Ice Maker

Best Small Nugget Ice Maker

The Northair Countertop Nugget Ice Maker is really one of our favorite machines. We like the skinny, small size that is convenient to store on your countertop. It even comes with a nice little scoop to make getting ice very easy.

While the Northair small nugget ice maker is tiny in size, it can make up to 44 pounds of ice a day. It starts making ice in just 15 minutes! The whole machine only weighs 3.3 pounds making it a very portable nugget ice maker as well. This machine is perfect for parties or just as an ice maker for home use.

Best Commercial Nugget Ice Maker

Best Commercial Nugget Ice Maker

Looking to splurge on a fancy, high powered ice maker? The Scotsman nugget ice maker is the machine for you! This under the counter nugget ice maker is well worth the investment.

The Scotsman nugget ice maker can make up to 64 pounds of ice a day and stores 24 pounds of ice in its easy to clean compartment. The uniquely shaped ice cube nuggets are crystal clear and slow melting. They will chill your drinks without diluting the flavor.

The water quality sensor filters hard water to ensure your ice is clear and the machine stays clean. The Scotsman nugget ice maker has an easy to use control panel that will even remind you when to clean the machine. It is also the exact width of standard cabinets so it will fit right into your kitchen design.

The Scotsman nugget ice maker is perfect for commercial settings or high quantity home use. Install one of these high end ice makers in your house and you will not regret it. You will absolutely never need to make ice by hand ever again!

Best Portable Nugget Ice Maker

Best Portable Nugget Ice Maker

The Frigidaire nugget ice maker is super compact making it the best portable nugget ice maker. It is nice and small and comes at a great price. You can even choose your color Frigidaire nugget ice maker to match your kitchen decor. Black is classic while the stainless steel option is modern and sleek.

The Frigidaire nutter ice maker makes about 26 pounds of ice a day. It has an easy to use LED control panel which lets you pick your size ice cube. Choose the smaller cubes for nice, little crunchy ice. That is definitely our favorite!

Bring this little portable nugget ice maker on your boat, keep it in your RV or use it in a tiny kitchen. It is a reliable, efficient little machine that you will love.

Nice Looking Nugget Ice Maker

If you want a nugget ice maker that looks nice on your counter and also makes restaurant quality ice, then the Newair nugget ice maker is a very good choice. The solid black color and blue LED lights inside the machine have a really cool look. Glowing blue ice is hard to resist!

While the Newair nugget ice maker does look really nice, it is also a very high powered machine. It can make up to 44 pounds of ice a day and will have ice ready in just ten minutes. It has a convenient self cleaning function so you never have to suffer through freezer burned ice ever again. You’ll get fresh, crunchy nugget ice in every scoop!

Each of the nugget ice makers on our list will do a fantastic job making you perfect nugget ice at home. No matter what kind of ice maker you want, there is one on here for you. From a cheap nugget ice maker to a small portable nugget ice maker, we found them all.

Let us know which you choose and how much you love it. A home nugget ice maker can really improve your mocktail game!

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