Best Holiday Gifts for Cider Fans (2021 Edition)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year when we feel obligated to spend unnecessary money. I do find that it is nice to buy thoughtful gifts and a cider-related one would make any cider drinker feel those warm and fuzzy feelings. We collected 7 of the best gifts to give cider fans for this 2021 Christmas and holiday season! If you want a look at last year’s guide, here you can find the 9 Best Cider Holiday Presents.

American Cider: A Modern Guide to a Historic Beverage

If you have a cider fan in the family that is also a big reader this is the gift for you! Written by Dan Pucci and Craig Cavallo, this book takes a region-by-region approach to illustrate how cider and the apples that make it came to be, from the well-known tale of Johnny Appleseed—which isn’t quite what we thought —to the more surprising effects of industrial development and government policies that benefited white men. American Cider It is a guide to enjoying cider, but even more so, it is a guide to being part of a community of consumers, farmers, and fermenters making the nation’s oldest beverage its newest must-try drink.

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American Cider Modern Guide

Vermont Cider Gift Box

Cider meets charcuterie board? This one works as a gift basket for a cider-loving friend or a perfect start to your Christmas morning. This includes four ciders, crackers, mustard, summer sausage, and cheese from the great state of Vermont. Perfect for two!

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Vermont Cider 1010 Gift Box

Make Your Own Cider Kit

Fact, this was our first cider kit. It is the perfect starter for anyone that wants to kickstart a new cider-making hobby. This kit comes with a 1-gallon carboy, airlock, rubber stopper, racking cane, transfer tubing, funnel, yeast, and sanitizer. All this for under $50 and provides hours of enjoyment!

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Craft A Brew Hard Cider Kit

Hard Cider Candles

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